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  1. I just received an answer from PMDG: "There is an issue with the current implementation of the EEC switch. The switch has only two positions ON and ALTN there is no OFF position.The proper condition when the switch is latched is ON. This is known to the team and will be fixed for a future update.Chris MakrisCustomer & Product SupportPMDG Simulations, LLCwww.precisionmanuals.com" Does anyone know a workaround for that until its fixed? Is there anyone else with a hardware Engine Control panel using the NGXu?
  2. FSUIPC is logging a 1 for OFF and ON position and a 0 for ALTN. Is there no chance for a workaround? Is it an SDK problem then?
  3. Hi, I have recently bought an Engine Control panel (I have attached the spec sheet from the shop fyi), which has 2 toggle buttons and 2 lights per button for the ON and ALTN position of the EEC button. I'm using mobiflight to get it working with my PMDG 737 NGXu under P3D. The button inputs are working fine with the event EVT_OH_EEC_L_SWITCH 69900 and EVT_OH_EEC_R_SWITCH 69903. However the lights are not working correctly. The NGXu switch has 3 positions: ON, OFF and ALTN. 6430 2 BYTE x 2 ENG_EECSwitch[2] Boolean 6436 2 BYTE x 2 ENG_annunALTN[2] Boolean The red A
  4. Hi, I was wondering if there is a chance to get the VRInsight 737 overhead working with the PMDG 737 NGXu under P3D or maybe later with the PMDG 737 that will be released in 2021 by using FSUIPC? Or is this rather unlikely? Thanks for your assessment. Best regards Andi
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