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  1. Hey guys Just noticed on the E190 the right gear door animation is a little off, leaving the door partially opened while the other remains closed
  2. The following two E170s have been uploaded to https://www.avsim.com/
  3. noted however during that video the AP is not in command as the pilot is conducting the approach so it doesnt show anything, like i said the 170s ive seen operating in real life have the toogle LEDs addtionally the 190 doesnt have the sun roof and messed up rear views like the 170
  4. The e170s in Australia have them with LEDs, so im only going of what i have seen in RL
  5. Merry Xmas Guys, I downloaded the 170/190 model thursday and have noticed a few things in the VC There is a gap in the modeling mesh for the VC exposing the sky addtionly the activation LEDs for the switches on the AP system do not light up when activated, the led is textured however no indication when the switch is toggled the aft cabin vew is a little off,
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