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  1. just a few words, out of respect for your answer, to tell you that I put everything aside because I cannot achive anything with the Aerosoft Airbus A320/321. When I resume i'll keep you posted I
  2. Hi SE-KMG your experience is very interesting and i will try this configuration and give you a feed back just to be shure of my well understanding you experienced this configuration with the Aerosoft Airbus A320/321 and FSX SE ? when you speak about separate axis, do you mean this choice in Aerosoftairbus configurator or elsewhere ? after assigning axis to "Axis throttle set" when calibrating, do you exclude any other parameter (like AXIS_THROTTLEX_SET ?) Thanks - Cheers
  3. Hi Peter thanks for your attention in fact i guess the problem is not FSUIPC it is either thrustmaster TCA Throttle or Aerosoft airbus, i'm sorry to disturb you
  4. Correction the result with king air is better but not perfect in fact reverse goes well also in this plane and the forward throttle works but i think there is still a neutral zone in the middle and i'm not shure of a good result because i'm not used to this plane.
  5. i'm back with bad news i check every item and the situation is inchanged everything is perfect for reverse and idle but i can have nothing for forward throttle in fact it is not exactly nothing, after detailed observation when moving the throttle quadrant slowly up the engine is running a bit faster than idle and at about 80 % of the course the throttle can reach about 50 % but never goes to 100% and the detent CLB or FLEX either TOGA never appear (it doesn't give at all the same result as using default F3 fonction key) going on I changed aircraft for a beech king air of m
  6. Thanks for this information. I will read with attention and give you a feed back My installation was done as "Admin" and FSX.exe run as Admin also. 1 to 5 and 10 & 11 checked i'm going to read the vol7 and check 12 i will be back to you after thanks
  7. Hi John and thanks for your answer I think aerosoft doesn't care with old versions of his airbuses (bad news I bought in december 2019 my airbus!) and the forum is quite empty on that subject as i have asked help, aerosoft indicates me "perhaps you can have a solution with LUA and Lvars" ! as i've never used those and do not want to develop, my choice was FSUIPC
  8. Hi, I wish you all a very happy new year. It is my first post on your forum. I am french so thanks in advance for my english I'm using flight simulator since version 4 and now FSX SE (W10). After years with FSUIPC free, i've now FSUIPC registered 4.975a. This is a wonderfull tools. Thanks for the job. I have some difficulties in setting up correctly FSUIPC for my Airbus A320/321 Aerosoft using Thrustmaster TCA Throttle quadrant. I hope you can help me. The quadrant is totally new and recognized by windows and FSX. Driver is up to date. for the moment I just want to set up thrott
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