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  1. FeelThere Ariel

    Downloading Tower 3D Pro problem

    Please contact us here: feelthere.zendesk.com Greetings!
  2. FeelThere Ariel

    Any plan to fix the dynamic lights? Please please!!!

    Not in our immediate plans, but if any news arise we´ll let you know.
  3. FeelThere Ariel


    Folks please, as solidary as you may be to your favorite/home airline/airport, etc, please restrain from uttering inadequate words or false accusations in this forum. As other respectable members have said, this is not a forum for ranting but for sharing and discussing ideas as proffessionals will do. If there is something anyone does not agree with or wants to be heard, you can contact us (or Nyerges) directly kindly expressing your request and we will gladly listen to you. No one is lazy here, we are all trying to do our best satisfying as many customers as we can.
  4. FeelThere Ariel


    Folks, KLGA is back in stage! Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused.
  5. FeelThere Ariel

    Question for the Devs, re: forum

    That´s a question that only Vic could give it a go. We´ll wait for him to get back from his well-deserved vacations and present this long-standing idea to him again 😉
  6. FeelThere Ariel


    Hello Charles, Thank you for letting us know. We are going to upload the dlc ASAP. We´ll let you know when it´s ready. 🙂
  7. FeelThere Ariel

    Any plan to fix the dynamic lights? Please please!!!

    We do not have this in our immediate plans for now as this is a more P3D4 oriented issue. What version of P3D4 are you running by the way?
  8. FeelThere Ariel


    That´s the idea. 😉
  9. FeelThere Ariel

    Klas minor issue with Janet terminal

    Thanks 🙂 Thank you for sharing the workaround option.
  10. FeelThere Ariel


    Well post a new comment every time something is released/updated explaining what has been updt/rlsd and delete the previous post each time. Thank you for all your great ideas. We´ll delete Sky King´s post later 🙂
  11. FeelThere Ariel

    Klas minor issue with Janet terminal

    Thank you Peabody, we´ll investigate the problem. The pushing back all the way to the taxiway could be due to a lack of space in the apron itselt (it happens in real world), but the taxi command issue is a problem.
  12. FeelThere Ariel

    KLAS issues (after update)

    Hello Pete, thank you for the report. We will look into this. We would greatly appreciate if other members confirm this is happening to them too.
  13. FeelThere Ariel

    JFK Taxi

    Thank you for the report. We will look into this and add it to the list. 🙂
  14. FeelThere Ariel

    Any plan to fix the dynamic lights? Please please!!!

    Paolo, Could you show some screenshots of the problem you are talking about please?

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