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  1. Works like a charm. Thank you so much.
  2. Good news, I finally got it thanks to your help. I'm really sorry for not having properly read your text and misunderstanding it. I thank you for all your patience and hard work. Thank you for this great product. I also wanted to ask if I could toggle multiple Lvar offsets with one button or if i need to make a macro or Lua file Sincerely, Christian
  3. That is my .ini file of FSUIPC7, [...] [WAPI] EnableWAPI=Yes [Profile.General] 1=CRJ700ER Lufthansa Regional D-ACSB [LvarOffsets.General] 1=L:ASCRJ_OVHD_LDG_NOSE=UB0xA000 0=L:ASCRJ_OVHD_LDG_NOSE=UB0xA001 1=L:ASCRJ_OVHD_LDG_LEFT=UB0xA002 0=L:ASCRJ_OVHD_LDG_LEFT=UB0xA003 1=L:ASCRJ_OVHD_LDG_RIGHT=UB0xA004 0=L:ASCRJ_OVHD_LDG_RIGHT=UB0xA005 but when I enter UB0xA000 or xA000 and press ok it just disappears.
  4. Thank you for the help, when it chose "ASCRJ_OVHD_LDG_NOSE 857" and set the value to 1 it turns on and 0 set it to off. This is great. But now I only need to understand how to set my switch from my HOTAS to activate these switches or change there values. Could you maybe explane? Thank you for all the great help, Christian
  5. First off all, Thank you for the fast response. I want to set up the taxi and landing light switches in the CRJ, the standard controls do not work. Could you send me a link for dowload How do you get the WASM, dont see it Thank you in advance, Christian Glaeser
  6. I also have a problem setting up spoilers, i'm not sure if i just set the axis up wrong but it doesn't react
  7. Dear support, I need help setting up my keybinds with my new FSUIPC7 license. I would like to try and use some CRJ switches. The switches in the list do not work and I suppose I need to get the Hex of the control. Could you maybe tell me how or show me a tutorial? Have been searching for one but without success. Thank you in advance, Christian
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