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  1. nrholland

    So what's next?

    I thought I heard that Tokyo Narita might be in the plans.
  2. I noticed that the liveries for Air Canada at CYVR are using the new paint scheme and a bunch still use the old paint scheme. WestJet has a new paint scheme on their planes. But it's not in the liveries for CYVR. I surprised at that. I know it takes considerable time for a new paint scheme to be put on every plane an airline has. But this is a much smaller operation. I don't know why they didn't use the new paint scheme on all the planes for both airlines. Do you think they plan to do an update in the future? Let me know. It'd be nice.
  3. nrholland


    Have they updated Real Traffic?
  4. nrholland

    KTPA & KMCO Coming Into Gatwick

    I was reading something today on Wikipedia and it gave me the impression that British Airways is using the south terminal along with Virgin Atlantic. EasyJet is now using the North terminal. Does anybody have an up-to-date list of who is using what terminals? I would appreciate it. Maybe I'm totally misinformed about this.
  5. nrholland

    KTPA & KMCO Coming Into Gatwick

    THANK YOU!!! That will be so helpful! I really appreciate it!
  6. nrholland

    KTPA & KMCO Coming Into Gatwick

    I went almost a whole hour form 0900 and didn't see any BAW activity. Then I started to get some departures. Finally I got two arrivals of 777s from MCO and JFK. I have BAW listed at the following gates: SWS, PE, N4E, N4W, N5N, N6SP. Could someone tell me where these are located? I'm also getting aircraft sitting at non gate positions. Is that normal at Gatwick? Thanks for all your help. I know some of you may be tired of me by now. But I really appreciate your help in this.
  7. nrholland

    KTPA & KMCO Coming Into Gatwick

    Sounds like some good suggestions to me. When I get home from work tonight I will try seeing if they work.
  8. nrholland

    KTPA & KMCO Coming Into Gatwick

    The schedule from ATC Control Joe.
  9. nrholland

    KTPA & KMCO Coming Into Gatwick

    Okay. I installed the custom schedule in. I also put BAW in SWS & North. Now I'm running a 0900 block. Now my new problem is that I'm getting white planes with no liveries on them. I think one of the other people had the same problem. Should I go back to the default schedule but leave the terminal's that I am using now, SWS & North. Should I add PE and SE and have BAW going out of all of them? Finally I am starting to get BAW arrivals. And I see several big planes (probably 777s. I don't think BAW flies 747s and A380s out of EGKK). I'd appreciate anyone's opinion.
  10. nrholland

    KTPA & KMCO Coming Into Gatwick

    Now here is my next question. I download a custom schedule for EGKK. It has BA using SE & PE for all it's BAW flights. However, one of the earlier posts here recommended using SWS & North. Should I put BAW in all of them or which ones do you recommed that I use for BAW so that I get arrivals and departures for all sizes of BAW planes? Let me know. Thank you.
  11. nrholland

    KTPA & KMCO Coming Into Gatwick

    I've never installed a custom schedule. How do I do it?
  12. nrholland

    KTPA & KMCO Coming Into Gatwick

    So are you saying that if I use the EGKK custom schedule and add BAW to SWS & North that the big 777s from TPA & MCO will come in?
  13. nrholland

    KTPA & KMCO Coming Into Gatwick

    I ran a 0900 block for one hour. 85% of the landings and takeoffs were EasyJet. I had 4 departures for British Airways, no landings. I had about three other airlines do a couple of landings/departures. That was the just of my traffic. No BA flight came in from Orlando, even though a 777 is supposed to land at 0925.
  14. nrholland

    KTPA & KMCO Coming Into Gatwick

    I deleted the game and reinstalled it. I then set the administrator to give me all security options open. I check marked everything. Then I ran the .bat file to start the game. When I ended it I had a game log on my desktop. I'm going to post it here. game.log
  15. nrholland

    KTPA & KMCO Coming Into Gatwick

    I'm going to try the permissions first. If that doesn't work, I'm going to start from scratch.

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