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  1. mvecchia

    offsets doubt

    Hi Pete, Thanks for answering. I've been looking for several types of Offsets in Fsuipc. Until you find: Offset WORD byteset. In this Offset I was able to assign the values 301, 302, 303, respectively. Thank you so much for trying to help me. If you want to close the topic, this issue is resolved.
  2. mvecchia

    offsets doubt

    Hello Pete, Excuse me. I thought that because it was FSUIPC, I could have a help here in this forum. Yes, PM is project magenta. This photo and this sequence that I sent, are only the doubts that I have to configure the offsets correctly, since I have doubts. but I'm going to try the project magenta forum, to see if anyone can help me configure it. Thank you very much
  3. Hi, I would like to know if there is any way to configure sa_wxr for it to read the active sky and pass the information to my ND. (pm_airbus) stand alone. I already tried in several ways using pm_getweather but I did not succeed. It seems to be something simple, but it does not work for me. I have 2 cpus. Cpu1 - prepard3d. Cpu2 - wideclient, glasses, sa_wxr, etc I just want the weather info on the screen in ND. If it is for fsuipc, even better. How can I make it work? ** When I open sa_wxr, it gets stuck on the full color screen (warming) and does nothing else (does not show me the radar) Can you help me with this?

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