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  1. Very interesting, but how implement it? Does it have to be associated with a button?
  2. Hi, I'm trying to customize my MCP Combi. I taken a look at FSUIPC7 documentation regarding the COM library to write a message on MCP display. By default, pushing KNOB (SPD or HDG or ALT) a character '*' is displayed on right side the KNOB pushed. How can I control this output? How can I to change char from '*' to another char? Have I to use com.write (the port is already opened by FSUIPC) or is there another way? Thank in advance.
  3. Hi John, I'm starting to understand how FSUIPC7 works with Linda and VRI MCP Combi. For those who use MCP Combi with FS2020 & A320neo, binding these Functions to the three Knobs and to three Buttons can simulate Push & Pull function Engage_Managed_Speed_Mode () -- PUSH SPEED KNOB ipc.control("68066", 2) end function Engage_Selected_Air_Speed_Mode () -- PULL SPEED KNOB ipc.control("68066", 1) end function Engage_Managed_Altitude_Mode () -- PUSH ALT KNOB ipc.control("68067", 2) end function Engage_Selected_Altitude_Mode (
  4. Ok, sorry I found it, but it would never have crossed my mind to find the guides outside the installation folder!
  5. Hi Pete, I do not have that guide "Lua Plugins for VRInsight Devices.pdf" neither is enclosed in my FSUIPC7 registered version. Where I can found that document? Thanks
  6. This is what happens by VRI MCP Combi, taken from FSUIPC's LOG: "ALT" knob: 1st push: 6255015 14148 Button changed: bRef=0, Joy=257, Btn=31, Released 2nd push: 6257968 14148 Button changed: bRef=0, Joy=257, Btn=31, Pressed 6257968 14148 [Buttons] 3=P257,31,C68067,2 6257968 14148 FS Control Sent: Ctrl=68067, Param=2 ALTITUDE_SLOT_INDEX_SET 6257968 14148 *** EVENT: Cntrl= 68067 (0x000109e3), Param= 2 (0x00000002) ALTITUDE_SLOT_INDEX_SET "ALTHLD" button: 1st push: 6263843 14148 Button changed: bRef=0, Joy=257, Btn=3, Released 2nd push: 6265375 14148 Bu
  7. I tested also sending the command in the button release event but it seems to enter in a loop. What I have noted in Button & Switch Assignements popUp is any buttons I push on MCP Combi is ignored first push but I need to push it a second time because appears the values in the "Joy#" and "Btn#" field. Is it correct? Many thanks for your attention
  8. Hi John, thanks a lot for your answer. Reading that post I done a big step forward. Testing on my registered version of FSUIPC7 i found that variables in dropdownList and assigned to one kob and to one button on MCP this values for A320nx: Altitude Slot Index Set = 2 -> MANAGED Altitude Slot Index Set = 1 -> SELECTED It seem that they change correctly from Managed to Selected but both require a double push. Is possible to remove the double push? Many thanks
  9. Ok, I'll explain better On my VRI MCP Combi, rotating those knobs runs fine but I would like to simulate the two different actions for the HDG, ALT and SPD: pushing and pulling for change from Managed to Selected Is it possible? Thanks in advance
  10. Hi, on A320neo (same A320nx) the knobs ALT, HDG and SPD can be pushed or pulled using mouse. Using FSUIPC7 log, I see an event related to these knobs is raised: HEADING_SLOT_INDEX_SET SPEED_SLOT_INDEX_SET ALTITUDE_SLOT_INDEX_SET trying to set a value to those variables using LINDA, Lua encounters an error (nil value). The questions are: "Are some kind of variable the three voice above? How can I set the value using a button on a VRI MCP Combi?" Thanks a lot
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