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  1. Thank you sir! I had considered an MS specific control-annoying, but it is what it is. Much appreciate your efforts. George
  2. Hi, I am trying to allocate a switch/PB in FSUIPC4 to bring up and reset the Flight map in FSX. I can find the Flight Map control (66432) and activate it OK. But I cannot get it to return to cockpit panel view. (I am currently using the DC3 default A/C.) I have tried all the view reset/snap to panels etc, to no avail, and the mouse macro seems not to be available? Not a serious issue for me, but one I would like do as a PB feature. All other controls via FSUIPC4 work fine - great product. I am currently using BODNAR control cards. Many thanks, and keep up the excellent work.
  3. Hi, I noticed in my .ini file (see example text) a division number e.g., 16 or 24 after the entry for Prop pitch and Throttle settings. Not sure what they are, as the props/throttles appear to work OK. Also not sure why the number 512 appears twice? I think I calibrated correctly, but maybe missed something. (Getting older by the minute!) Thanks for your help in understanding this. KInd regards, George Ini file example.txt
  4. Thank you again Pete and Thomas. The penny has dropped! I have been focused on switch contacts, not axis inputs. I now see the SET parameter is more axial with a potentiometer/encoder etc., and not buttons/keys/switches type of inputs. The excellence of this forum. Thank you to all who may have read and offered help. is much Your patience is much appreciated. George.
  5. Thanks guys for the info. Re Thomas' reply, where or how do we set those numbers - e.g., .ini file?
  6. Sorry, I forgot to clarify that I do not understand the SET condition - I have read the guides but cannot find a clear useage for the SET condition.
  7. Hi all, I have been trying to program the spoilers in FSUIPC4 on the default 737 (FSX). In the FSUIPC control sets in the dialogue box I see the following list of commands: 1: Spoilers Dec 2: Spoilers Inc 3: Spoilers Arm Off 4: Spoilers Arm ON 5: Spoilers Arm 'SET' - ?? 6: Spoilers ARM toggle 7: Spoilers OFF 8: Spoilers ON 9: Spoilers 'SET' - ?? 10: Spoilers Toggle Currently on the 737 (on ground) if I set to ARM the spoilers deploy fully. Does this only work if the aircraft is airborne? Anyway, I I can find out what SET means and how
  8. Thank again Pete, and yes, one gauge for the three tanks with a selector switch to show each. I will try out the event log and the L:Vars and other work arounds. If it becomes gauge specific (a microsoft special) I might consider substituting other gauges. Thanks for your helpful input. George
  9. Hi Pete, thank you for your quick response. Apologies for not making things clearer. It is the fuel contents gauge selector (Aux, Left Main, Right Main) I would like to control using a 3 pos. rotary switch. Currently, the selector gauge is only useable by mouse click which I do not like! If this is possible, it would be really nice to include in my sim build for the DC3. I already have the fuel tank selection controls in FSUIPC which is not an issue. Thank you again, George
  10. *** Moved from User Contributions sub-forum to main Support Forum *** Hi, I wonder if there is a control in FSUIPC4 to operate the fuel gauge selector switch in the FSX (default)DC3? I can find the tank selectors, but nothing for the gauge readout. The gauge and selector is situated on the far right of the DC3 cockpit 2D panel for the Aux, Left main and Right main readouts. I would appreciate any assistance you could offer. Thanks, George
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