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  1. Dear Pete, thank you so much for all your observations, remarks and recommendations and instructions. Just to clarify. Ihave installed: 1. Rudder Pedals from Thrustmaster, plug and play, called T Rudder. There are two functions used: Rudder and Brakes 2. I have 8 Arcazes installed from Simple Solutions. I am controlling app. 150 - 200 buttons and switches with them. And a number of LED outputs I am also controlling 4 analog devices - 2 throttle levers, spoilers and flaps. 3 with glare 1, 1 with glare2 3. I have 5 Arduino MEGA installed. With them I am controlling app. 50 buttons and switches, some LED outputs and all of my 7 segment displays. 4. I have installed the new T.a320 sidestick from thrustmaster that creates the problem. I can see all buttons reacting in the windoes controller, but not in the fsuipc controller. It is the same situation when I switch on or off the controller in FSX / option / controllers So everything is working well except this new side stick. With that in mind I was wondering ... "never change a running system ..." But if you think that this file desparately needs a clean up, I could go through the exercise. I guess the file was messed up so much, because recently, I had a Windows 10 crash and had to rebuild everything base od the back ups that I had. Would another option be to delete the modules folder and let it get created by a new fsuipc download? Again, thank you very much for your time to help me. Attached is a little picture of my cockpit. Best Regads Fritz Lambinet
  2. Puuh, that sounds complicated and like a lot of work. I guess I have to reassign all my buttons and switches after that exercise?? Fritz
  3. Dear Pete, thank you for looking. Physically, I have installed 8 Arcazes (simple solution OVH11) and 5 Arduino Mega. In addition, I have 1 set of rudder pedals T-Rudder and the T.a320 Pilot (side stick) The last one is the one that is concerned and where I have problems to use FSUIPC to assign functions to buttons and switches. I can see your point about the different physically available devices and their number listed in the log file. I would be happy to receive some instructions how to clean up the log file. Thanks a lot for your help Fritz Lambinet FSUIPC4 flambinet.zip
  4. Sorry Pete, I am blocked. I can not upload fsuipcjoyscan.csv. The syste does not allow me any further uploads. Maybe you can find something already with the first two files. Thanks a lot in advance. Fritz Lambinet
  5. I can not upload fsuipc.ini and fsuipcjoyscan.csv. My upload limit is 20,54 KB I will og out and try again
  6. Dear Pete, I have a similar problem as stoelwinder. I purchased the new A320 sidestick and installed it as per instruction. I found out that the windows game controller is working well. I can see the buttons, switches and the "hat" moving. I could also make functions work using my Arcaze offsets and the Arcaze controller. For example, I could switch off the Auto pilot with the related switch at the side stick. I wanted to make functions work using your fsuipc offsets. For example view to the left, ricght and center, using the "hat". This did not work. As a matter of fact, none of the buttons and switches worked when I wanted to activate them throgh the fsuipc control window "buttons and switches". You need to know that in FSX, I switched off the controller, because I am using jeehell to simulate the A320. Previously, I used the thrust master side stick and all of the buttons and switches were active and could be used. Thrust master tells me that as soon as their side stick is recognized in the windows controller, their job is done. Everything else I should discuss with the supplier of the game. So here I am and start the next conversation to find out what I have to do make this side stick as functional as the old one. Thanks a lot fo your help Fritz Lambinet
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