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  1. Hi AaronT, Do share with us if you have any success using the built-in FCR video renderer/ recorder. If your experience is positive, please let us know any particular Codec settings. As mentioned in my previous post, I notice speed differences between the plane vs background objects. See video link below. Since you mentioned Nvidia, I gave Nvidia Geforce Experience a try. Guess what? All went on smoothly! I really hope the FCR built-in video rendering bugs (at least in my case) get fixed, as it has the advantage of producing a smaller video files as compared to the Nvidia r
  2. Hi Fabio, Upon further testing, the video rendering did indeed show some anomalies/ strange behaviours. When recording a playback flight, the plane appeared in super slow motion (as if it is being rendered frame by frame), while other background objects such as cars and waves moved in normal speed. After recording, when I played back the mp4 file, the opposite happened. The plane moved in normal speed, while the background objects moved in super fast speed. Please see the video file in the link. Thanks for your help in advanced. Sample Video File
  3. Hi Fabio, Thanks for the pointer. After installing the missing Codec x264vfw x64, the error message disappeared. That's a good start! I can now start replay, and start video recording. However, while recording, something strange happened. The plane was flying very very slowly (you can noticed it was moving frame by frame), but the background objects such and cars and windmills moved at normal speed. After rendering like 20 seconds, the video file plays everything in normal speed, but the total length is only about 3 seconds. I hope what I said make sense to you. Will keep
  4. Hi Fabio, The steps are as below: 1. I set up a flight in MSFS. Click Ready to Fly and plane on the runway. 2. Start FCR and record. 3. After finished the flight and while plane still in the runway, I reload the flight to play back. 4. Playback went well with no issues. I click the camcorder button to record video. It asked me the save location. I chose a location and click save. The error message occurred. Edit: My computer setup, if it helps: Macbook Pro 16" with Windows 10 Pro in bootcamp (located in external SSD). eGPU with RTX3070 in Razor Core X C
  5. Hi Fabio, Thanks for the fantastic software! I am able to record the flight and playback without much issues, after following some of the do's and don'ts here. However, when I tried to record the video when playing back the recorded flight, I encountered some problem - see error message in the attached screenshot. What did I do wrong? Isn't the camcorder button not used to record video? I tried to record the clip to the other location, but the same error message came out. Would be grateful if you or others in the forum could help. Thanks! *I can't insert a clear screen
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