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  1. Yes, I have, but it was the module downloaded from an earlier version. I wonder if that is my issue. Will re-download and see. Thanks.
  2. Can I ask what devices have you been successful in getting the buttons programmed to work using the MobiFlight events and FSUIPC? I'm trying to use GoFlight and TM MFD Cougar devises and have not been successful. FSUIPC seems to be sending the event, as it shows up in the log, but so far the sim is not responding. I don't know how or if you can configure these devices in MobiFlight. Thanks in advance for any insight you can provide!
  3. GPan099


    I have, version 8.0.0, and had the mobi-flight connect program running. But I may be way off here; I am trying to use GoFlight modules and Thrustmaster MFD Cougar devices to map those functions to. I can't find any documentation for doing this anywhere so maybe it's just not possible. Have any users out there been successful at this?
  4. GPan099


    Thank you John for your quick reply. I created another text .evt file and they show up in the drop down list, but I am still unsuccessful in getting them to work when I try and assign them via FSUIPC. I must be doing something wrong and I guess I will wait for further development all around 'cause this dummy can't figure it out! Thanks as always.
  5. GPan099


    HI, I downloaded the mobiflight events .txt files John posted for the G1000 & G3000 in another thread and put them in the folder as directed. They appear in FSUIPC dropdown list (though honestly I haven't tested them yet 'cause I'm lovin' flying the FBW A320.) Please excuse my complete ignorance on such things, but how do I add the A320 events? Do I just copy and paste what has been posted to those text files or do I create new ones or something else. Thanks in advance for your help.
  6. Tested it a few times and seems to be working OK. Thanks for the updated version! I will keep you posted if I encounter the reliability issue you describe. Thanks again for your quick responses.
  7. Yes. I was asking about a MSFS config file to change. However I will heed your advice and not attempt it. The catering call is not available in the controls menu to change the assignment from requiring the ALT key. I thought I was able to assign it before (I think using FSUIPC 7) but I could be wrong. Zero programming knowledge/experience here! Thank you for your quick reply.
  8. Does anyone know if there is a way to change keypress assignments through a text or similiar file rather than the controls menu? I am trying to change the catering key command ALT+c, but that function is not listed in the Controls menu, even though it works in the sim. Many thanks for a great program to Pete & John!
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