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  1. Yes seems to have fixed it after 2.5 hour flight with multiple simconnect clients loaded and Trackir running. No errors experienced.
  2. John, Downloaded latest version and installed with a clean install ( deleted old folder and reallocated aileron, elevator, rudder and brake axis in FSUIPC and disabled in MSFS) and managed a 1.2 hour flight with no errors in the log file. It appears for me the faulting axis was elevator and ailerons looking at all the past log files. I will try another flight a little later today. Thanks for the attention to this. EDIT: Second flight - 1.5 hours and no errors, freezing, stutters or anything and nothing unusual in the log. Second Edit: Another 1.6 hour flight and nil
  3. I have been using Global the entire time and are still getting transmitclientevent failures and FSUIPC attempting to reconnect and then crashing. It is always event 65763 that seems to crash it for me. 8873469 *** EVENT: Cntrl= 65561 (0x00010019), Param= 0 (0x00000000) PAUSE_TOGGLE 9150422 TransmitClientEvent failed! (Event=65763, Param=1690, nGroup=0, fSame=0 9150484 TransmitClientEvent failed! (Event=65763, Param=1409, nGroup=0, fSame=0 9150547 TransmitClientEvent failed! (Event=65763, Param=1280, nGroup=0, fSame=0 9150609 TransmitClientEvent failed! (Event=65763, Param=
  4. For all axis that i was not setting up in FSUIPC i rescanned for each one and rather than allocating any event ( direct to FSUIPC) i selected the ignore axis option at the top right of the FSUIPC screen.
  5. Log files from most recent failure. (FSUIPC and Simconnect) Fail log edits.zip
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