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  1. When I turned the computer on this morning FSC was nowhere to be even found on my computer. It somehow erased itself. This has never happened to me before wierd.
  2. Installed new version Ran the Database updater Installed FSCFSXCFG to FSX-SE folder Updated AIRAC FSC just hangs at spash screen
  3. Any link or way to get updated airline companies for Tracon2012!SE Real Traffic. The airlines installed in Real Traffic many of which disolved or were bought up by other airline companies.
  4. What I figured out to do was to simply first apply the Real Traffic Add-on then proceed to delete everything inside the schedule folder then copy and paste everything in the vnttrp.tit folder to the schedule folder and then delete the vnttrp.tit folder and save. Everything in the vnttrp.tit folder now sits in the original (after add-on) schedule folder skipping the process mentioned in your and others fix solution. Will that do the trick it seems to be working.
  5. I tried simply renaming vnttrp.tit to schedule.txt and vnttrp.tit changed it's name but when I right clicked the folder it's properties showed it still remained a vnttrp.tit file.
  6. The Steam thread : https://steamcommunity.com/app/646350/discussions/0/1743342647555201044/ This Forum thread: So since March 2019 I doubt there has been a real fix. So what is the best work around that works properly.
  7. Here we go again. Was the problem of Real Traffic installing into Tracon!2012 Steam Edition ever get fixed? Apparently it looks like it has not. I searched forums here and on Steam. Any fixes that work?
  8. Thought I could get an answer because of a sale going on. I guess not. So no answer no sale I guess.
  9. If I purchase the EJR aircraft today for PD3v4 will I have to re-purchase ANY of those same aircraft if a newer PD3v4 version is released in the future?
  10. Tower 3D additions to Steam version were not intuitive if I remember. How's this one?
  11. Will REAL TRAFFIC TRACON!2012 EDITION purchased on feelthere.com work in Tracon!2012:SE (Steam Edition)?
  12. I have two separate questions. Thanks 1) Is it possible to bring over aircraft Profiles from FSUIPC 4 to 5? 2) Also could the saved profiles in FSUIPC 4 or 5 be saved somewhere else as a backup and put back into the sim /fsuipc program with a "copy and paste" action to the necessary folder if I have to re-install PD3V4 or FSX-SE again. I want to avoid having to set up profiles again for so many aircraft in the event of a necessary re-install of the PD3v4 or FSX-SE programs.
  13. Could you please explain how they work together I am very interested in getting those two sims Tower3D Pro and Tracon!2012 working together.
  14. Thanks , the screens seem different between the two versions. How is voice recognition different?
  15. I'd like to purchase one of these but not both. Are they the same or is the one from Steam upgraded for PCs as they claim or is the one sold from FeelThere website the same?
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