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  1. Matty, I flew the following approaches-- KPDX -- ILS 28L -- Not an actual CAT II or CAT III approach. I disconnected the autopilot at about 80 feet and landed smoothly (-165 feet/min as reported on SmartCARS). This is a typical landing rate for me when hand-flying the aircraft to touchdown. KGEG -- ILS 21 -- Flew the published CAT II/CAT III approach. Visibility was very bad, and there was a lot of turbulence, which I thought may have been a factor in the poor landing. I let the autopilot fly to touchdown and rollout (-605 feet/min). KSTL -- ILS 12L -- Flew the pub
  2. I've flown the V3 SP2 E-175 for 6 flights, and I really like it. Most of the issues that I listed in my earlier posts have been addressed, and now this aircraft is fun to fly. I am flying on P3D V4.5, and I still have some issues, but they are minor. Here they are: 1. The TOGA click spot is not there in my world. I can use control + shift + G; not a big problem. 2. The autobrake control did not work, then it did work, then it didn't. Then I installed a Feel There livery and it works again. Go figure. I know the work-around for this issue as well. 3. When I fly a
  3. After looking at this a bit closer, it seems I kept the download link for E-Jets V2 but lost the link for V3 (a different order). The file I was trying to install was ejetsv2-p3dv4-3 sp2. This looks like a V2 installer to me. So I need the link that will allow me to download V3 SP2. My V3 order ID is *. If I need to submit a trouble ticket on this, please let me know. Thanks Chuck Adams -- * Edit: order # removed. Posting order details on a pink forum means you have shared your purchase with every thief on the Internet. - Mods.
  4. Is there some trick I am missing when I try to install the E175 V3 SP2? I was using the E175 V2 with absolutely no issues, and months ago I had completely (I thought) removed the E175 V3 SP1 package (you can see my earlier post as to why). First I installed the V3 SP2 package, thinking that if the V3 SP1 package was required, the install would be halted. The install went as expected, but when I tried to select an E175 as my vehicle, it was clearly a V2 aircraft. In my startup menu under Feel There the only listing was E-Jets V2. So then I un-installed the V2 package (no V3 lis
  5. The other day I downloaded and installed the E-Jets V3 for P3D V4.5. Here are some of the issues I had: 1. I was not able to use the configuration tool to program a joystick button by double-clicking the function (engage TOGA in this case) and then pressing the desired button (NOT while running P3D). I did do this using Options/Controls inside P3D. Actually, this has never worked as I supposed it should in any of the FeelThere products I have owned. 2. The non-functional wiper control knobs are another minor annoyance, and once airborne (or sometime later in a flight) they t
  6. I un-installed the ERJ using IObit Uninstaller. I then deleted the ERJ directory out of Sim Objects/Airplanes, and I deleted the Feel There directory out of the Prepared3D v4 directory. I then loaded a scenario containing a default aircraft (Mooney M20), then selected the ERJ. Unfortunately, I got the same results--no request to approve the ERJ's gauge files, and I am not able to do anything except select items off the ERJ's menu bar (Thrust, Overhead, etc. ). So I am stumped. I slick my SSD every 6-12 months, and when I reinstall I will look for the latest P3D V4 update (which I a
  7. Ariel: I do believe I am using the ERJ for P3Dv4--as noted in my initial post I am using FeelThere ERJ-145LR for Prepared 3D v4.1.... (Product Version However, I am not using the latest version of P3D v4--I am currently running on P3D version scoobflight: No, the sim did not ask me to approve the ERJ's guage files. Not after the first install, or after I de-installed and re-installed. Hmmm.....not sure how to fix that, but yes, I usually get some sort of approval question after installing a new aircraft. FYI, the only other non-default software running in
  8. I just purchased the ERJ for P3Dv4. I loaded and activated it, but on first glance the HUD was not visible (I tried the "H" option and pushing the W-key to cycle through the views in the 2-D cockpit). Then I uninstalled and reinstalled, but got the same results. I started P3D with a default aircraft (Mooney) scenario, then loaded the ERJ. It was cold and dark, as expected. Then I thought I'd just start it up and perhaps, with power, the HUD would appear. To my surprise I am unable to make anything except the menu bar (thrust, throttle quadrant, overhead, FMS, etc.) respond to my mo
  9. Thanks for the prompt reply.
  10. I have a question about the FeelThere TBM850--does it have a 2-D cockpit? If not, does it have some sort of HUD like the very excellent ERJ V2 or E-jets V2 that I enjoy so much? What I am looking for is a high-performance GA aircraft with (1) a 2-D cockpit (because I hate scrolling all over the place just to flip a switch), and (2) good forward visibility, even when the nosed is pitched up during takeoff. Thanks P.S. I did read the forum rules, but I can't figure out if this is an approved topic, or if it should have been posted in the "Other" forum.
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