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  1. FSUIPC 5.123 or 5.124 P3dV4 - time problems

    Hi Thomas I discovered that the problem was in the VASFMC, which connected to the widefs and changed the schedule. Thank you very much for your help and time spent with me. if you want, you can close the topic as resolved. thank you, marcelo
  2. FSUIPC 5.123 or 5.124 P3dV4 - time problems

    by the way, I tried to enter the site to see if there is any more current version of the wide-fs, but the site http://www.schiratti.com/ is off the air.
  3. FSUIPC 5.123 or 5.124 P3dV4 - time problems

    I have just discovered that it makes the change in time when it connects with the wide fs through the other machine where the panel is installed. Does this information help you? Again I give you another attachment LOG FSUIPC5.log
  4. FSUIPC 5.123 or 5.124 P3dV4 - time problems

    ok, it's attached. but I guarantee that I only have this problem when FSUIPC is installed, otherwise it works very well. FSUIPC5.log
  5. Moved to Main Forum! Please asked question FSUIPC related only in Main Forum, it might not be seen in a subforum. Hi, I have a recent problem. The simulator always comes back to 13:00 I put on the night flight and it comes back for a day time. I've already removed all the files to fix the problem. After I install Fsuipc, the problem comes back. I was not into this last week, flying normally. Today he presented this problem. I did not make any changes. The version I have of Fsuipc is the last one. My simulator is the P3dV4 I await an answer. Thank you!
  6. fsuipc 5 problems

    I do not know exactly which version I have of p3d v4 and also do not know which version I have of FSUipC5 - Is there version 5.122 for download? thank youYes! My dll.xlm
  7. fsuipc 5 problems

    Hello, Thomas. I'm really very sad. You said that my problem was not with FSUIPC but with my Windows, right? Here's what you wrote: "FSUIPC uses Windows facilities. If the FSUIPC window does not respond then that is related to windows itself." Now I can give you THE SURE THE WORLD that is not in my problem windows. I formatted the machine yesterday and installed windows 10, from the start. Then I installed P3d and then FSUIPC. I have the same problem. He is there. appears there. But it does not open. I click on it and it just DOES NOT OPEN. I need a solution, after all I paid for the product, I have not seen similar problems, so I need a solution. I can not go unanswered. Thank you very much
  8. fsuipc 5 problems

    My dll.xml is configured correctly and appears in the list. As I said, FSUIP is awesome, when it installs the first time, it appears to open in p3d. I have made the settings of all buttons and axes and it is working perfectly. The fact is that after that, the FSUIP icon keeps appearing in the P3d menu, but it does not open. Click on it and it will not open. That is, if I need to remove a button or add, I can not. I will have to reinstall FSUIP again. But that does not happen every time. I need to find the solution to know what might be happening to not open. This problem appeared from day to day, everything was normal. I did not do anything different.Yes! My dll.xlm
  9. fsuipc 5 problems

    HI, I still have the same problem. I can not open fsuip. to have a solution to this problem.
  10. fsuipc 5 problems

  11. fsuipc 5 problems

    Thomas, I sincerely apologize for all this. I did not mean to be disturbing you. But this problem must be solved. I do not know if I understood very well what I should do .. Come on: Where do you want me to write this sentence? [JoyNames] AutoAssignLetters = Yes (in which place?) *** Does not the dll.xml file you sent previously show the installed FSUIPC? Answer: This dll.xml file is no longer in the Modules folder. He does not stay there. I think it has in the app folder roaimng, etc etc .. In the modules folder are only the files of fsuipc, in my case is a software VAinreface, and also Spad (inside the modules folder) But after I did my last install of fsuipc5, I did not move anymore. I opened the fsuip inside p3d, did all the configuration of buttons and axes and everything works. The fact is that I can not change. If I need to change something in fsuip, I will have to uninstall and install again, and so I will lose the configs and have to configure all the axes and buttons again, this is because the fsuipc on the screen in p3d does not want to open the module. Like I said - it's there .. it shows up, but when I click it it does not open. You want those files, is that it? FSUIPC5 Install.log FSUIPC5.ini FSUIPC5.log FSUIPC5.JoyScan.csv marcelo * sorry for my English
  12. fsuipc 5 problems

    I remembered one thing. yesterday i installed fsx to test and installed fsuip 4. can there be anything conflicting? where can I find files that might be causing this problem?
  13. fsuipc 5 problems

    Hi, Thomas. What could be happening ?? Never had a case like this that you solved? I think it's strange to be a p3d problem, beecause I installed it again from the beginning. I can not believe Windows either, because nothing has been done. there was no update or anything. Anything! I need to understand better. If one day the fsuipc commands do not work, if I get this INI file that I showed you, install psuipc again and replace with this one, does it work again in the simulator or do I have to configure everything again? But what I really wanted to do was understand what's happening now. I've never seen this in fsuipc. marcelo
  14. fsuipc 5 problems

    Hello again. I set it all up, and I put here the ini file that he recorded. If I have to reinstall the entire fsuipc, then if I replace the ini file with the one I have now configured, does it automatically save to the simulator without having to do anything, without having to configure the buttons and axes again? [JoyNames] AutoAssignLetters=No 0=USB Game Controllers 0.GUID={B227ED60-A48B-11E7-8011-444553540000} 1=m2 1.GUID={B227ED60-A48B-11E7-8002-444553540000} 2=ByFly-16 2.GUID={B227ED60-A48B-11E7-800B-444553540000} 3=ByFly BR01 3.GUID={B227ED60-A48B-11E7-8007-444553540000} 4=Saitek Pro Flight Rudder Pedals 4.GUID={B227ED60-A48B-11E7-800C-444553540000} 5=Brco 5.GUID={B227ED60-A48B-11E7-8001-444553540000} 6=Steering wheel 6.GUID={B22A5E60-A48B-11E7-8012-444553540000} 7=Saitek Pro Flight Yoke 7.GUID={B227ED60-A48B-11E7-800D-444553540000} 8=Stargate-NG 8.GUID={B227ED60-A48B-11E7-800A-444553540000} [Axes] PollInterval=10 RangeRepeatRate=10 0=0X,256,D,1,0,0,0 -{ DIRECT: Aileron }- 1=0Y,256,D,2,0,0,0 -{ DIRECT: Elevator }- 2=6X,256,D,36,0,0,0 -{ DIRECT: SteeringTiller }- [Buttons] PollInterval=25 ButtonRepeat=20,10 1=P1,26,C65983,0 -{MIXTURE1_RICH}- 2=P1,27,C65987,0 -{MIXTURE1_LEAN}- 3=P1,25,C65988,0 -{MIXTURE2_RICH}- 4=P1,24,C65992,0 -{MIXTURE2_LEAN}- 5=R1,2,C65966,0 -{THROTTLE1_DECR}- 6=U1,2,C65820,0 -{THROTTLE1_SET}- 7=R1,5,C65971,0 -{THROTTLE2_DECR}- 8=U1,5,C65821,0 -{THROTTLE2_SET}- 9=P1,17,C65752,0 -{PARKING_BRAKES}- 10=U1,17,C65752,0 -{PARKING_BRAKES}- 11=P1,0,C65860,0 -{AUTO_THROTTLE_ARM}- 12=P2,12,C65938,0 -{STARTER2_SET}- 13=P2,8,C65932,0 -{STARTER1_SET}- 14=P2,6,C66224,0 -{ENGINE_AUTO_START}- 15=P2,5,C66531,0 -{ENGINE_AUTO_SHUTDOWN}-
  15. fsuipc 5 problems

    Thomas, Thanks for answering. Very strange. Everything worked. I never fly in full screen, always in window mode. What can I do to fix this problem? If there is no solution, which file keeps the settings saved? I can set it up and if I need to, I'll change the file into the folder. Even then, what kind of problem can windows be presenting? I have already passed several windows verification programs, logs, etc. it's all OK.

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