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  1. BoeingG


    Is the load manager feature listed on the website the default P3D one?
  2. BoeingG


    Thanks for the update! 😄
  3. BoeingG


    Who knows? They said they're in the final stages of testing, although that was several days ago. I wish they'd at least give us a rough timeframe.
  4. BoeingG


    Ditto. I doubt they'll release it over the weekend, however. Sigh...
  5. 1. Door/load manager with GSX auto operation. Is this in the works/planned? 2. Ground terrain radar. 3. Improvement of glareshield joint angle (far too sharp at the moment). 4. Sound improvements for switches and GPWS callouts (e.g. 50, 40, 30, etc.; there's an audible "pop" before each, and "Glideslope" since they occur in too fast of secession). Thank you!
  6. On FeelThere ERJv3 aircraft, the black overhang above the MCP and its junction in the upper left is at too sharp of an angle; there should be more curvature. I’d also that the gear lever has too big of a diameter (I think another user pointed this out as well). Real cockpit: https://images.app.goo.gl/d6mQLnxknBck2Xuy7 V3 cockpit: https://images.app.goo.gl/KBLXJgVHGYz1MAxh9 Also, is there any possibility of decreasing the size of the nav and strobe lights? They seem grossly oversized at the moment.
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