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  1. anniesboy68

    Run time error 5

    I think I have found the answer..... I had an add on aircraft [shorts 360] that FSC was planning a flight for...appears FSC didn't like it. All Ok with standard aircraft. Cheers AB68
  2. anniesboy68

    Run time error 5

    I am suddenly when composing a flight plan now getting the error...".RunTime Error 5...Invalid proceedure call or argument." In addition I cannot open existing flt plans. FSC8.6 FSX SP2 Win7 64bit FSUIPC 4.6a any ideas what is up, please?
  3. anniesboy68

    Text [font] somewhat corrupt in FSC

    Has anyone else noticed this peculiarity? It shows up to a degree in Windows\Options\Display when running FSC in 64bit mode.
  4. anniesboy68

    Text [font] somewhat corrupt in FSC

    Ok, thanks. Have had a look at it is showing at 96 pixels per inch, the font being 9 point Segoe. I'm rather reluctant to mess about with the font system, so will leave well alone, unless of course, you can advise. Can I send you the screen shot I took showing the problem, via e mail?................anniesboy68
  5. FSX [10] FSUIPC 4.6 FSC 8.6 O/S Win 7 64bit The text in various menus in my FSC is somewhat corrupt [garbled]. Is this a result of using the 64bit verion, as all was ok using 32bit?. Can I change the font, perhaps?
  6. Following a few prompts by e mail connection established. Thanks again, Volker
  7. Thank you. Have done that, installed as administrator, but to no avail. Still will not connect!
  8. 4.57......Sorry to be such a pain. Incidently, I"m anniesboy68, not Anonymus....does that not show up somewhere????
  9. PS........Database manager 8.5 also
  10. Thank you. Have re installed both FSUIPC and FSC as administrator but to no avail. Using...... FSX [10] FSUIPC 4 [the version in use when the failure occured] FSC 8.5 [Was using the update when failure occured, and am trying to get the 8.5 going before I Update again] Was downloaded O/S Win 7 64bit
  11. After updating some drivers FSC will not connect with FSX. I have re installed twice as per instructions not using C\ programfiles re win 7,i.e Drive D\FSC, re installed FSUIPC etc etc. I get the program display, but the aircraft icon remains on the screen, I assume at the centre of the earth. It will not just connect. Very frustrating, to say the least! Can anyone advise on this please. Drivers updated were....Intel Chipset Device software [17 drivers] Marvel61xx Raid Controller Drivers, Creative SounBlaster Audigy, Realtek Ethernet Controller drivers NVIDEA Display drivers, Realtek High definition Audio drivers. I am using Windows 7 64bit.
  12. anniesboy68

    Radar Contact

    I use FSX and what I do is create a flight plan in FSC, save it, open up flight planner in FS9 and copy and paste the plan into the flight planner [FS9]. Hope this works....
  13. anniesboy68

    FS commander and Air Haulage

    Hi Volker. All sorted, my error. There is an option in the options menu in Air Hauler to tick wide client. Sorry for trouble. AB68

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