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  1. The 580 overlay I wrote myself.. no change there. I have not updated the WT G3000, or Mobiflight since my last flight, but I did make a change, and I don't know how I can revert or retest without a full removal and re-installed. Day before yesterday I applied World Update II (USA) -- I know behind as it came out a while ago, and there was n update to the MSFS SDK that I download and applied. The SDK is easy enough to back out... but the World Update... not sure. I still need to definitively go through the system to verify that nothing else changed. I have to run an errand but I will take a
  2. This is interesting. I previously wrote some LUA that was using the AS3000_TSC_Horizontal_1_TopKnob_Large_INC style references using the "number 1" to represent the left/right 580 and that was working. I have to mention here, that that event was used with Mobiflight on an overlay I created for Air Manager. That being said, the "1" used to control the left 580 and a "2" controlled the right 580, and "no number" controlled both, just as stated here. I am also using the Working Title G3000. Now, today, I am seeing the same problems that are being discussed. My 580 overlay stopped working co
  3. Might the Pilot PFD be considered "1" and the co-pilot PFD is "2"? There is only one MFD so that is that. On the TBM I saw this on GTC 580. The events where the one closest to the pilot is "1" and the other closest to the co-pilot is "2" (TSC_Horizontal_1... and TSC_Horizontal_2...) for example.
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