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  1. Hi. I'm trying to recreate my sector in tracon2012 but I'm not really sure how to setup this procedure.... We don't have any STARS or GPS NAvigation so pretty much all traffic inbound, when entering the area is vectored to the ILS. We do have a central VOR and I believe the best way to setup this would be create "stars" for each boundary waypoint direct to our VOR. Would you do it differently? Also I have a problem with my SID's. Our east departures have published SID's because waypoints have radar coverage but for all western departures our procedure is "track extended rwy centerline until 4700 then resume own navigation" Because all departures in the editor are POINT based how do I set this up? Thanks for all the help. In case you need references lookup LPLA charts on this website: http://charts.portugal-vacc.org/ and here is the link for my sector so far... https://we.tl/t-hLOFaio1Zt
  2. Hi folks... I'm an ATCo at ICAO:LPLA /IATA:TER and I was trying to recreate my sector in the game. I followed the instructions as described in the manual but when I load it on Tracon it simply crashes before I see the radar screen, would you kindly take a look at my sector file please? I don't understand why is this happening. Also I'm using SE if that's a factor. I'm sending the sector I've created so far hoping that a good person will be able to help me out! Thank you very much! TER.zip
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