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  1. FeelThere Ariel

    Current Versions Sheet

    Ok, got you. I corrected the KPHL which is not the correct airport. We are still waiting for Gabor to give the final word on the SP. Thank you.
  2. FeelThere Ariel

    Current Versions Sheet

    Thank you Wayne. Noted and corrected 🙂
  3. FeelThere Ariel

    Current Versions Sheet

    I already confirmed with Nyerges that the latest version is KPHX: RC_Tower3D_KPHX_sp1.exe.
  4. FeelThere Ariel

    Current Versions Sheet

    Wayne, Thank you very much for the information you provided. We will start building up from what you gave us.
  5. FeelThere Ariel

    Current Versions Sheet

    Thank you all, you are welcome. Regarding the release dates, we will add this information as soon as we can. I will doublecheck this with Nyergesdesign.
  6. FeelThere Ariel

    Current Versions Sheet

    This post is to be used as reference only and not to be highjacked. If you have any questions, observations, or any suggestions regarding this post please open a new thread or contact me directly. Any unnecesary comments here will be deleted. Thank you.
  7. FeelThere Ariel

    Current Versions Sheet

    Current Versions Sheet TOWER!3D/PRO Tower!3DPro: Tower3DProSP3.3c_installer Tower!3D: Tower3D_SP3 AIRPORTS KMCO: Release EDDM: Release KSFO: SP1 KPHX: release KLGA: release KBOS: SP2.0 KLAS: SP2 KATL: Release KSAN: SP2 KJFK: SP4.2a REAL TRAFFIC Real Traffic for Tower 3D/Pro: RT_Tower3D_PRO_sp6v7.exe REAL COLOR Real Color Bundle for Tower3D/Pro: RC_Tower3D_TIST_KPHL_KLAX_sp4v2.exe Real Color TIST for Tower 3D/Pro: RC_Tower3D_TISTv2.exe Real Color KPHL for Tower 3D/Pro: RC_Tower3D_KPHL_sp4.exe Real Color KLAX for Tower 3D/Pro: RC_Tower3D_KLAX_sp2v3.exe Real Color KJFK for Tower 3D/Pro: RC_Tower3D_KJFK_sp2.exe Real Color KSAN for Tower 3D/Pro: RC_Tower3D_KSANv2.exe Real Color KLAS for Tower 3D/Pro: RC_Tower3D_KLAS_sp1.exe Real Color KATL for Tower 3D/Pro: RC_Tower3D_KATL_sp2.exe Real Color KBOS for Tower 3D/Pro: RC_Tower3D_KBOS.exe Real Color KLGA for Tower 3D/Pro: RC_Tower3D_KLGA.exe Real Color KPHX for Tower 3D/Pro: RC_Tower3D_KPHX_sp1.exe Real Color KSFO for Tower 3D/Pro: RC_Tower3D_KSFO.exe Real Color EDDM for Tower 3D/Pro: RC_Tower3D_EDDM.exe Real Color KMCO for Tower3D/Pro: RC_Tower3D_KMCO.exe ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Dates for Latest Updates DATE PROGRAM VERSION 17-May18 RC KMCO RC_Tower3D_KMCO.exe 17-May18 KMCO KMCO_for_Tower!3D.exe 17-May18 Real Traffic RT_Tower3D_PRO_sp6v7.exe 09-Apr-18 RC EDDM RC_Tower3D_EDDM.exe 09-Apr-18 EDDM EDDM­_airport.exe 29-Mar-18 KSFO KSFO_Tower!3D_SP1.exe 20-Mar-18 TOWER!3D Pro Tower3DProSP33c_installer 08-Mar-18 KJFK KJFK_for_Tower!3D_4.2a.exe 08-Mar-18 RC KSFO RC_Tower3D_KSFO.exe 02-Feb-18 RC KLAX RC_Tower3D_KLAX_sp2v3.exe 14-Dec-17 RC KPHX RC_Tower3D_KPHX_sp1.exe 14-Dec-17 KPHX KPHX­_airport.exe 14-Nov-17 RC KLGA RC_Tower3D_KLGA.exe 14-Nov-17 KLGA KLGA­_airport.exe 01-Nov-17 KBOS KBOS_for_Tower!3D_2.0.exe 19-Oct-17 RC KBOS RC_Tower3D_KBOS.exe 20-Sept-17 KLAS KLAS_for_Tower!3D_SP2 11-Sept-17 RC TIST RC_Tower3D_TISTv2.exe 11-Sept-17 RC KPHL RC_Tower3D_KPHL_sp4.exe 11-Sept-17 RC KJFK RC_Tower3D_KJFK_sp2.exe 11-Sept-17 RC KSAN RC_Tower3D_KSANv2.exe 11-Sept-17 RC KATL RC_Tower3D_KATL_sp2.exe 11-Sept-17 RC KLAS RC_Tower3D_KLAS_sp1.exe 25-May-17 KATL KATL_for_Tower3D.exe 27-Mar-17 KSAN KSAN_for_Tower3DPro_SP2.exe
  8. FeelThere Ariel

    More Ground Movement / Update Command

    Not a promise, but we are adding this to our wishlist. :)
  9. FeelThere Ariel

    problem with realtraffic on EDDM

    Guys, this is about to be released. Sorry for the delay. They have been extremely busy weeks for FT.
  10. FeelThere Ariel

    E-Jets V2 Glide Slope Problem

    Vinno, did you try all steps described by Alex? Ariel
  11. FeelThere Ariel

    New Web Site

    Thank you George. Noted!
  12. FeelThere Ariel

    How is KMCO coming along?

    Getting better and better! ;)
  13. FeelThere Ariel

    Purchased / installed KSFO but wont load

    Wayne, you are right... that is assuming Hogdriver has Tower!3DPro.
  14. FeelThere Ariel

    Purchased / installed KSFO but wont load

    Wayne is correct. Please verify: ProgramFiles(x86)\FeelThere\Tower!3DPro\Extensions\Airfields Thank you, Ariel
  15. FeelThere Ariel

    Texture problems

    Sven, What did you modify?

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