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  1. Hello Pete, I did not really read so I created a topic in the wrong place. I'm very grateful to receive an answer from you. Thank you! Wilgner
  2. MOVED FROM FAQ SUBFORUM (one of the main reference subforums) Hello, I am new here in the forum and I have little experience with FSUIPC, so if I am creating a topic in the wrong place I ask the moderators to move to the appropriate area, thank you in advance! Well, I mock with FS9, and with FSUIPC registered version 3,999, my joystick is actually a PlayStation control, my question is the following; is it possible to make the Axis of my joystick / Playstation control behave for example, like the F3 key on the keyboard that when pressed works as throttle increase? I have tried to assign this function in the FSUIPC to my joy but without success, whenever I push the lever of my control up the power levers until they rise for maximum power, but when releasing the lever the levers return to iddle since the tendency of the levers of the joystick / Playstation control is to move to the center when no force is applied to it. I want it when I push the lever of my joystick up, the power levers are at the maximum and not that they come back to iddle when I release the lever and it moves to the center, I want it to only reduce the power when I push the lever down. Any help is very welcome and sorry for my bad English!
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