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  1. KJFK SP2 taxi issues

    Thank you. We´ll give this a look. Ariel
  2. KJFK SP2 taxi issues

    @DeltaVII, has this been happening repeatedly with the intersections? Could you verify if it happens with all A/C? Thank you, Ariel
  3. Sudden stops on taxiway

    Thank you. We´ll consider this. But you have played it after those two incidents and nothing has happened right? Just to verify.
  4. Sudden stops on taxiway

    Ken, is it happening all the times or it's a one time deal? We never heard of such a thing. Ariel
  5. KLAS issues

    Peabody, Thank you for the information. We´ll check now and let you now any outcome as soon as possible. :) Kind regards, Ariel
  6. Sudden stops on taxiway

    Perfect! Thank you Ken. Will get back to you. :) Best regards, Ariel
  7. Entering a hold (E Jets)

    Hello Jon, if this is not explained in the manual there are multiple videos on Youtube on this subject. Regards , Ariel
  8. Sudden stops on taxiway

    Yes definitely! Please post the log file so we can take a look. : ) Thank you, Ariel
  9. KSFO Pushback not working

    @nrholland please provide the log along with these screenshots! We NEED the log in order to take a deeper look at this problem :) Thank you, Ariel
  10. KLAS issues

    Peabody, thank you for the report. However, you also need to provide screenshots along with the log file so that we can actually take a look into your report. Will wait for the screenshots! Regards, Ariel
  11. KLAX missing terminal

    Thank you for pointing this out. We will research it and if necessary we will include it in the next Tower version. Regards, Ariel
  12. E-jets v2 P3D v4 - Couple of bugs

    Shom, for the moment we are not planning any additional changes on planes. :) Regards, Ariel
  13. Real Color SFO

    @Birdman99 please make sure that you have the latest version downloaded from the original distributor as already mentioned in this thread. Ariel
  14. KSFO Pushback not working

    Have you tried running the .bat file every time?
  15. KSFO Pushback not working

    Are you sure you scrolled all the way down? It must be in that folder.