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  1. That still means I can send it as a custom control for FSUIPC? Thanks Pete. I appreciate the help. I had always used macros back in the 2D cockpit days. Looking forward to doing it right this time
  2. After some spending some time researching/ learning after the help John and Pete gave me in my other thread here earlier in the week, I think I’m about ready to try and ditch the mouse macros to button controls that I was using as a solution to bind my autopilot controls to my honeycomb yoke switches. My question/issue in this is that with the A3XX series (or any Airbus) the autopilot controls are a momentary push/pull type of switch to select the desired mode. I am using the 4 rocker “switches” on the honeycomb yoke (and I intend on using the same type when my honeycomb bravo throttle arrives in the fall. See pics for what I mean Now instead of being actual switches they’re actually buttons which remain depressed/active so long as the position is up or down. For example if the switch is up, button 23 is continually “pressed” and if the switch is down, button 22 is continually pressed. With my current mouse macros, in one airbus (Aerosoft) it shows the animation of the autopilot/FCU switch shows permanently pushed or pulled in even though the autopilot mode activates as desired. Bearing that in mind, I found these parameters (offsets? Lvars? Both?) on the FSLabs Forums to send thru FSUIPC to my switches. The italicized text is copied from a thread over there All of these are as above (rotor_brake) commands: Alt(itude) Push (left-click): 71249 (mouse click), 71252 (mouse release) Alt Pull (rt-click) : 71250 (mouse click), 71253 (mouse release) Alt(itude)increase: 71261 Alt decrease: 71262 I can send the increase/decrease commands to my CH throttle switches (3 way switches-up/off/down no problem. What I’d really like to do and need guidance on is how to send Alt Pull/Push AND Mouse release while the switch remains depressed. So for instance when I select my switch up (thereby depressing button 23) I’d like to send the commands: Alt(itude) Push (left-click): 71249 (mouse click), 71252 (mouse release) In the same push as it were even though button 23 remains “on” I realize that I can’t send 71252 (mouse release) as a “control to send when button released” because “button 23” never becomes released so long as it’s in the up position. Any guidance would certainly be appreciated!
  3. Ok John, I’ll hold off on the log. In the meantime, I’ll ask about control sets over in the forums. The head developer replied to my GPU hang issue so I’ve got some updating to do thanks so much for all your help!
  4. Will do. With the great advice you’ve given I’m going to remove the 3 way switches and try to find out a way to turn the switch off and on. I can’t thank you enough for your patience with me. I recall Pete doing the same with a friend of mine when we first discovered FSUIPC way back when and my friend telling me how great it was and he put up a YT video which I came back to to make macros all these years later. My plan is going to be to clear out all the macros and try to get the LVARs setup. I found a list of LVAR and rotorbrake codes on the FSL forums but I didn’t see many of the specific controls I’m looking to program (mainly for the FCU/Autopilot) so I’m not sure if FSL uses an FS command or not.
  5. I did indeed find and remove that. So the landing light (and taxi, strobe lights) is a 3 way switch on the A320. The landing light is retract/extend/on while the taxi light is Off/Taxi/Takeoff and the strobe is Off/Auto/On. Obviously the honeycomb alpha doesn’t have a 3 way switch. I was meant to setup button 21 for “down” and 22 for “up” but put the repeat on there so it would cycle thru both settings because on the honeycomb when the switch is up, the button remains pressed. How does one unassign a macro after it’s been made and how would I get you the log file?
  6. Thanks John, I’ll give it a whirl. Of all things after my reinstall and deletion of the macros, I got a GPU hang climbing out of FlyTampa KBOS. I shut the computer down in disgust, then got mad at it, turned it back on, went to (of all places) FlyTampa Las Vegas (with pretty much everything turned up to 100%) and did a SID/STAR/visual flying around at night with no problems but some reduced frame rates. So I take it once I list the LVAR’s I should be able to see what controls are what inside FSUIPC and go on from there? I’ve now got the manuals in my phone (well most of them) so I’ll be going thru those today while I’m at work. I have all afternoon today to hopefully sort issues and then I’m really hoping to fly all day tomorrow.
  7. John, attached are all the Macros I can see Please let me know if you need more. I would probably delete and restart the macro making particularly since I have to completely reinstall the FSLabs A320. Just want to get a fresh start on this. I've been waiting 11 years to fly this bird and finally have a system capable enough to do it, but it seems not without some headaches and heartaches first. A320 Test.MCRO.bakA320 Test.MCROTFDI 717.MCRO.bakTFDI 717.MCRODefault Test.MCRO
  8. Adrem, thank you so much for the comforting words!!
  9. Thanks John, I’ve definitely taken a look at that recently. I just feel like the mouse macro/button pressing is an easier way for me to program and get in the air while still having my controls working the way I want them to. I used to use macros for FS9/X as well because back then (and now!) the LUA and LINDA stuff just seemed way over my head and too advanced for what could be done with some mouse clicking. I’m also wondering why the macros should be a last resort? I don’t believe many of the addons have controls to send for specific button pushes in the flight deck unless I’m missing them-and if there are I’d love to get a list of said controls for the FSlabs and TFDI aircraft (for now) second edit: I’ve found something called rotor brake which I have no clue what it means or really how to work it but I think this may be what you’re trying to get at? https://forums.flightsimlabs.com/index.php?/topic/22402-v440-update-in-depth-tutorial-to-bind-switches-and-push-buttons-to-keyboard-or-hardware-for-the-a3xx/&do=findComment&comment=168581
  10. No, your ini contains the assignments to the macro file. The macro file itself is the name you gave It - it's in your installation folder, called A320 Test.MCRO. Thanks so much John. I will post this up tonight for you. I also greatly appreciate your patience with me as I’m trying to get my feet back under me after a long time away from FS and Windows PC’s. I’m trying to find an FSUIPC6 user guide to read on my phone while I’m at work. At the moment as I mentioned, I had to uninstall the FSLabs A320. I’d really like to start fresh when I put the aircraft back in. I’ve spent a lot of time trying to configure everything and not very much time flying. The biggest thing I wanted to do with this new PC/sim setup was fly the FSLabs and of course it’s being a giant headache for me between the GPU hangs at night and then the macro sticking on the other hand I’m ready to rip my hair out lol
  11. I use mouse macros for push/pull on the autopilot, landing lights, autopilot engage/disengage when the P3D command is different for an add-on etc. It seems easier to do the macro (I used macros in FS9/FSX with much success) and configure my controllers for each add-on aircraft. I also have no idea what an lvar is.
  12. Where do I find the macro file? I thought that was in the .ini ??
  13. Thanks John, I actually had to uninstall the FSL A320 for now. I will report back when I reinstall tonight. It was causing DXGI errors. My other addons did work as advertised but the FSL causes problems so uninstalling that and I’m going to attempt to reinstall afterward. Is it possible to reset all my macros and begin again?
  14. Good morning John, I’ll do this here in a little bit. Yes indeed I’m using my profile specific name. I will try a different one and report back when I post the .ini and log files How can I temporarily rename the file?
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