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  1. thanks! i get that fsuipc doesnt send data. i tried the codes and nothing i use is sending the pmdg ND track data, i always get the native fax heading data.....ill continue my hunt for knowledge. haha steve avery
  2. 0580?, i didnt see that in the pmdg list, its in the fsuipc offset status?, so is there a way to send the pmdg track data instead of the fsx heading data? or maybe i am crazy 🙂
  3. ok thanks, the offset of 622c came from gert, the developer of fsxpand. ill try the 652C and see and advise him aswell that offsets are never changed. does this supply the ND display heading track or the user selected heading from the mcp? yes, enable broadcast is set to 1
  4. Hello Pete, i am using FSUIPC with FSXpand and its sending the FS heading to the ND external display, FSXpand has the ability to add the heading offset which used to be 622C, would you happen to know the new one and whether this would need to go into FSUIPC aswell as the FSxpand offset configuration. I am using FSX steam with PMDG and the registered version of FSUIPC Quite simply (i thikl 🙂 ),l I am trying to get the external display to read the PMDG heading and not the one sent from the FS (OFFSET 07CC)...if this is possible. I am new to the world of offsets! Thanks, Stephen Avery
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