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  1. I agree about the performance, but I have a decent machine and I don't think that was the issue. In my opinion It's to do with the way the autopilot has been programmed - It's just too slow to react and If It can't cope with real-world procedures, then unfortunately It's of limited use to me and not what I paid for. I also highlighted some issues on another post and provided video evidence but as no solution or real interest was forthcoming from the developers on this support forum, I asked my vendor for a refund. I hope the issues can be rectified, there are some great things about
  2. Mine does it too. The profile and speeds are in accordance with real life low drag approach SOPs, as such I would expect this simulation to be able to cope. The autopilot just seems generally slow to react - It struggles to capture the LOC on a 30deg intercept well, and then can't conform to the glideslope in the latter stage of the approach - very basic stuff, what is going on? Additionally you'll notice the AT lets the speed get a bit close to the yellow band which adds to the instability. No wind/weather, 40t landing weight..
  3. Any comments would be appreciated on these issues
  4. Hi, As demonstrated in the attached video, at flap 2 at 180kts on the glide, the speed will increase unrealistically (in my experience). Would you consider changing the drag characteristics of flap 1 and 2 to bring it in line with actual aircraft behavior? Also do you have any comment regarding LNAV tracks not being followed accurately? At the time of purchase the addon was fairly expensive and I would hope these issues are resolved. https://youtu.be/L0ZBjlsoXvY
  5. Thanks but the aircraft shouldn't/doesn't require use of the speedbrake on the ILS to maintain speed. Any comment from the devs on these issues? The product isn't cheap and I had my reservations about purchasing to begin with.
  6. Hi Matt, Yes it’s SP2. Aircraft is too slippery to operate to my company’s SOPs as is. cheers
  7. Hi there, I fly the e-jet for a living and have recently purchased the addon for P3D v5. One issue I've noticed with the 190 is that early on the ILS at heavy and light weights, I can't keep the speed from increasing unless I drop the gear. For instance at 180kts, flap 2 on the glide, the speed will continue to increase which is unrealistic. During the whole ILS I don't have the thrust up more than 40%. Also I find the LNAV is sloppy and the aircraft shoots past the magenta line and recaptures after re-establishing on an intercept from the other side. FLCH mode is also sl
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