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  1. KSFO Pushback not working

    Here's a copy of my desktop. There is no t3d.bat file on it. Did I not do it right?
  2. KSFO Pushback not working

    Here is a new picture of the United 787 for KIAD. No success in running this plane either.
  3. KSFO Pushback not working

    Here is a new photo of the Delta 767 for KJFK. It has the flight plane & number listed in the departures log in the lower right.
  4. KSFO Pushback not working

    Sorry guys. I cannot find the file "game.log" anywhere. As far as the "t3d.bat" file, I've tried executing it numerous times, but nothing shows up on my desktop. I'm sorry to frustrate you guys. I know I'm frustrated, because I know you guys know what you're talking about. It seems like my pc is stupid.
  5. KSFO Pushback not working

    Here is the United 787. When I push "pushback" it does not zoom in on the plane. The jetway doesn't move. Like the Delta plane it does nothing. It just sits there.
  6. KSFO Pushback not working

    Here is the Delta 767 for KJFK. I push "pushback" and it does nothing. The camera does not enlarge it or anything. It just sits there.
  7. KSFO Pushback not working

    Tower 3d! Pro, not Tower 2011. I only mention KIAD because it's the destination of the United 787 flight. I, of course, don't have KIAD in Tower 3D Pro since it hasn't been made yet. I know how to send a screenshot of my c drive and the file where Tower 3D is. However, I don't know how to send a screenshot of the airport itself. Do I snip it somehow?
  8. KSFO Pushback not working

    I tried running the sim again after I changed the security to read all and checked "allow" to everything. Now the United 787 for KIAD is not pushing out again like it wou,ldn't when I originally tried it. My idea as to what the problem is is that something is wrong with the gate assignments. The Delta 767 for KJFK has always been parked at the same gate. The United has parked at two different gates. I believe one of the gates will push it back while the other one won't. That's my observation. Anyone having the same problem? Mine occurs at 0900 in the morning.
  9. KSFO Pushback not working

    I believe I found it and changed the security settings to access everything. I unchecked where it says "read only".
  10. KSFO Pushback not working

    That sounds like the same one where the Delta flight is that I have that won't do pushback.
  11. KSFO Pushback not working

    I tried running the .bat file. The game starts fine, but there is no game.log file in the main Tower3D directory. Maybe I'll just have to delete the plane when it shows up in the game.
  12. KSFO Pushback not working

    I've tried multiple times. It scrools in alphabetic order. It's not there.
  13. international airport

    CYYZ would be great. It's my hometown airport. It was also made for Tower 2011. If they do it will the liveries be the new ones that Air Canada is using now or the old ones? I personally like the old ones better. Just my opinion.
  14. KSFO Pushback not working

    Sorry but I can't find it. I am going to include a picture of the "tower3d_Data" folder in this post.