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  1. As far as I can see on your post, the male voices you have available are for German. I didn´t quite understand from your last post if you were able to install English US male voices?
  2. Thank you @Pedantic G. Your suggestions are much appreciated. In this case however I am not sure if it is possible to create "sub-threads" under a sticky, at least I´m not aware of a way to do it. It would not be possible to orderly separate all bugs by airport making the thread a little hectic. However, we do keep track of bugs reported. This is why we ask for screenshots and logs when possible. FYI, AlaskaGuy already reported this issue to our email support and we´re taking a closer look. 🙂 If there is any other way you think the sticky might work please let us know! 🙂
  3. Can you please send screenshots of what you are talking about?
  4. New SP for RC OMDB Previous: RC_Tower3D_OMDB.exe New: RC_Tower3D_OMDB_sp1.exe New SP for EGKK Airport Previous: EGKK_airport.exe New: EGKK_airport_sp1.exe New SP for RC EGKK Previous: RC_Tower3D_EGKK.exe New: RC_Tower3D_EGKK_sp1.exe
  5. Sorry Kev I had a major delay due to a crazy week but I´ll get to it today.
  6. Awesome Kev, please let us me know.
  7. Can you please show us the folder where you installed EGKK airport?
  8. Have you tried deleting your browser history? Cookies?
  9. Thank you for sharing Eli Grim. Please let us know if there are an other issues.
  10. Have you tried uninstalling and installing KLGA again?
  11. Is this ONLY happening with the custom schedule or all RT schedules in that airport?
  12. Please report this to info@nyergesdesign.com and provide all pertinent information.
  13. Try deactivating and activating again.
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