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  1. Hi, how can I disable the auto start of FSUIPC when I start MSFS?
  2. Sure - There must be something wrong at my setup - but I do not know where to search for. As even without any lua and only FSUIPC i get this lag. Its a rather fresh install and clean setup... But currently I'm fine with the other tool. It's way more uncomfortable, but for now it works for my needs. Maybe we try again to solve it at a later stage if I neeed FSUIPC for things which are not possible with it. I will then come back to you. 🙂 Thank you for your help! Regarding the 32 button limit - will this be solved when you go for xInput ?(I saw this on you "ToDo" List for future updates to
  3. Hi, unfortunately I cannot use FSUPIC alone as I have those 128 buttons. But also when I did re-arrange them so I could just use it with Buttons 1/2 and so without LINDA, I had the same lag. If you like we could have a look at this 🙂 The new tool is to be found here: https://github.com/Elephant42/FS_Tool and the thread here: https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/joystick-to-simconnect-mapping-utility-honeycomb-bravo-throttle-mappings-included/346493
  4. I'm now using a different tool instead of LINDA/FSUIPC - this works fine. I do not know why it's not correctly working with LINDA/FSUIPC.
  5. Hi, there currently seems to be a bug with SimConnect. I (and others) reported to MSFS Support and they replied that they are aware of CTDs with SimConnect and are looking into it. See also here https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/little-nav-map-problem-since-dec-22-update/340065/29?u=volt580
  6. Hi, I re-designed the code for my rotary and it is working perfectly (using a joystick test tool to see what happens). But this huge delay and queing still occurs. Maybe its a SimConnect bug with MSFS? I don't know.
  7. Hi Pete, yes - unfortunately I do not have any displays. I'm testing around a little bit now with my encoder implementation and see if it can get better. I will come back when I've tried it 🙂
  8. Hi, I just tried again with Classic Cessna 172 SP on a green grass stripe - same behaviour. And yes, there is still a delay when using a "normal" button, but you cannot feel it same as you cannot act is as fast. Concerning press/release - I'm not using a standard MMJoy or similar fiwmare, so I took care about the button presses in my own arduino firmware already. A "on press" event should be enough. But I cannot get rid of this huge dealy and as you correctly say "queing" of inputs....
  9. Hi, I use a 128 button box and want to use my rotary knobs with FSUIPC. They send short joystick button presses for each direction a different button. But as the are >32, I needed to use a LUA script and/or LINDA. For LUA only, I just used the provided example - it somehow worked, but the refresh rate is very very low (~1 second). Even when setting poll rate = 100. When I use LINDA it gets better, but it is still much to slow reacting. I stopped turning the knob (and no button presses anymore) but the heading bug was still increasing. It is also having around 1 se
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