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  1. Never figured it out, rebooted, used the uninstaller and it couldn't delete the exe either. I was able to rename the exe, reboot, then I could delete it. I have no idea what was loading FSUIPC at boot but it didn't show in task manager that I could see. 7.2 is now installed so I can start figuring out this lvar offset stuff now....thanks!!
  2. Tried to install, getting message that FSUIPC is already running. I rebooted and don't see it running anywhere but I am still getting that pop-up when trying to install. What am I missing?
  3. I want to look into this, what software do you use for Linda? Cheers, Mike
  4. I got it sorted. I don't know why the ini doesn't update that line but my log file shows 7.1.0f The JoyName assigned 0 and A to the throttle. It assigned 1 and B to the Stick, at least according to the ini file. Why buttons pressed on the Throttle (A) map to (B) I have no idea but they do and it works. Here is my solution that works: M1 = B,14 M2 = B,15 M3 = B,16 To program FLAPS_DOWN using button B,2 on the Stick when Mode 2 is active (M2) on the Throttle: 53=CP(-B,16)(-B,14)B,2,C65603,0 -{FLAPS_DOWN}- And this works, the FLAPS_DOWN button press onl
  5. I am using FSUIPC7, Version 7.1.0f. Flight sim is FS2020 I do not use any lua files. The Mode dial is located on the X-56 throttle (JoyName: 0, A) Reading through the Advanced manual seemed to indicate flags were the direction to go. The Mode "switch" is a 3-position rotary dial(M1, M2, M3) so there is no "un-pressed" state, it is always in one of those three positions. If the dial is in position M1 when I start the flight sim, no buttons or axis have been manipulated, does FSUIPC know the what position the dial is in? I have not tried any programming using the Mo
  6. To expand on this a bit. The X56 Throttle has a 3-position Mode switch. In FSUIPC, Mode 1 is read as B,14...Mode 2 as B,15...Mode 3 as B,16. I have also found that occasionally when switching from one mode to the other, they can be read as A,133; A,134; A,135 respectively. This seems random and I haven't figured out why yet. Anyway I would like to use flags for these modes so I can have any button perform 3 different functions depending on which of the modes flag is set. When FSUIPC and the sim first start I assume FSUIPC has no idea which position the Mode switch is in, so I am thinking
  7. I believe it can access offsets, I will investigate that. Thanks John
  8. I don't really understand the inner workings of the FSUIPC wasm, but it is great to be able to assign buttons/keys to lvar's now, thank you so much. One of the other things I am trying to solve is that I build virtual bezels in Air Manager to surround the pop-out gauges with functional softkeys. Does the FSUIPC wasm expose the lvar's to Simconnect? I believe that is what Air Manager uses for it's interface with the sim and many aircraft use lvar's for their softkey functionality. What would I need to do to access the lvar's FSUIPC wasm finds in Air Manager (via lua). Thanks,
  9. Some of the H135 guys are asking if they need to have FSUIPC7 registered to play with this....I wasn't sure since mine is registered.
  10. Ah, I see that now, thanks again and thanks for all the work on this. Looking forward to figuring out how to utilize this in lua scripts in the future.
  11. Found it, yes, it's an incomplete list compared to the "List LVARS". The main reason I was interested is because I thought it would be easier than trimming the values out of the listing windows to create my file of LVAR names. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction, found it here: C:\Users\MyUserName\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalState\packages\fsuipc-lvar-module
  12. Should the "Create Aircraft LVAR file" be functional yet in the test client? It is the only thing that doesn't seem to generate an output. Thanks, Mike
  13. Really looking forward to this. I used the test client to interrogate and change Lvars in the H135 helicopter (MSFS 2020). Would love to use FSUIPC and/or Air Manager to operate all the soft keys in this aircraft (3 Helionix displays, 24 keys each).
  14. Thanks, I created an events file named GNS530.evt and placed it in the installation folder. It just contains two lines for testing: [Events] 1=MobiFlight.AS530_ENT_Push When I use the dropdown in "Assignments" -> "Buttons and Switches" the Mobiflight event is not listed. Am I missing a step? Thanks, Mike
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