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  1. Tower: Schedule Creator 24 V1 Released (Includes CYYZ)

    I have no current plans to update Schedule Creator. What you can do is create an ATL schedule, and then do a search/replace (using Notepad, for example), and change all the AirTran codes to JetBlue codes. Just be sure JetBlue is included in the terminal file or it will never appear if it has no place to park.
  2. Tower: Schedule Creator 24 V1 Released (Includes CYYZ)

    Yes, but you have to name the file klax_schedule. txt, for example, and place it in the Extensions/Airfields/KLAX folder, for example.
  3. Tower: Schedule Creator 24 V1 Released (Includes CYYZ)

    It is not quite as simple as adding them to SC. SC is based on actual flights at the airports and imports the destination, aircraft, flight number, etc. So, I would have to redo the entire schedules and hope that some 788, 748 and 388 aircraft are captured. It might be easier for you to make a schedule and then convert some of the 777 to 788, for example. I don't know when I would have the time to redo 24 schedules from scratch. Thanks for your compliment and interest.
  4. Tower!3D Pro SWE New voice Command

    Unfortunately, May 4 is also the 47th anniversary of the Kent State shootings. http://fox8.com/2017/05/04/remembering-the-1970-kent-state-shootings-47-years-later/
  5. Tower: Schedule Creator 24 V1 Released (Includes CYYZ)

    I think it was their first airport and was fairly easy to design...but not sure why it was included. Updating the schedule probably won't change things much. I don't even use it anymore.
  6. Tower: Schedule Creator 24 V1 Released (Includes CYYZ)

    Thanks for your interest. Based on my list of available Tower airports, SC does not include KSMF, KIND, KPDX, KMSY, PHNL, and KEYW. Making a new schedule does involve quite a bit of work and requires a copy of the terminal assignment file in order to make it as accurate as possible. I do not currently own copies of the listed airports. I may work on some of these during the winter of 2017 but really don't have time right now.
  7. Tower: Schedule Creator 24 V1 Released (Includes CYYZ)

    Probably not. There are very few airline flights to TIST by comparison to other airports.
  8. Tower: Schedule Creator 24 V1 Released (Includes CYYZ)

    I have never had a problem with the comment lines in either Tower product.
  9. Tower: Schedule Creator 24 V1 Released (Includes CYYZ)

    It is not clear to me if you have tried Schedule Creator. And, how many flights do you want? You can generate up to 2880 flights over whatever time period you wish using SC. So, if you chose a 6-hour schedule, that would be 480 flights per hour. That seems pretty challenging to me! I don't know the exact number or the time distribution, but I think LAX handles about 1600 flights per day. You can use the schedule files for both Tower!2011 and Tower!3D.
  10. Tower: Schedule Creator 24 V1 Released (Includes CYYZ)

    Thanks for the suggestion. I don't know when I will be revising Schedule Creator. You can already select the name of your schedule file but I guess I could make it "automatic."
  11. Tower 3D Airlines List

    Tower 2011 and Tower3D, as you poiinted out, also need major revisions to their terminal files. The airline files could be 100% accurate but it will not matter unless the terminal files are realistic and accurate.
  12. Tracon: Schedule Creator TRACON 11 RFN Released

    No. The data are included in the program and it cannot be accessed by users. You could create you own DEN schedule by hand following the required schedule format using data from FlightAware or other flight tracking program. You could make a schedule for LAX, for example, and then using Notepad replace LAX with DEN. Probably will work since the airports have many airlines in common.
  13. Tracon: Schedule Creator TRACON 11 RFN Released

    I will take a look at that. 11/28/2016: I have looked at this and there are so few flights from PHMK that I don't think it is worth it. They all seem to be in smaller aircraft with PHNL as the only destination. Sorry.
  14. Tower!3D KAL250 Does not climb once taken off

    Is KAL250 a 788 aircraft? None of my 788s at LAX appear on the DBRITE after departure, but, interestingly, they appear on the DBRITE when on approach. Appears to be some sort of departure problem with the 788s.
  15. I assisted the Tower3D team in creating the schedule files and inadvertently allowed some duplicate airline/flight numbers to be included. This can cause some aircraft movement problems. The attached zip file contains duplicate-free schedules for the Tower3D airports KJFK, KLAX, KPHL, KSAN, and TIST. These schedules also contain 788 and 748 aircraft where appropriate. Download, unzip, and place in the correct folder at each airport. For example, for KJFK: tower3d\extensions\airfields\kjfk Tower3D Dup Free Schedules.zip