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  1. Your contribution to the sim community continues to be enormous, happy to help where possible.
  2. Apologies for the delay in responding. I've checked various backup files and the Bodnar board (DC6ADB60-...) was assigned as joystick 4 in 2015 so I don't think that there is any issue with assignments being moved. version e (test) does enumerate the devices in a different order to version c (test) which now matches the joystick assignments version e 125 #### Initialising Dlrectinput Axis Scanning ... 125 EnumDevices: 1.GUID={7290ABA0-80F7-11E6-8003-444553540000} 125 EnumDevices: 2.GUID={E3AFCAF0-288F-11E3-8008-444553540000} 125 EnumDevices: 3.GUID={E3AFCAF0-288F-11E3-8006-444553540000} 125 EnumDevices: 4.GUID={DC6ADB60-5F5B-11E3-8001-444553540000} version c 125 #### Initialising Dlrectinput Axis Scanning ... 125 EnumDevices: 0.GUID={DC6ADB60-5F5B-11E3-8001-444553540000} 125 EnumDevices: 1.GUID={7290ABA0-80F7-11E6-8003-444553540000} 125 EnumDevices: 2.GUID={E3AFCAF0-288F-11E3-8008-444553540000} 125 EnumDevices: 3.GUID={E3AFCAF0-288F-11E3-8006-444553540000} Paul
  3. I replace a yoke recently but though that I had removed all the old assigments No, only one yoke connected. There should also not be a throttle assignment for this yoke, I now have a separate throttle connected to Prosim using Pololu cards
  4. This a "work in progress" sim PC and the button assignments are managed in Prosim, I also moved some of the devices to a 2nd PC recently which may have confused things. Sorry, I'm not helping much.
  5. Hello Pete, Here are the test files from a Windows 10 PC, I hope they're of use? Paul FSUIPC4.log FSUIPC4.ini
  6. Excellent news! Happy to help Paul
  7. thanks Pete, These are pre-SDK, found by logging and trial and error by the Linda team. Now that the SDK is available I'm sure quite a lot of tidying up can be done. I agree, hex values are much better. Paul
  8. I've created a macro file (.mcro) with the following contents [macros] 1=NGX_GEAR_up 1.1=C70087, -2147483648 2=NGX_GEAR_off 2.1=C74184, 536870912 2.2=C74184, 131072 3=NGX_GEAR_down 3.1=C70087, 536870912 [/CODE] You can then assign an axis range to each of these in FSUIPC I copied the values from the Linda lua files which has been an excellent resource. regards Paul
  9. Hello, Apologies for asking a really basic question but unfortunately it's a hazard of teaching oneself... I'm writing the contents of some L:Vars to the free FSUIPC offsets so that they can be displayed by an Opencockpits LCD card which is working well. My question is how do I know whether to write the contents as a byte, word or dword etc? At the moment it's by trial and error by logging the offset and checking that the value is correct, although this works it's a bit time consuming and I would like to increase my knowledge. I've read the pinned post about numbers, bits etc but haven't yet been able to link (in my mind!) this to using the appropriate type. Any assistance will be gratefully received. regards Paul
  10. Dario, Unfortunately building a dll is beyond my current capabilities but it's something that I would like to learn. In the meantime I'm willing to assist where I can particularly with testing etc. regards Paul
  11. Thanks for your help Pete, I don't have the SDK with me but I think they're both numbered and named I'll have a look at the advanced manual when I get home tonight, learning C or C++ is a bit daunting! regards Paul
  12. Hello Pete, I don't know whether you have the PMDG NGX and if so had a chance to look at the SDK that was released over the weekend? The SDK includes a header file with custom event variables to be accessed by C/C++ software through simconnect-assuming I've understood this correctly! As I've a limited understanding of LUA and absolutely no knowledge of C/C++, I was wondering if these simconnect events can be accessed by LUA and FSUIPC or will I need to learn C or C++? regards Paul
  13. Thank you Pete, the logic certainly makes sense. I hadn't thought of using ipc.testbutton which does make it simpler. Have a good weekend, Paul
  14. I'll be pressing 3 buttons together, NGX_SHIFT is a toggle switch and NGX_NAV_SEL is a pushbutton on a rotary encoder. Shift 'off' and rotary encoder rotated will either increase or decrease whole on nav1 Shift 'off' and rotary encoder pressed in and rotated will increase or decrease fract on nav1 Shift 'on' + the above will do the same for nav2 I have a 2nd rotary encoder that will be used in a similar way for comm radios. Hope this makes sense? Enjoy your dinner and TV, I'm about to do the same! regards Paul
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