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  1. Hello, On the aircraft strip, what do all the things mean? Obviously you have the flight callsign/number and the departing and arriving airport. What are the other numbers on there? Does anyone know?
  2. Some sort of binocular camera would be good. Controllers use binoculars
  3. Okay that's all working fine but I'm having real issues with saying taxiway hotel on the philedelphia airport. It just doesn't work properly. Everything else is working perfectly fine. I've tried saying it in different ways, pronouncing it differently etc it just doesn't pick it up. Its really annoying because its such a vital taxiway. Any suggestions?
  4. Thank you all. Btw, I read that I HAD to change voice to US english but I am using UK english. Should I change it and will it make a big difference?
  5. Hi guys, I just downloaded tower3d yesterday and am loving it. I've seen on youtube people have real airlines with liveries and call signs but I have only default fantasy ones. I bought my tower3d pro on steam. How can I get the real aircraft for gatwick airport and will it work on steam? Also, some of the taxiways such as Lima my voice recognition doesn't pick it up clearly all the time. Is there anything I can do within windows speech api to correct this? Thanks for your help in advance :)
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