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  1. Paul, this is working great! And so far is faultless when doing everything locally (on my computer). The only issue I have is, accessing this from various devices On my network fails, I think it requires a secure websocket (wss), could this be an option at all? well I’m assuming it does as I can’t make connections from devices on my network, even using your website. Tested with chrome and safari. EDIT: Looks like this is a windows firewall issue after all! Thanks
  2. Great stuff Paul, will have a play. It would be nice if this did get bundled with FSUIPC and can be controlled from FSCUIPC I am developing some software that communicates with my own bridge software and want to "offer" the ability for users to use FSUIPC if preferred (and for beneficial reasons) however, that means either adding the option to my end user software or to my bridge app, which will then connect to this which is turn talks to FSCIPC which then talks to MSFS! 😱 Obviously not an issue for you guys, this is something I am to try and resolve, just thinking of ways to cut dow
  3. Hi, I'm just joining this thread as it is something I have been developing myself ( http/REST Bridge to FSUIPC using DLL) but rather than developing something that is already being worked on (and probably better!) I thought see if I can help or contribute in anyway (even if by testing). The reason behind this is a software I have developed which requires to send/receive to MSFS over http or web sockets (best option). Is there a working version I could test by any chance? Thanks Andy
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