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  1. I tried the p3dv4 sdk using the dialogmode sample. But, they are all in exe. If i change the application from exe to dll, will it do it? I mean will it be the same? Then i will do the settings via DDL.xml is the way ?
  2. So meaning, i can't follow your way/style? Ah yes, talking about DLL, am i able to run DLL instead?
  3. Hi pete, i have already requested a dialog mode. But seems that my exe is running "externally" and i can see the icon on the taskbar. Your FSUIPC is not visible on my taskbar. That is what im trying to achieve as of now but have not able to.
  4. Hi pete, i managed to do it. However, i noticed that when i click on your software, the windows form will appear then the black screen will appear and the sim will be paused. How do i do that? I know this EVENT_SIM_STOP thingi but not sure how to use it. Are you able to guide me?
  5. Hi guys, first of all, nmot sure if this is the right section to ask but i would like to ask, how do i add new items under the Addon's section? Currently, i am developing a software and i would like my pilots to access it via the ADDONS button rather than having to start them externally. I have no clue how and i am currently using FSUIPC for my software. So, when my pilots press the Addons, my application name will appear. How do i do that?
  6. Hi guys, i would like to ask, does the fspassenger small panel, is a windows form or is a gauge that i have to create? I would like to know how to access it in game so players can interact with my panel similar to fspassenger
  7. Hi paul, i just realised that. Anyway, im trying what you asked to do. Search through the array but im not sure if im doing it the right way. This is how i did it but i kept getting Not in any airport. For Each item As FsAirport In airports If item.ICAO = getDeptICAO Then Noairportlbl.Text = "" arrdebuglbl.Text = "" GreenText1.Value = "You are at your departure location!" GreenText2.Value = 10 ElseIf item.ICAO = getArrivalICAO Then Noairportlbl.Text = "" deptdebuglbl.Text = "" GreenText1.Value = "You are at your destination location!" GreenText2.Value = 10 'ElseIf airports(0).ICAO = "" Then ' deptdebuglbl.Text = "" ' arrdebuglbl.Text = "" ' Noairportlbl.Text = "Not in any airport" Else deptdebuglbl.Text = "" arrdebuglbl.Text = "" Noairportlbl.Text = "Not in any airport" End If Next
  8. Ah okay thank you. Do you know if there is anyway for me to make the green message box appear and put my own customer text?
  9. Managed to sort it out! I did below to get the icao of the airport instead of WSSS: Changi. Now it works perfect airport(1).icao
  10. Hello, is there a way for me track the number of passengers boarding the plane? I'm trying to integrate how gsx track the number of passengers boarding the planes but no idea how
  11. Update, paul i did this airports(0).ToString() and i got this XWSS: WSSS Dummy
  12. Got ya. I did what you said but this is what i got FSUIPC.FsAirportCollection This is my code. Is there a way for me get just the value? Like just one value. Dim airports As FsAirportCollection = FSUIPCConnection.AirportsDatabase.Airports airports = airports.InRangeOfNauticalMiles(2) getAirport = airports.ToString()
  13. Hi Paul, i am using your example now. I'm trying to get the airport like without the gate and without having me to put the ICAO itself.
  14. Hey pete, how do i check or get the Lat/Lon against the database of airport. I generated using makerunway already
  15. I just found out using Paul Henty's guide. Thanks anyway! Pete. Appreciate you help
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