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  1. For my logic, you set the values for the climb or descent, not enabling VS hold itself? Here it is working as it should: I enable VS hold and after that I make the input to change the value how many feet ... Or do I misunderstand sth.?
  2. VNAV/NAV is working here with AP_NAV1_HOLD or AP_NAV1_HOLD_ON AP_NAV1_HOLD_OFF
  3. YES!!! All the above is working! So, if you could implement FLC also, we have covered the most important AP functions! I seek also for Map Range/Zoom for the Garmins, but as it isn't also implemented in the default assignments, I do not think theres a possibility?! Many thx!!!
  4. I tried all the above controls and offsets you suggested and some more ... (AP_Panel_VS_on/off etc). Nothing works. I tested it with the TBM and the Cessna Caravan. Haven't tested other so can't say if its tied to these two only. Don't think so. If I send the control I get the following error: 816485 LUA.5: LINDA:: [F] FSX control: 65890 param: 1 816485 Exception 1 "ERROR", Ref 3678, Index param 2 on TransmitClientEvent, object=0, id=65890 (????), data=1
  5. thank you for your answer. The last topic you linked for me is exactly my problem, FLC and VS are the same which are not accessible currently it seems. So, we have to wait. So, with the list provided in the MSFS SDK --> Dokumentation (EventIds or Simulation Variables) we could also not work currently? (hope that is not a dumb question - but I have no clue) thx!
  6. Hello, first thanks for your great work! I still trying to interface MSFS with LUA. Most simple controls do work, many for the AP fortunately. But I can't get to have VS (hold) working. (up and down works) Is there any possibility to make VS working with FSUIPC? many thanks
  7. Just want to add, that I get the same issue 538812 TransmitClientEvent failed! (Event=65763, Param=-256, nGroup=0, fSame=0 538812 TransmitClientEvent failed! (Event=65762, Param=-674, nGroup=0, fSame=0 538828 TransmitClientEvent failed! (Event=65763, Param=-511, nGroup=0, fSame=0 538828 TransmitClientEvent failed! (Event=65762, Param=-512, nGroup=0, fSame=0 538843 TransmitClientEvent failed! (Event=65762, Param=-256, nGroup=0, fSame=0 538859 TransmitClientEvent failed! (Event=65762, Param=-63, nGroup=0, fSame=0 538875 TransmitClientEvent failed! (Event=65763, Param=-256, nGroup=0, fSame=0 538875 TransmitClientEvent failed! (Event=65762, Param=0, nGroup=0, fSame=0 538890 TransmitClientEvent failed! (Event=65763, Param=0, nGroup=0, fSame=0 538953 TransmitClientEvent failed! (Event=65763, Param=115, nGroup=0, fSame=0 539000 TransmitClientEvent failed! (Event=65763, Param=0, nGroup=0, fSame=0 539578 TransmitClientEvent failed! (Event=66387, Param=-14581, nGroup=0, fSame=0 539703 TransmitClientEvent failed! (Event=66387, Param=-16384, nGroup=0, fSame=0 These are just some of hundreds as I was moving my axes a while, what is shown here as parameters, but no movement in the VC. I had this twice relative shortly and in both cases I made a steep turn (with my saitek pedals) while rolling on ground. Coincidence or not. Note: I haven't installed the provided exe from above. Just the original current FSUIPC thx for having a look into it!
  8. Is there any information if LUA scripts do work (or in other word if LINDA will work)? thx!
  9. ok, you brought some light into this … many thanks
  10. In my LUA script the above code is working very well. And "11" does send CTRL+SHIFT , without TAB … tested it. The page 19 in the LUA library does not tell me anything about value 11 … or have I missed it? I have it from an other scripz So, how is CTRL+ALT possible?
  11. Hello, I can use with LUA value 11 for CTRL+SHIFT But what is the value for CTRL + ALT? example: -- CTRL + SHIFT + F16 ext.sendkeys(myHandle, 127,11,4) What should I insert if I want the keycombination CTRL + ALT + F16? many thanks!
  12. hello, any news here, especially for the upcoming 747-800?
  13. Thanks for answering, Pete ok, then we have a P3D v4 release date ;)
  14. Hello Pete, just wanted to ask if the above statement is currently valid or if there are new insights? Probably you got access now to the beta and have further knowledge? many thanks, Günter
  15. Will do and report back ... (it is time consuming as on my system the error just comes up after some time my PC is shut down. So I can't test such things immediately unfortunately)
  16. I have to report, that I have with 4.961 again the "vanishing issue" as I have reported it in the other long thread some weeks ago. After I send my PC to sleep or shutoff for some time and restart it, P3D stays in the background after start. Disabling FSUIPC solves it OR reinstalling 4.961! Exact same behave as it was with v 4.959. 4.960 was without issues, not a single failure. Win 10 64, P3D HF2 (not 3!) strange ...
  17. I can have a look at that early document and will try to help to figure out the offset documentation. I will make that list for you if I'm able to ... Would be a pleasure (boring pleasure, but pleasure as you helped me already a lot the last years ;) )
  18. no hurry ... Yes, will test. Just drop me a note, will test when I'm able... what means nearly every evening one or two hours.
  19. As far as I can say, there is already a full SDK provided. Seems to be similar as with the 777 ... everything there. And yes, would be nice you could provide us with that integration ... if you like. Many thanks
  20. ok, now for the interesting part: I have now the last days installed: P3D with HF2 LINDA ORBX Vector, Germany North, Trees, Global Aivlasoft EFB, PFPX, TOPCAT, AS16 and ASCA and FSUIPC 4959 of course the sim was running the last days without a problem. Now today I have installed Digital Design LOWS (including SODE) and PMDG 737 and 777. And I have the issue with vanishing P3D to a background task again. I have then run the installer FSUIPC 4958 and it has said that there's a newer FSUIPC version and is has not been overwritten. But after that I was able to run the sim. FSUIPC.log says also version 4959 is still installed.
  21. I use 2 screens, but not for the sim (just on one screen) and I do not use NVIDIA surround. So far I haven't had an issue till now. But there are some addons left I have to install
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