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  1. @FeelThere Ariel Sorry for the delay.....here are the specs that I'm running.
  2. @FeelThere Ariel Thank you, very much for pointing me in the right direction and confirming it was an issue with the OS. I removed and reinstalled the OS and the voice recognition in Tower 3DPro is working. Not sure what the error was, but uninstalling the OS and reinstalling it worked. I'm running Windows 10-64Bit and a non-steam version of Tower 3D Pro. Thanks, again!
  3. @FeelThere Ariel It does not recognize any speech at all in Tower 3D. I set-up the microphone, I set-up speech recognition, I can use Cortana and speech recognition to open programs/docs in Windows, but I don't get anything at all with Tower 3D Pro This is a clean install of Windows 10, 64-Bit. I wiped out everything and re-installed Windows and updated. When I hold down the "Left Shift" button, I get the audible "click" that I used to get on my old set-up and I start speaking, but nothing is getting picked-up by Tower 3D. I assume that the speech bar is "Active", but I don't know ho
  4. Vic, I tried going through every step and even purchased a new Yeti USB microphone. Running Windows 10 64 Bit on a brand new Alienware PC from Dell. I was running Tower 3DPro on a previous machine with no problems and not sure exactly what is going on. I've tried to install/uninstall and have done all the research I can through this forum, but I am at a loss for exactly what to do. I've attached the logs per your request. I can use the microphone with Cortana and no problems. Shawn game.log speech.log
  5. Vic/Team, Sorry for this ignorant post (inexperienced PC user), how do I check to ensure that TOWER3D.EXE and TOWERSPEAKBRIDGE.EXE are in "trusted Mode" ? I use McAfee Livesafe for Anit-virus. Also, where is the TOWERSPEAKBRIDGE.EXE file located ? I don't see it in any of my Tower3DPro folders. Sorry for the elementary questions and just going down the list to see if I can get voice recognition with Tower 3D Pro to work. Thanks! Shawn
  6. I just purchased Tower 3D Pro and tried to run it as "Administrator" and I hear music, but all that I see for the start-up screen is a white screen with nothing on it. Help ?
  7. How do I change the file to an executable file ".exe" ? Simply renaming it does not change the file. I appreciate the help......thanks!! Shawn M
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