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  1. Any idea when the update for Stuttgart will be coming out?
  2. nrholland

    EDDS is released

    Thanks Vic.
  3. nrholland

    EDDS is released

    If it's true that there are no jetways at Stuttgart, does one of the developers plan on making an update so that jetways are added?
  4. nrholland

    RC Bundle - Why No Update Yet?

    I downloaded and installed the 3 pack RC and installed it. The only thing I didn't see on it was the update for the new liveries for Air Canada. Did they not include those in there with the update? The one I saw that remained the same was the A320. I wonder if I did something wrong. Please let me know. Thanks.
  5. Gotcha. Thanks for the quick reply. I appreciate your help.
  6. I tried RC last night for KLAX, KPHL, and St. Thomas (all three RCs combined.) The version that's the one I found was version 4.2, the same one as I used before. Am I doing something wrong or am I looking in the wrong place for the update?
  7. I am new to this custom schedule stuff. I have never done it before. Where do I get the custom schedules for KLAX from? And you might as well tell me where to get the new RC for KLAX too.
  8. Is the custom schedule and the new RC available yet? If so, how do I go about getting them?
  9. The latest RT schedule I have is 6.9. Is that the latest one or do they have a new one that corresponds with the new update? How about RC for KLAX? How do we get that beings that it was in the original Tower 3D?
  10. nrholland

    Plane Close Ups at Memphis

    I tried San Diego for 1 1/2 hours today. You are right. It zooms in on the pushbacks and some arrivals (not all) for about the first twenty minutes, then it doesn't zoom in anymore. The only zoom ins from that point on is when they are taking off when the plane is at the end of the runway. It would be nice if they'd fix that problem, but I doubt they will. We'll just have to live with it as we probably will have to live with it for Memphis. Let's hope future airports don't have the same problem.
  11. nrholland

    Plane Close Ups at Memphis

    Interesting. Maybe I haven't ran San Diego long enough. I'll try it tomorrow at work.
  12. nrholland

    Plane Close Ups at Memphis

    I just did Memphis for 1 1/2 hours. The close ups were for the planes when they were at the end of the runaway (overhead view). It would zoom in on them as they were taking off. However, the closeups when they were first selected on pushback (like the ones I showed for San Diego) don't do anything in Memphis. That's what I'm referring to. Otherwise, it works almost like any other airport that's now available.
  13. nrholland

    Plane Close Ups at Memphis

    Now here's the ones from San Diego. The departures zoomed in when I chose them. The arrival photo didn't zoom in because the runway is very close to the tower.
  14. nrholland

    Plane Close Ups at Memphis

    Here's a couple of pictures I took when using KMEM during the day. When I chose the plane for departure it did not do a closeup like the ones I showed from KSFO. That's as close as they got.

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