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  1. @crbascott, good point. We are actually looking into these options. For people experiencing this issue here... do you have an estimate (date) of when this issue started happening?
  2. Thank you! Forgot there was another “Davy” in here. 😉
  3. Have you followed all the steps specified in this thread? If this does not work please submit your report in the specified format.
  4. Davy, what is the name of the most recent update installed?
  5. Kevin is correct. There was a slight fix made upon release and therefore the .exe file was preceded with an a to record this change.
  6. We know there are some issues the latest Windows OS brought to Tower3DPro. Sometimes a Windows uninstall and reinstall helps or uninstalling and reinstalling the windows update. Make sure all your drivers are up to date. There might be a problem with the drivers though. If you are using Gforce RTX video card and experiencing crashes, check if their is a utility called Aorus Engine installed. Try disabling it and verify it does not load and see how it goes. If Tower3DPro works it is recommendable you uninstall Aorus. Apparently this utility is causing many issues across gamers (not just T3DP) w
  7. What is the latest WinOS that was installed to your computer?
  8. You can try reinstalling Tower3DPro and running the installer in ADMIN mode.
  9. @Hunterlee_13 have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling Tower3DPro?
  10. Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling OMBD Airport? Are you running in admin mode? Are all your drivers up to date?
  11. We´re sorry for this issue. We´re in contact with Fastspring as many customers have reported this issue. Thank you for your patience!
  12. Have you tried a simple uninstall and reinstall?
  13. Have you verified Cortana is working in your computer? Computer language set up to US English?
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