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  1. Hi Pete I sent the file to your mail adress. I would only need a boolean added to the existing g5.csv data indicating whether there is a standart jetway defined, or not. Nothing more needed from my side. Thanks for your consideration. Greets, Benny
  2. Hi Pete, i am basically using the same information from a pdf file I found somewhere on the internet some time ago. It is also based on the works from Winfried Orthmann and might be the same file you are using. There, I also have information about the jetways subrecords, which is located in the file four records below the TAXIWAYPARKING you are referencing above: JETWAY offset length format description contents 0x00 2 WORD ID 0x003a 0x02 4 DWORD size : variable 0x06 2 WORD parking Number (refers to an existing parking) 0x08 4 WORD gate name 0x0a 4 DWORD unknown after this follows a normal scenery object record starting with an ID of 0x0b. This record refers to an appropriate scenery object like {BFCDF52B-9142-415C-8318-03C1B92CA9D9} Greets, Benny
  3. Hi Pete, I wanted to ask, if it would be possible to include information into g5.csv if a parking position has a physical jetway, or not. I know this can be read out of a bgl file as part of an airport subsection and as I am relying on g5.csv to generate my own data, it would come in handy if I could also retrieve this information out of that file. In order to not be messing with the established structure of g5.csv maybe this could go into a seperate file? Just a question, though and if this was too much of a difficulty, no need to mess with it. Thanks in advance and happy easter to you. Greets, Benny
  4. Cant read nearest icao in c#

    Thanks Paul for the quick reply. I knew I read something about this somewhere, but only looked through some of the original FSUIPC documents and couldn't find it at frist glance. Will try this immediately. Greets, Benny
  5. Cant read nearest icao in c#

    Hi Paul and Pete...long time no read. I hope you are both doing fine. I got a question because of a weird problem I am facing: I am creating multiple aircraft using the AICreateNonATCAircraft facility via SimConnect. The second parameter passed into this method is defined as "szTailNumber", so this is a unique string I am supplying which is supposed to be set for the tail number of all aircraft. I need this later while reading through a list of AIPlaneInfo objects to differentiate aircraft which are showing my string in the ATCIdentifier property, so I can find out which ones are my mine and which are not and deal with them appropriately. The odd thing is, though, that aircraft which have an "atc_airline" entry set in their aircraft.cfgs will show this instead of my unique string in the ATCIdentifier property while aircraft, that don't have this entry present, will show my string correctly. The TailNumber property is never filled for any of those objects. Can one of you maybe tell me if this supposed to be normal behaviour or if you see another way to find out which are my created aircraft from the AIPlaneInfo object? Greets, Benny EDIT: Although I don't understand the behaviour described above, I found out I can use the FSUIPC returned ID of the object, multiply it by -1 and check it against my stored value in the datatable, to find out if I created this object. So, at least at the moment this gives me the intended behaviour.
  6. Cant read nearest icao in c#

    Awesome Paul! Thanks for the quick change.
  7. Cant read nearest icao in c#

    Paul, from what I could see all those ID numbers seem to be negative. Hope that helps. All the best, Benny
  8. Cant read nearest icao in c#

    Hi Paul, a happy new year to you. I did some tests regarding online traffic at IVAO: as I expected, the 3 static lists for AI traffic are filled and information like position, altitude, speed, identifier and such are visible. Of course, there is no information on departure, destination or gates available. So, maybe you can work from there? Greets, Benny
  9. Cant read nearest icao in c#

    Ok, I will test this when I get back home to my system where I am also flying online. I don't know how you are checking if the user plane is at a certain parking spot, but I thought that if the online planes appear in the AI Table (which I think they do as they are only AI objects which were released from the simulator control and are controlled by e.g. the IVAO pilot client software) with just their coordinates you could possibly take those and perform the same check like you do with the user plane. If it works, might definately be a neat feature ;). Benny
  10. Cant read nearest icao in c#

    Hi Paul, so here comes a new question :) : I simply wasn't able to test this out yet, but wanted to ask you beforehand: The facility to check, if a parking spot is occupied by AI, does it also take online traffic into account? Please correct me if I am wrong, but I guess no, as you might be using the internal AI table to query for the relevant information like departure airport, arrival airport etc, which, of course, cannot be filled in for online traffic. But as the online traffic is normally injected as AI and thus should be generally visible, maybe you could check them the same way like you do with the player? I guess, you are doing a check with a rectangle there to determine if the player is at a specific gate or not... . Thanks in advance. Greets, Benny
  11. Cant read nearest icao in c#

    Very nice, Paul. Thank you very much...this seems to have fixed it. No position shift occured during my last testing. Greets, Benny
  12. Cant read nearest icao in c#

    Hi Paul, so far, everything is working quite well, but I noticed one weird thing: Upon calling FSUIPCConnection.AirportsDatabase.SetReferencePosition() in a timer I get some sort of spontaneous horizontal aircraft shifts within the simulator where the plane suddenly seems to be relocated some meters left or right. If I don't call it, the shifts disappear and the shorter the timer intervall, the more shifts do occur. They also occur in slew mode. This is in P3Dv3. I am supposed to call this before every call to FSUIPCConnection.AirportsDatabase.Airports.InRangeOfNauticalMiles(), right? Maybe you got an idea what might be causing this as I don't know what SetReferencePosition() does in the background :-). Greets, Benny
  13. Cant read nearest icao in c#

    Hi Paul, I noticed one thing: once I call FSUIPCConnection.AirportsDatabase.Load(), my RAM usage jumps by around 120 MB. I guess, this is to be expected as there are a lot of strings involved which are loaded into memory. Apart from the fact that we have enough memory available nowadays, so this shouldn't be a huge problem, let me make one suggestion for improvement efficiency-wise: As, at least for my application, I am only going to use a fraction of all available airports, maybe you could add an overload for FSUIPCConnection.AirportsDatabase.Load(), which takes a list of strings as parameter containing all the ICAO codes you are interested in during this session and then only include those into the database? This way, the memory consumption could be reduced considerably, most probably. But I don't know your dlls architecture...so if this was too much of a hassle, no urgent need to bother with it ;-). Plus, I don't know if the airport database is supposed to be freed on FSUIPCConnection.Close(). If not, maybe you could add an explicit call to unload the database, so you are clearing all the internal references to the datatables making them eligible for garbage collection. Greets, Benny
  14. Cant read nearest icao in c#

    Hi Paul, awesome...thanks for your work. I will let you know, how it goes when I had time to work with it. You and Pete, have a nice first advent. All the best, Benny
  15. Cant read nearest icao in c#

    Yes..it depends on the used scenery. Normally, most good Addon sceneries have those gate assignments. But I guess the default ones don't. Very nice that you are going to implement my suggestions. Looking forward to it. Greets, Benny