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  1. Terence You're absolutely right. Jean-Jacques has and I've attempted to do all he suggested. Alas, no joy. Sorry for not finally responding to his last suggestion. It's not been successful although I thought that I'd cracked it a few weeks ago when I got a windowed FSX to run at over 25fps. Then it shrugged its shoulders and went back to 4 again. If I find the answer I'll put it on here.
  2. My FSX set up with TripleHead2Go has a healthy 40 fps. When I attempt to bring in Fs Commander on a fourth monitor the performance slumps to a measly 4fps. I've asked around but nobody has been able to help. Anyone with a really inspired suggestion out there will immediately be added to my Christmas card list....
  3. I've got FSX and FS COmmander but I am unable to handshake the FSX and the FS Commander. I downloaded and paid for the FSUIPC but don't understand the linking up and "initializing" of the FSUIPC. It could be clearer. I would appreciate some clear directions on how to connect FSUIPC. I have written to Mr Dowson but so far have had no clarification on what to do. I've got his product but not his know how. Regards peejayh/ pj.hack@btinternet.com
  4. Hello again Jean-Jacques I've never tried to do a networked arrangement of two computers so I don't what kit would be involved in linking the two machines. I have my main machine which is via Vista and has my FSX (with TripleHead2Go and FS Commander etc) but I do have a working Pentium 4 which is served by XP. This has an FSX on it. If I find a way to network the two of them would it be possible for me to insert FS Commander on the second machine and have it show the flight that is being operated on the Vista machine? Be glad for any hints you can offer. Thanks. Peter JH
  5. Many thanks Jean Jacques. I seem to suffer from this horrible drop in FPS when I attempt the "windowed mode" but I will certainly do what you suggest. Peter J
  6. This may be described on the PDF file but I have looked and can't find it. It may really simple to a number of you but I would be grateful for some help. I use FSX with TripleHead2go but when I've activated FS Commander I get a horribly low frame rate when I try to run Commander on a fourth monitor. (Without FS Commander I get 42 fps but with it a lowly 4 fps!!) So I've discarded that idea. Is there a way to hop between FSX and Commander by disconnecting the fourth monitor and just showing the whole flight plan scenario on my three screens? I can of course use the GPS when I fly my trusty Beechcraft but I'd like to utilize the FS Comm 8.4 now I've got it!! Regards
  7. Dear sirs, I am an incredibly slow learner and have FSX and FSC on my Pc which has Tripleheadtogo. I wonder if you can tell me what keys I press to go from FS when I am flying and then bring up the FS Commander so that I can trace my whereabouts and progress. I've tried using a fourth monitor but it doesn't want to know. I'd be obliged for your know-how on this. Regards
  8. I have a similar set up with the Matrox TripleHead2Go and FSX. It runs happily at 33fps which I don't wish to stretch BUT since incorporating FSC and bringing up the FSC map on the FOURTH monitor the FSX speed plummets down to 4fps. This is of course when I have it in Windows format because I have to! I cannot get FSX and FSC to run together without the Windows format. Result. I either suffer 4fps or give up the idea of having a moving map when I'm flying with FSX. It's like I can only use FSC for reference and not have it as a constant view. Does everyone who uses the TripleHead2Go with FSX also get this frame rate problem. This is the 8.4 version.
  9. I've got FS Commander to go with FSX. It tells me that I haven't got FSUIPC 4 and what with suffering, as yet I know not precisely why, 4 fps after getting 33fps without FS COmmander, I duly go ahead and buy FSUIPC 4. It still tells me that I am STILL without FSUIPC and no improvement in the frame rate. I have tried to read the FSX/Modules/ ..etc but it doesn't make a lot of sense to a would-be beginner pc pilot What, to a below par, pc pilot, are the real advantages of having FSUIPC? At the moment I'm at a loss to put my finger on any discernible advantage. Excuse my ignorance but is there somewhere which will spell out why I shouldn't try to live without it. Regards
  10. Hi Peter Sorry to be a pain but I have failed to pinpoint exactly where the "KEY" which I'm told is required to make FSUIPC operational after purchasing it yesterday from simmarket. I have the relevant Order number, Transaction number and ticket number but the KEY which may be coming to me from your department hasn't shown up yet. Is it called by some other name or something? Regards Peter Hack
  11. hi Jean-Jacques Many thanks. I've ordered the FSUIPC so it should either be posted or downloaded eventually. As I'm in one PC the WideFS thingamejig probably is not necessary. Will advise if it makes the difference but the directive had an explanation after it so I'm optimistic!! Regards Peter J H
  12. Hi Jean-Jacques Apologies for not reading the MUST READ more carefully. I'm running on FSX. I thought I had FSUIPC which I acquired via my purchase for ITS YOUR PLANE a year ago. Maybe I didnt check the version. I have the downloaded version of FS COmmander 8.4 and operate on Vista 32 bit. Its a 2 Duo CPU E6850 3.00 Ghz - 2Gb Ram - Nvidia Geforce 9800 GX2 My fourth monitor is linked via the second DVI connector in the main computer so I'm not networked. I turn on FSC first. Then drag it across to the fourth monitor. Normally (if not using FSC) I would usually run NOT in Windows but have been told that to enable FSC I need to be window'd. Then I'm confronted with the message that I need the FSUIPC. Not forgetting the little matter of 4 fps after normally having over 30 fps. Be obliged for any suggestions you can hurl in my direction. Regards Peter J Hack
  13. DEar Sirs I am, despite having had FSC for nearly a year, still fumbling with my FSC 8.4. I acquired it on Order no F-94475. I have a year old machine with Vista 32 bit and using a TripleHead2Go on FSX. The FSC is running on Monitor number 4. On starting FSX and without FSC I get a wholely acceptable 33FPS. WIth FSC and with 8.4 running it plummets down to about 4 FPS. If you have an idea how I could improve on this I would be grateful. I noticed today that it warns me that it won't operate with FSUIPC but this is required for when I use ITS YOUR PLANE, (another great program.) Is this a real conflict that I will have to accept or is there any other solution? I'm making some headway at last with my flightsim operations so I would really appreciate getting to run at a reasonable pace.
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