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  1. An update: Everything is good now. I deleted my Ini file and I began to calibrate properly and now everything is working as it should, thank you so much for all your help with this, it was very frustrating!
  2. Before i got FSUPIC i calibrated my joystick in P3D its self, how do i remove those assignments? In my P3D controls I have joysticks control unticked so it shouldn't pick up those assignments, but if it does, is there a way to get rid of them?
  3. Would it be worthwhile completely uninstalling FSUPIC and start from scratch?
  4. I think you hit the nail on the head, what i have been doing is "Direct to FSUPIC" as it will control my Aircraft in P3D. Will i need to create a profile for the Aerosoft Airbus and calibrate each aircraft e.g. A319, A320 and so on? I think what i was doing is i was doing "Direct to FSUPIC" to save me a job of calibrating all my aircraft in P3D
  5. I have done some calibration and I have set some Buttons on my joustick for different commands and things, so i have done some calibration, but my Elevator is still dead, honestly this is the most annoying thing ever, I don't mean to sound angry or spam the forum or anything but seriously what is going on? FSUIPC5.ini FSUIPC5.JoyScan.csv FSUIPC5.log
  6. Sorry for double posting but when i try and calibrate my joystick it doesn't save what i have done and i need to start from scratch all over again. You can imagine how annoying this is. Especially when you have calibrated everything, start a flight, and then Elevator doesn't work. Seriously, what's going on with this? Elevator is completely dead EVERYTHING ELSE IS FINE! The Aircraft recognises Full Left Aileron, Full Right Aileron, Full Left Rudder, Full Right Rudder, Elevator UP nah lets not do that, Elevator down,sorry nope i don't want to work for you. Why is the Aerosoft Airbus recognising
  7. I have tried everything but the elevators are still not registering with the aircraft. Aerosoft forums have directed me here for support. This is so frustrating, why is everything else working fine but my elevator trim isn't?
  8. Ok, would it be best to just delete the axis assignments and calibrate from scratch?
  9. Please watch the attached video before commenting. I am running the latest version of everything on Windows 10. So don't ask me to update as there is no need to. During the after-start/before taxi checklist it runs through flight controls. My rudder pedals are fine, my aileron is fine, my elevator is a pain. It is not recognizing my elevator at all in the Flt Control system it is completely dead, what gives? I calibrate my joystick in FSUPIC NOT in P3D itself and my joystick is calibrated CORRECTLY! Don't mention anything about Null Zones or Sensitivity as FSUPIC doesn'
  10. Hi peeps. hope you've all had a good weekend. For the last 3 days I have been having a major headache getting my joystick calibrated properly. I have made a youtube video explaining what is wrong and the steps I have done before making this post so please watch the video before commenting as it will save us both time My PC is fully updated with drivers etc so it's not that either. FSUIPC5.ini
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