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  1. I believe it could be Beijing as well. But we'll see. We won't know 100% until it shows up.
  2. I don't know if this has been brought up before, so I'll bring it up here. Are there any liveries out there for Fedex, UPS, and other cargo planes that don't have windows. Or are we going to have to wait till the next version comes that won't have them?
  3. Is the ERJ-190 the only plane that has this paint scheme? When I used Copenhagen last night, I had a LOT plane and I believe it was a ERJ-190. Has anyone else seen the official paint scheme on any other planes at various airports? If so, which ones?
  4. Hopefully that won't be too far off. I'd rather see the original LOT livery then the yellow one. Do they have any other planes besides the E90 that would need to be changed in Tower 3D?
  5. Has anyone noticed that LOT has the wrong livery? The one I get is a mustard color with blue trim. The real one is white with blue trim with the word "LOT" at the front of the plane and logo on the tail. Maybe this has been brought up before and I've been out of the loop. Any comments would be appreciated. This has happened to me at Copenhagen and another European airport that flies LOT.
  6. Eastern called the L-1011s Whisperliners.
  7. Sorry to annoy you, but to the best of my knowledge FAOR was not from Feelthere. I will try to be more patient and not ask this again.
  8. Any word on when a new airport may be coming out? It's been 3 months since Seattle came out. Looking forward to whatever feel there releases.
  9. If you do CYYZ in this version or the next one make sure you put the skyline in of downtown Toronto (especially including the CN Tower). When you're there waiting on your next flight, you can see them from your gate, provided you're looking south southeast.
  10. Are we any closer for an announcement on when a new airport is coming out?
  11. I'm not wondering about when it might come out but if it might be in this version.
  12. CYYZ came out for tower 2011. Is there a possibility that we will see it before they come up with the next version? I hope so. It's my favorite airport.
  13. Anybody heard any word on when and what the next airport will be?
  14. You should know that they are not going to tell us yet. But I would imagine it will be one of the airports we had in Tower 2011 (hopefully CYYZ).
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