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  1. I would add: - A Lite version, as the current model is very heavy. The passenger cabin is useless and lowers the frames a lot. The PMDG's 747-8, for example, uses fewer frames than the E170v3. - Fix the knobs. In the manual, page 4 is written: "The autopilot knobs are adjusted in the following ways: • with the pointer over the knob the mouse wheel can be used to increase / decrease the set value • left of knob center left-mouse-click will increase value by one • left of knob center right-mouse-click will increase value by ten • right of center left click will decrease value by one • right of center right click will decrease value by ten • many knobs will react to a center mouse button click by synchronizing a setting to the aircraft's current orientation, toggling displays, or engaging an function. " Here with SP1 installed, these functions are not working.
  2. Hi! i want to suggest for the E175 a version with the old winglets, like the used in this photo (the same of the E170) https://www.jetphotos.com/photo/7645528 A "lite" version, without passenger cabin (for all E-Jets) will be great, because it makes low FPS in some computers In the 4 variants, don't have the red marked parts in the photo: The model: I the "old" version of the E-Jets, FeelThere made these parts in the 4 variants and Lineage.
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