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  1. Just call it an Easter Egg and move on.
  2. I don't know how this forum works as I'm fairly new but on other game forums I've been on, most members would never allow facts to interfere with speculation. 😀
  3. Thanks guys. KBOS and KLAS were both high on the list for consideration already so I definitely appreciate your input. I'll have to check out Copenhagen too. That would expose me to some airlines I'm not familiar with, which would be entertaining as well. I do kind of like the "old school" layout of Boston where everything seemingly crosses everything else as opposed to the more modern multiple parallel runway approach. I have had fun with KPHL trying to work out the most efficient way to handle things under different wind conditions. A lot of trial and error but that's how you learn. I'm gratified (and a bit surprised) that the approaches I came up with pretty much mirror the official SOP (https://nyartcc.org/znywiki/index.php/PHL_SOP).
  4. Hi all, I have been lurking here for a few months trying to pick up some tips but I figured it was time to say hello and come out of the shadows. I ran into the game during quarantine 1.0 while searching for how airport ground operations are conducted. It's always been a bit of a mystery to me how that all works and I was bored so I started googling. Found some YouTube videos on game play and was intrigued so I got the game. I've always liked simulation games and I'm somewhat of an aviation fan so it spoke to me. So far the only DLC I've bought is KSAN but I do plan to buy more little by little. I realize there's another version coming out in the future so I'm not going to go crazy on the DLC and buy every airport out there but I'll definitely get a few. I've had the most fun at KPHL so far. It's big enough to be interesting but doesn't overwhelm me (most of the time). KLAX is beyond me right now but I do try it from time to time. I'm not on the level of some of the pros around here but do enjoy a challenge. If anybody has any recs for airports that are comparable to Philly, please feel free to pass them along. Meanwhile, I'm looking forward to getting to know some of you very knowledgeable people.
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