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  1. On 11/9/2020 at 10:20 AM, John Dowson said:

    To remove the splash screen (or text display), just open and edit the MSFSwithFSUIPC7.bat file located in your installation folder. It should be  pretty easy to adjust to your needs. I'll add some flags and simple instructions on how yo adjust to run without the text and/or splash screen in the next installer update. I think I'll also add an FSUIPC7 ini parameter to skip the FSUIPC7 splash as well if needed.


    Hello John,

    I searched, but can't find any flags or entries to remove the splash screen.

    Could you just give a little hint how I can disable it easily?


  2. Hello,


    since several versions I have the problem, that FSUIPC is still running, beside I have the option checked "Exit with FS".

    What is strange is, that the icon in the task bar vanishes, but I have a running instance in the task manager



    That leads to an error when I startup the sim again, saying that another instance is already running. But it happens not every time, but I haven't figured out how to reproduce it and waht leads to this error.

    This is with Win10, Pro version, all updates


    Any ideas what happens there?

    many thanks


  3. Hello John and Peter,


    I have renamed my FSUIPC folder to get my addons better sorted. In my case it is now "0AA - FSUIPC7"


    The result is now, that the new FSUIPC and MSFS shortcut does not work, because the path in your MSFSwithFSUIPC7.bat is now:

    start "" F:\MSFS2020\Community\0AA - FSUIPC7\FSUIPC7.exe



    start F:\MSFS2020\Community\"0AA - FSUIPC7"\FSUIPC7.exe

    would be right.


    I know, simplest way would be in my case to rename my FSUIPC folder (or edit yout bat), but maybe you could take care of this to avoid confusion for other users?!



    And could the starting animation with the dots be skipped? Why do we need it?


    many thanks



  4. I tried all the above controls and offsets you suggested and some more ... (AP_Panel_VS_on/off etc). Nothing works.


    I tested it with the TBM and the Cessna Caravan.

    Haven't tested other so can't say if its tied to these two only. Don't think so.


    If I send the control I get the following error:

       816485 LUA.5: LINDA:: [F] FSX control: 65890  param: 1
       816485 Exception 1 "ERROR", Ref 3678, Index param 2 on TransmitClientEvent, object=0, id=65890 (????), data=1


  5. thank you for your answer.


    The last topic you linked for me is exactly my problem, FLC and VS are the same which are not accessible currently it seems. So, we have to wait.


    So, with the list provided in the MSFS SDK --> Dokumentation (EventIds or Simulation Variables) we could also not work currently? (hope that is not a dumb question - but I have no clue)



  6. Just want to add, that I get the same issue


       538812 TransmitClientEvent failed! (Event=65763, Param=-256, nGroup=0, fSame=0
       538812 TransmitClientEvent failed! (Event=65762, Param=-674, nGroup=0, fSame=0
       538828 TransmitClientEvent failed! (Event=65763, Param=-511, nGroup=0, fSame=0
       538828 TransmitClientEvent failed! (Event=65762, Param=-512, nGroup=0, fSame=0
       538843 TransmitClientEvent failed! (Event=65762, Param=-256, nGroup=0, fSame=0
       538859 TransmitClientEvent failed! (Event=65762, Param=-63, nGroup=0, fSame=0
       538875 TransmitClientEvent failed! (Event=65763, Param=-256, nGroup=0, fSame=0
       538875 TransmitClientEvent failed! (Event=65762, Param=0, nGroup=0, fSame=0
       538890 TransmitClientEvent failed! (Event=65763, Param=0, nGroup=0, fSame=0
       538953 TransmitClientEvent failed! (Event=65763, Param=115, nGroup=0, fSame=0
       539000 TransmitClientEvent failed! (Event=65763, Param=0, nGroup=0, fSame=0
       539578 TransmitClientEvent failed! (Event=66387, Param=-14581, nGroup=0, fSame=0
       539703 TransmitClientEvent failed! (Event=66387, Param=-16384, nGroup=0, fSame=0


    These are just some of hundreds as I was moving my axes a while, what is shown here as parameters, but no movement in the VC.


    I had this twice relative shortly and in both cases I made a steep turn (with my saitek pedals) while rolling on ground. Coincidence or not.

    Note: I haven't installed the provided exe from above. Just the original current FSUIPC


    thx for having a look into it!

  7. In my LUA script the above code is working very well.

    And "11" does send CTRL+SHIFT , without TAB … tested it.


    The page 19 in the LUA library does not tell me anything about value 11 … or have I missed it? I have it from an other scripz


    The shifts value is a combination (add them) of the following values, as needed: 
    1 Shift

    2 Control

    4 Alt

    8 Tab

    16 Alt (take care with this one—it invokes the Menu) 



     0 Null (+ Alt, Shift etc alone)  

    8 Backspace  

    9 Tab  

    12 NumPad 5 (NumLock Off)  

    13 Enter  

    16 Shift  

    17 Control  


    So, how is CTRL+ALT possible?

  8. I have to report, that I have with 4.961 again the "vanishing issue" as I have reported it in the other long thread some weeks ago.


    After I send my PC to sleep or shutoff for some time and restart it, P3D stays in the background after start.

    Disabling FSUIPC solves it OR reinstalling 4.961!

    Exact same behave as it was with v 4.959.

    4.960 was without issues, not a single failure.


    Win 10 64, P3D HF2 (not 3!)


    strange ...

  9. 5 hours ago, Pete Dowson said:

    If you'd like an early build, with no documentation except offset data start position, then you would get it a lot earlier. You'd need then to work out what was where, using the .h file as a guide.


    I can have a look at that early document and will try to help to figure out the offset documentation. I will make that list for you if I'm able to ...

    Would be a pleasure (boring pleasure, but pleasure as you helped me already a lot the last years ;) )

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