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  1. Can you confirm if it was working okay when you had SP1 just like Biggles´? Or only after you installed SP2?
  2. Have you installed the latest SP2 for the Ejets V3?
  3. @Biggles2010 completely understandable. Sometimes it´s also useful to see what other members have to say before we acknowledge the issue and have everyone stop reporting 😉
  4. Correct, that was released by Nyergesdesign. We are working hard to release our next one. As @crbascott mentioned, we do not give release dates 🙂 Lesson learned. 😉
  5. Folks, we are investigating these issues. We are not ignoring your feedback 🙂
  6. @crbascott you´re totally right. Thank you for nitpicking on it. Completely oversaw the title. (Fixed btw.) @EliGrim thank you for the feedback. There have been many times in our support where the antivirus is the one causing some kind of issue. Disabling it to do a test run is an easy way for us to discard that option, but I´ll definitely take up on your suggestions.
  7. Please verify if there are any firewalls or antivirus activated that may be interfering with Tracon!2012. You can try disabling them just for a test run. .
  8. FAOR Airport Release RC FAOR Release Real Traffic Update release Previous: RT_Tower3D_PRO_sp6v23.exe New: RT_Tower3D_PRO_sp6v24.exe
  9. If you are already running your computer in US English and Tower3DPro in ADMIN mode, I would recommend you train your speech further. Try different accents or pronunciations for "Hotel".
  10. It should make a difference. 🙂 US English is what the speech engine was built on.
  11. Issues fixed were taxiway and parking/gate issues. 🙂
  12. Is there a way for you to see what changed in the latest update your computer ran?
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