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  1. nrholland

    Updates from Tower3D! Pro

    Same here. Can't wait for the new Germany airport as well as Austrailia and Vancouver. Being a Canadian I was thrilled when CYYZ came out for Tower 2011. Even though we are not getting CYYZ, CYVR is good enough. A lot of Air Canada and WestJet flights.
  2. nrholland

    KLAS issues (after update)

  3. nrholland

    KLAS issues (after update)

  4. nrholland

    KLAS issues (after update)

    I have been using the default real traffic each time it is updated.
  5. nrholland

    KLAS issues (after update)

    Is this what you are looking for? game.log
  6. nrholland

    KLAS issues (after update)

    It's been so long since I posted a log file. Could you tell me how to do it?
  7. nrholland

    KLAS issues (after update)

    I also want to add that no flights arrive into Terminal E no matter what airline it is (I waited for British Airways till their scheduled arrival of 1441. I waited until 1450 and no BA flight came in. Departures out of Terminal E is a different story. All the airlines that use that terminal depart with no problem. It's the arrivals where the problem exists. Once last thing. Just wanted to let you know that I am running the planes at 100%.
  8. nrholland

    KLAS issues (after update)

    Yes. I have SP3 and I installed it. Maybe it is the fact that I am running at 50%.
  9. nrholland

    KLAS issues (after update)

    My observations are this for Terminal E: I have no planes that arrival and go to Terminal E. British Airways is at that Terminal about half the time (I run the airport at 50%) And that's according to the schedules when it should be there. I have had no JetBlue flights come in or out of Terminal E. Has anybody else seen these kind of observations or is it just exclusively me?
  10. nrholland

    New Airports For Tower 3D Pro

    It's been almost two 1/2 months since KMCO came out. Any idea when a new airport is coming out? Maybe, perhaps, before the end of July?
  11. nrholland

    Canadian Airport

    Sounds to me it'll be Vancouver. That's okay. Like Toronto there will be a quite of number of Air Canada and WestJet flights going in and coming out, plus a number of overseas airlines from the orient and Europe.
  12. nrholland

    Canadian Airport

    I know. I can't wait!. I was so surprised when they did CYYZ for Tower 2011. CYYZ is a great airport!
  13. nrholland

    Canadian Airport

    I guess I didn't notice the post about new airports. Well, that makes my day. I look forward to an Austrailian airport in addition to a Canadian airport, especially if it's CYYZ.
  14. nrholland

    Canadian Airport

    I heard a while back in some of the posts that a Canadian airport was in the future plans along with European and Austrailian airports. Is Canada still in the plans sometime in the near future? I don't care which airport it is, as long as there is one from Canada (preferably CYYZ).
  15. Sorry about that. I'll make sure I don't ever do that again.

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