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  1. Hi Pete Many thanks for your Answer. Now works with Offset 29f0... Nice Sunnday Kind Regards Ramon
  2. Hi Pete It works with this Lines of Code in SCPascal7: WriteFSUIPC($3340,4,$0001400); if Value =1 of the Button Press-Function in SCPascal7 WriteFSUIPC($3340,4,$0002400); if Value =0 The i can assigne the KeyPress for the ProATCx Window and this goes open, but when i use the Offset 29F0 with the same, nothing happens. The Button is not show in FSUIPC. What is the differens between this? kind regards Ramon
  3. pete, found it So, for example, you can send 0x00014016 to offset 29F0 to "press" button 22 (hex 16) on joy 64 (hex 40) with Decimal to Hexadecimal Converter kind regards Ramon
  4. it would be much easier to write it as one 32-bit value, as suggested in the documentation. For example, your values would be: $00014010 pete, how can calculate them or where i can found the documentation?
  5. Hi Pete I use SCPascal for programing... 8 Bytes use Double, is that correct? Kind Regards Ramon
  6. I try to use a Virtaul Button with my SimioBoard-USB-Main Card, the Input has the Number 16. Here my Code: Var // initialize static integer array via array literal Numbers : array [4] of Integer = [16, 64, 1, 0]; InitOffsetFSUIPC($29F0,4); WriteFSUIPC($29F0,4,Numbers); Is now this Button visible in Fsuipc? Need to define any Entry in the [Buttons] Section? Kind Regards Ramon
  7. Hello Pete Now it works with this Lines but i need 2 times to press the button to show the Window... What i need to doe for only one press? WriteFSUIPC($3110,4,1070);  WriteFSUIPC($3114,4,331); My other Question, i have the the LUA File 'AllTexts.lua' loaded on my ClientPC with WideClient. How can i hide the 'ProATCX - Inflight-Menu' on the Main Screen? Many thanks for your Answer, you make my Day. Ramon
  8. Hello Pete I would like to use the following: 1070 Key Press and Release (param is Keycode + 256*Shift code, or JsBk) now i use 'shift + k' to open the ProATCx 'inFlight-Menu' 75 + (256 x 1) = 75 + 256 = 331 is this correct? What now i have to do with this Number? WriteFSUIPC($3114,8,331); WriteFSUIPC($3110,8,1070); i tryed with this Entry's, but the Window not show... What make i wrong? Many thanks Ramon
  9. Hello Pete Thank you for your Answer. I use a SimioBoard USB Main Card with Inputs, but i can't assign a keypress to a Button. When i press a Button, fsuipc don't see the input, this card has no joystick option. I use the scpascal7 programing with following lines and works with SIMCONNECT_MENU_0 to SIMCONNECT_MENU_9: scpascal7 Debug('KeyPressed 0'); WriteFSUIPC($3114,4,value); WriteFSUIPC($3110,4,67145); fsuipc.ini 12=N48,8,67145,1,67145,0 -{0: Press=SIMCONNECT_MENU_0, Release=SIMCONNECT_MENU_0 }- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- i would like to use the same for the 'ProATCX Inflight-Menu' to open with keypress 'CTRL 9'... but witch Number is this like 67145? Many thanks and kind regards Ramon
  10. Hello Pete I would like to open the proatcx inflight menu with a button via a free offset. have defined the same keypress as in proatcx option with controls in fsuipc. However, after saving I can't open the proatcx window using the key combination. How can I change this? need that for use with scpascal7 programming. Thank you very much for your reply. kind regards Ramon
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