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  1. Hi, I suggested why the brake holds only when he would not be needed. And solution onto him, how it is possible to repair it. Problem appearing very densely anyway. The brake has an effect on many machines so than the clamp. Even real pilots complain. I correct it for them afterwards.:) Until all of them it FSUIPC default his calibration is used. Regards, Julius
  2. Hi John, I assigned Your settings to the left side brake. To the right side brake the My settings. I pressed it I let the left brake. After it the right side brake. Events were going in the log file. [Axes.PMDG-B747] 6=5X,8,D,8,0,0,0 -{ DIRECT: RightBrake }- (My setting) 7=5Y,8,D,7,0,0,0,*32.03,-16384 -{ DIRECT: LeftBrake }- (Your setting) [JoystickCalibration.PMDG-B747] LeftBrake=-16380,16380/8 (Your or default setting) RightBrake=0,18600/8 (My setting) 18600 value is reduced brake effect in the dry runway (748 near really) LeftBrake totally catastrophe, but RightBrake good. We leave this. I checked it many times, only Windows there is a driver, and all work well. Good the values, the calibration, etc.:) The axes give a very beautiful lineal curve. If he would not be so already I would repair it.:) His part my job. I attached log file. FSUIPC6.log
  3. Hi John, I did it what you wrote, but like this not good. Very much no. When very tiny one I press the brake, closes ranks totally then already. I read the document, and I understood what you would like to present roughly. I made an attempt so somehow earlier, but was not good then already. Totally all the same, that the one calibration you are at least 0 just -16384. We revise it in an order: Windows receive 1023 values let totally. Ovecome totally 0. Linear value. I wrote that he is translated according to me in this direction (but this now it doesn't matter). FSUIPC Axis Assignment page: Barke released value is -16384. But if very tiny one I step it on, shows a positive value immediately then. When totally in is making a step, then 16383. (not linear function) FSUIPC Axis Calibration page: if Calibration minimum value is 0 or -16384, then "In" value is -16384, "Out" value is -16383. When tiny one I press it (approximately 5%), in both cases +16383 "In" and "Out" were worth it. And is left so until the full entry. If I use my setting so shape: It is a former state naturally. FSUIPC Axis Assigment page: Works likewise here, than in the former case. FSUIPC Axis Calibration page: The function does not tally here, if the calibration values differ minimum. If the it had them minimum -16384, then "In" "Out" the same one will be a curve than in the previous case. But if the it had them minimum 0, then In value same thing than the previous case, "Out" a curve will be linear beautifully on the other hand from -16384 until 16383. Let a screw come now then: the simulator onto whole one's it is possible to relate that the brake holds a little bit strongly. The one with bigger mass is disturbing already at machines. If it is FSUIPC calibration I grant a bigger value than 16383, I may soften the brake effect with it then. So if the I write 21000 values to 748, the calibration will not be "Out" value then bigger than 9178. Like this reducible the maximum brake effect. Is not for me T-Rudder pedal, but is just here on a repair (rudder dead, but the brakes good). I did not rehearse once anyway Logitech G940 pedal (repairing on that of a level), and it works in the same manner. Only so much the difference, that the G940 8 bit ones. I tested it shortly, i hope so we made it. Log I do not promise a file now because it takes time, by the time all of the cases are ready, but I prepare it if he is needed inevitably (only not now) Best regards, Julius
  4. Hi! When you would like it totally the cockpit to cover, you will need conditional value broadcasts then. For example the guard provided switches. But what you brought up when it is not necessary to register actual values to the control. You will have need because of this the LUA, it though the LINDA you can handle it comfortably. I attached NGXu sample lua Julius NGXu sample.lua
  5. Hi, You need an administrator in a manner to run the simulator, does not save the files otherwise. Julius
  6. Hi! The T-Rudder pedal there is a switch on USB cable (car,airplane). He has to be it in the suitable position. In a flying position Rudder province (Z axis) 0-1023. Left(Y), Right(X) brake: 1023-0 (reversely). It in FSUIPC -16383->16383 all three axes. I correct the values calibration with a hand always it FSUIPCx.INI in a file somehow like this: [Axes.PMDG-B747] 6=5X,8,D,8,0,0,0 -{ DIRECT: RightBrake }- 7=5Y,8,D,7,0,0,0 -{ DIRECT: LeftBrake }- 8=5Z,8,D,3,0,0,0 -{ DIRECT: Rudder }- [JoystickCalibration.PMDG-B747] Aileron=-16380,-160,160,16380/8 Elevator=-16380,-160,160,16380/8 Rudder=-16380,-160,160,16380/8 LeftBrake=0,16380/8 (at the brakes the minus it is necessary to leave a province out of consideration) RightBrake=0,16380/8 Throttle1=-16380,0,0,16380/40 Throttle2=-16380,0,0,16380/40 Throttle3=-16380,0,0,16380/40 Throttle4=-16380,0,0,16380/40 Spoilers=-16380,16380/24 SteeringTiller=-16380,-200,200,16380/8 Not the T-Rudder I use it but one with own building, but his parameters the same ones. This calibration values works it FSLABS-320 of his cases. There is some trick there (I do not remember him now what is it), but this there good. Best regards, Julius
  7. John, I did not tested it CDU data structure. I do not use it. Yet. CDU screen PMDG draws it who, the button events ipc.control() they get in with his usage. I did not notice the new fields 🙂. Thank you for the fast support, Niberon
  8. Hello John, I tested all of the new variables under FSInterrogate and LUA. He worked well everywhere. They work the offset events. Thanks, Niberon
  9. Hello Pete! Thank you for you answer. Very much were a task when I realised the problem and the priority of the problem was very low. I induced it through an other function temporarily it'll be fun. But I got a claim for the correction. I have to deal with him in the immediate future because of this. All right, thanks, I wait for it. Onto so much not it's urgent. I try it with pleasure naturally. My public email: niberon@freemail.hu I have FSUIPC6 registration. Thanks and best regards, Niberon
  10. Hello Pete! Yes. I know that he is not provided. I ask it to be provide. PMDG recorded these few fields later, and it FSUIPC truncate the data structure currently. PMDG is not in dubbing and it FSUIPC data structure. PMDG added on some fields meanwhile. I calculated it anyway the 0x6C9F value. I believed it I try it. He did not succeed.☹️ I attach it current PMDG header file. Thanks, Niberon PMDG_747QOTSII_SDK_h.rar
  11. Hello Pete! Excuse me for the little information. I developing cockpit modules and to communication LUA I use it. PMDG 747 MCP Example: -- Don't work, return value always 0 local function mcpPowered_calc() local pwr = ipc.readUB(0x6C9F) -- bool MCP_panelPowered (PMDG_747QOTSII_SDK.h) return pwr -- Error: always 0 end -- Working, but not really local function mcpPowered_calc() local tieSwitch = ipc.readUD(0x6453) -- Bus Tie switch 1-4 local genOff = ipc.readUD(0x646D) -- Gen 1-4 off annunciator if (logic.And(genOff, 0xFFFF00) ~= 0x010100) then -- Gen 2 or 3 not off return true end if (logic.And(tieSwitch, 0xFFFF00) ~= 0) then -- Bus Tie switch 2 or 3 on if ((logic.And(genOff, 0xFF) == 0) and (logic.And(tieSwitch, 0xFF) ~= 0)) or ((logic.And(genOff, 0xFF000000) == 0) and (logic.And(tieSwitch, 0xFF000000) ~= 0)) then -- ((Gen 1 not off) and (Bus Tie Switch 1 on)) or ((Gen 4 not off) and (Bus Tie Switch 4 on)) return true end if (ipc.readUW(0x6465) ~= 0) or (ipc.readUW(0x6469) ~= 0) then -- (Ext.Power 1 or 2 on) or (APU Gen 1 or 2 on) return true end end return false end function Sync_mcpPowered(force) local pwr = mcpPowered_calc() if (force or (pwr ~= mcpPowered)) then mcpPowered = pwr if (hdfsMCP_hnd ~= 0) then local str = string.char(0, 1) -- ReportId if (mcpPowered) then str = str .. string.char(1) else str = str .. string.char(0) end com.writefeature(hdfsMCP_hnd, str, 2) end end end function hdfsMCP_disp(force) Sync_mcpPowered(force) Sync_mcpIASBlank(0x659D, ipc.readUB(0x659D), force) Sync_mcpHeading(0x659E, ipc.readUW(0x659E), force) Sync_mcpAltitude(0x65A0, ipc.readUW(0x65A0), force) Sync_mcpVertSpeedBlank(0x65A4, ipc.readUB(0x65A4), force) end FSUIPC Document: Offset Mapping for PMDG 747QOTSII.pdf 6C90 4 FLOAT32 FMC_DistanceToDest 6C94 9 STR [9] FMC_flightNumber 6C9D Last byte of second reserved area for PMDG 747QOTSII PMDG 747 SDK: PMDG_747QOTSII_SDK.h float FMC_DistanceToDest; // nm; negative if n/a ipc offset: 0x6C90 char FMC_flightNumber[9]; // ipc offset: 0x6C94 // More additional variables //------------------------------------------ bool ELEC_annunBatteryOFF; // OFF light in the elec battery switch ipc offset: 0x6C9D bool FIRE_annunCargoDEPRESS; // Freighter only ipc offset: 0x6C9E bool MCP_panelPowered; // ipc offset: 0x6C9F bool COMM_RadioPanelPowered[3]; // ipc offset: 0x6CA0 bool COMM_AudioControlPanelPowered[3]; // ipc offset: 0x6CA4 bool TCAS_ATC_panelPowered; // ipc offset: 0x6CA8 bool FIRE_HandleIllumination[5]; // [0..3]: Engines 1-4, [4]: APU ipc offset: 0x6CAC bool WheelChocksSet; // ipc offset: 0x6CB1 unsigned char reserved[160]; // ipc offset: 0x6CB2 }; I hope for it so already understandable my problem. Thanks, Niberon
  12. Hi! When I query it PMDG 747 v3 his undermentioned values, 0 come back always. Is it possible to repair this? // 747QOTSII data structure struct PMDG_747QOTSII_Data { ... // More additional variables //------------------------------------------ bool ELEC_annunBatteryOFF; // OFF light in the elec battery switch bool FIRE_annunCargoDEPRESS; // Freighter only bool MCP_panelPowered; bool COMM_RadioPanelPowered[3]; bool COMM_AudioControlPanelPowered[3]; bool TCAS_ATC_panelPowered; bool FIRE_HandleIllumination[5]; // [0..3]: Engines 1-4, [4]: APU bool WheelChocksSet; unsigned char reserved[160]; }; Thanks, Niberon
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