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  1. Hi I have an apparently easy question. I am trying to configure the airbus starters. I've tried all possible functions, but the only one I got was the engine auto start. Only that way he drives the 2 engines together and I wanted to do it separately. Logically I tried engine 1 autostart for engine 1 and engine2 autostart for engine 2. But the plane doesn't understand the fsuipc command. I tried with parameter 1 and I couldn't do it either. any tips? thank you very much
  2. Hi John, I have a little problem with setting up my landing gear. When I put the lever down, the E 0 button appears as you can see in the photo. After a few seconds, he switches the button to L9 alone. Gear up is apparently working. Is there any way to fix this?
  3. Hi, I would initially like to know where I can find the latest Fsuipc7 download. I would also like to know if I can use 2 computers with widefs (as I did before on p3d) If so, can you help me? thank you very much
  4. Hehehe, Easy. I'm just trying to set up offsets in fsuipc. Only that.The fact is that I am not understanding the parameters.I have the statement:pm4f4 = 301 0x4f4 word Val = 0I have 12 buttons to configure the offsets. I do not know what it means pm4f4 = 301 -what I know is that 0x4f4 is the offset and Val = 0 is the parameter.as I have 12 buttons to configure, in my logic they would all be with the same offset value and parameters. So I guess this: pm4f4 301 is some instruction to put in fsuip, but I do not know where.
  5. HiI'm trying to set up some airbus (PM) offsets where I have 12 pedestal buttons that have the same offset, but some values I can not assign.In the virtual overhead of the airbus, when we pass the mouse on the button, it already shows the offset.Example: ENG button - pm4F4 = 301 0x4f4 WORD Val = 0BLEED button - pm4F4 = 302 0x4f4 WORD Val = 0PRESS button - pm4F4 = 303 0x4f4 WORD Val = 0Boot ELEC - pm4F4 = 304 0x4f4 WORD Val = 0HYD button - pm4F4 = 305 0x4f4 WORD Val = 0FUEL Button - pm4F4 = 306 0x4f4 WORD Val = 0So complete the 12 buttons.I can not configure with the values of 302, 303, 304 etc - (in the parameters)Because the rest of the values are exactly the sameHow to configure these buttons through offset?Can you give me a hand? See the example pictures.
  6. Pete, IT WORKED!! parameter 1 - perfect I'm testing on jets, which I always use. The engine turns until I use the mixture 1 rich. Engine running and ready. To turn it off, before ey put mixture 1 lean and it turned off, but now it keeps turning the engine, as if starter1set was still acting. How do I turn off the starter1set? So I can solve the whole problem of switching on and off. To connect is already ok with parameter 1
  7. Pete, I'm sorry when I told you that you were the owner of fsuipc, it was just a joke. hehehh Let me try to explain. Exactly the functions "Starter1 set" and "Starter2 set", as you said. Before doing an update for P3dv4.3, In version 4.1, these functions were working on the airplane to rotate engines 1 and 2. (as my home cockpit is generic, I fly several aircraft, so these functions started any plane) I assign a button from my Overhead that is called Start1 to the Starter 1 set command of Fsuipc. This function caused the engine to start spinning. Then I assigned the FSUIPC Mixture 1 Rich function to end the engine start. I honestly never changed the "parameter" you said. I always left the zero, which is the parameter that has already been set. For this Starter 1set and Starter 2 set function to work do I need to change the parameters? Which ones should I put in order for it to work again? Previously you gave me some functions to connect the motors: JET STARTER TOGGLE STARTER1 TOGGLE STARTER2 TOGGLE STARTER3 TOGGLE STARTER4 TOGGLE ALL STARTERS TOGGLE MASTER STARTER SWITCH But I like trying to simulate something closer to the real one, where I spin the engines first and then put the mixture 1 rich. These functions that you gave me, for example: TOGGLE STARTER1 / TOGGLE STARTER2 make the engines turn perfectly, but then if I try to use the rich mixture, I can not finish starting the engine. it just keeps spinning. The ideal for me is that the starter1set and starter2set functions will work.
  8. hehehe - It's very strange you're the owner of the FSUIPC Program asking me where I saw it. hehehehe When I click the button I want it to fire engine 1, it opens the entire list of FSUIPC commands. "Starter 1" and "Starter 2" is one of them, that's it! The fact is that it is not working.
  9. Hi Pete, Thanks! I've always used the functions. Starter 1 and Starter 2, (exactly with that name) in FSUIPC. None of the options you passed me I wore.
  10. Yes, the latest version 5.132. Not a problem in P3d, I'm sure of that. The fact is that I have 2 Mjoy cards, where windows assigns the same name to the 2 cards. Appears in the INI file. The fact is that all functions are normal, working. Except the function Starter1 and starter 2. I've already tried assigning this function on other hardware that I have, and it does not work either. The Starter 1 function, for example, works on any airplane. From the Cessna to the Boieng 777 for example. I do not know why FSUIP is not sending this function to the plane. Try to create a macro to try to solve, but I could not.
  11. Hi, I have a very strange problem. I made an update from Prepard3d to the latest version, 4.3 Fsuipc did not change, it maintained the same settings. The fact is that only the Starter1 and Starter2 functions are no longer working. It is configured with the correct button, but when I press the start button, for example, nothing happens. If I change the function and use the same button, it works. Start1 and 2 functions are no longer working on airplanes. What could be happening? thank you so much Version of FSUIPC, the last one installed.
  12. Hi I have a very strange problem in my hardware throttle, it has 2 parking buttons brake When I assign the parking brake function in fsuipc, it does not work. if I assign another function, it works. the same is happening with the mixture rich1 or 2 function and also mix 1 lean or 2. I already did everything I could I deleted the modules folder, reinstalled fsuipc 3 times. I deleted the folders // app data roaming p3d, local p3d and also the program data folder p3d. what I did, and I would like to go back, was to change the name of the hardware in windows, but it's still strange. Can you give me a hand?
  13. Hi Thomas I discovered that the problem was in the VASFMC, which connected to the widefs and changed the schedule. Thank you very much for your help and time spent with me. if you want, you can close the topic as resolved. thank you, marcelo
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