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  1. Anything I can do to troubleshoot WideClient issues? John
  2. It is set correctly. Screenshot of my network settings. On this flight it seems to be keeping the profile, but shouldn't the "Profile Specific" checkbox still be selected when looking at the settings?
  3. A couple of questions. I recently rebuilt my sim computer with new OS install and P3D. I configured it to connect to my stream PC with WideClient so that I could run ACARS and LiveTraffic apps on the secondary machine. Everything was working fine until yesterday. Out of the blue the WideClient was no longer connecting to my flight sim computer. Nothing was changed with either computer. I have attached my log files. The second thing. I have created a new profile in the FSUIPC drop down on P3D for the Aerosoft A330. Shouldn't that profile remain active until I either change it or end the flight. Several times my buttons quit working and I go back and see that I have to select the Profile in order for it to work. Thanks, John FSUIPC5.log WideServer.log WideClient.log
  4. Pete, I tried your above fixes without any results. I went ahead and deleted the fsuipc.ini file and started from scratch. I assigned all axis and buttons like I had before with the exception of the throttle controls. I then went in and reassigned the F1-F4 keyboard keys for throttle like the default simulator is setup. Everything worked fine in regards to the auto throttle. Looking at my old fsuipc.ini file, one of the guys noticed the discrepancy: Throttle1=-16384,-512,512,16256/32 Throttle2=-16384,-512,512,16383/32 His thoughts were the values for 1 & 2 should be the same. I haven't had any problems with my other payware aircraft so I didn't know if that would affect the iFly 737 or not. The same comment has been placed on their forums as well. Thanks for all of the help, John
  5. My bad calling it a "BUG". That is not the case and I shouldn't have used that term. I changed to FSUIPC settings so that I could "fine tune" sensitivities and such. I was having issues with FS9 changing the null zone and sensitivities. It has been working out real well until the iFly 737 came along. I don't use the Reverse Range as I have my Saitek throttles calibrated so that when I pull the throttle back, it activates the decrease throttle command which puts the engine in reverse thrust. John
  6. Ok, so here is what I did. I removed the 2 throttle axis from FSUIPC and am using FS9 for throttle control. Now the question is why am I having to do this in order to get the AT's to work correctly. All of the other payware planes (PMDG 737 & 747, PSS 757, LevelD 767 and Wilco 737 & Airbus) that I have aren't affected by the FSUIPC bug. What can possibly be happening with the throttles that would keep them from working correctly when using calibration through the FSUIPC program? Very frustrating that it is affecting only this airplane. John
  7. The free version of FSUIPC is installed when the iFly 737 is installed. Could something have corrupted my fsuipc.ini file in the installation process. John
  8. There answer is to delete the fsuipc.ini file and have it rebuild when FS9 restarts. Not really what I am wanting to do with all the work programming my axis and switches. :angry: I should get a chance to work with it tonight. Before completely removing the throttle assignments, I will try changing to "send to FS as normal axis". We'll see what happens. Thanks for you help Pete, John
  9. Pete, I won't have a chance to mess with it the next few days. I am getting to fly a real 737 simulator tonight for a test conducted by the UofI's OPL lab. Link located here: OPL's 737 Sim When I get a chance I will remove the assignments for the throttles and use FS9 assignments for throttles only. Thanks, John
  10. Ian, Yes that was my plan. I was hoping that if it did work, I would try cutting and pasting the yoke, rudder pedals and throttle quadrant settings into the new ini file. John
  11. I am having issues with the AutoThrottle on the iFly 737NG and have been told that I need to delete the fsuipc.ini file and have fsuipc automatically recreate a new one when FS9 is started the next time. Is anyone else having these issues? I am leery of doing so as I just got all of my sensitivities, etc setup correctly. ARGH!!! John
  12. It seems to be working now. I found another set of documentation that helped me with the setup. The rescan button wasn't being used correctly I don't think. I just need to get my problem worked out with the rudder pedals and brakes. Thanks Pete, John Edit: Update - the rudder pedals and brakes are fixed now as well. I had to adjust the endpoints for the low side axis.
  13. Ok so after deleting the FS9.cfg file and starting from scratch, I was able to get the correct controls to work, but only half the travel. When I would go from 0-100% on all 6 levers, the control didn't start working until I was at 50% on the control. This doesn't work real well with thrust reverse. :mrgreen: I tried looking at the joystick calibration settings but I am unable to get them to change to the full travel. John
  14. I am going to delete the FS9.cfg and the fsuipc.ini file and try starting there. It seems odd the axis are still assigned after deleting the Axes part of the ini file. I will post back with the status tomorrow after my testing is done. Thanks, John
  15. I tried the new versions and I am experiencing similar things. I don't have the time out issue with the Saitek levers, now if I set the first 2 levers to throttle 1 and prop 1 it seems that they somehow reverse and are then backwards. This is very frustrating. When I go back to my old FS9.cfg file before I started messing with this those no longer work correctly either. John
  16. Pete, Thanks, I will try the new versions today. John
  17. I recently decided to disable my joystick and start using FSUIPC for Axis Assignment and calibration. I am using Windows Vista with FS9 and FSX. A Saitek Pro Yoke and dual throttle quadrants. The first that I noticed was sometime FSUIPC wouldn't acknowledge movement with the second throttle quadrant. After deciding to just disconnect the secondary quadrant and use just one I am having difficulty getting the axis to map correctly. I am wanting to just reset all axis and start from scratch with just the 3 levers and not 6 levers. Thanks, John
  18. I am very sorry that you are gobsmacked. :( I got the KeySend1=162,49 command from here in the manual: 162 Left Control ** + Keyboard #1 I am sorry but I do not see how that is not LCntl+1. I will leave that alone for now. I will look into another key combinations. I know that the WideFS Client PC is getting something, because the computer dings meaning that the key combination is wrong. The bigger problem with Ventrilo is that you need to specify Left and Right when issuing the Shift Alt and Cntl buttons. Does the KeySend need a Shift, Alt or Control selection along with an additional key press, or can I just issue a "SpaceBar+1" command. I think that might be what is making this more difficult. I will try some simple commands in Notepad and see if that is getting me anywhere. Have a great vacation. Maybe I will have this worked out when you return. Sorry for the trouble that I cause. I am sure this is pretty easy and I am looking to deep into the problem. :oops: John
  19. Peter, Thanks so much for the help. I am getting closer. At first it wasn't working until I realized that I had to put the "Run1" commands in the [user] section of the WideClient.ini file. Now I cannot wait to get home to test using my Saitek yoke. If I am looking at the commands correctly, the KeySend1=162,49 should he , correct? Unfortunately it looks as though I cannot just use the key and that I need to add another key with it. I will hopefully test within the next couple of hours and respond back. This is just more helpful knowledge that I gained from using the WideFS program. That is nice because it will save me steps on both of my WideFS clients that I use. I will be able to load ActiveSky on one PC and FS FlightKeeper on my laptop when starting the WideFS client application. Thanks again, John
  20. OK, I guess I wasn't reading that when I was looking to map my yoke button. In reading the part about the KeySend command they only mentioned WideFS applications. I thought that to mean FSFlightKeeper, ActiveSky, etc., not any program that can run in Windows. I will dig a little deeper I suppose. John
  21. Peter, Thanks for the response. I realize that the manual is there for a reason, I looked through the WideFS User's Guide and couldn't find any help. I didn't realize that I needed to look at the Technical guide to get my answer. After getting your comment, I did do that and found that unfortunately the program that I am trying to use the yoke command for isn't associated with FS, therefore, I will need to dig deeper to get the CLASS Name for the program, which is Ventrilo. I have zilch experience with programming so I may just give up. Thanks for you help anyway. John
  22. I searched the forums and couldn't find an answer to my question, so here goes. I am looking to map a key on my Saitek yoke connect to me FS computer to a combination keystroke on my laptop through FSUIPC and WideFS using both FS9 and FSX. I realized that I cannot use just the key, so I have already setup my software to acknowledge a . I cannot figure out how to get the client laptop to respond to the yoke command. I know that they are connected as I have the "1 connected" at the top of the screen. Any help would be appreciated. My FSUIPC and WideFS is registered. Thanks, John
  23. Pete, After getting crappy framerates using ZoneAlarm, I needed to revisit the problem that I am having with WideFS. I uninstalled ZoneAlarm and started using Windows Firewall. When I do that, what I need to do is disable the firewall long enough to get the PC's to connect, then I am able to enable the firewall and everything works fine. Here is my client log front startup to when I get connected: ********* WideClient Log [version 6.712] Class=FS98MAIN ********* Date (dmy): 21/01/07, Time 17:33:16.814: Client name is DESKTOP-FS2 981 Attempting to connect now 1993 Trying to locate server: IP protocol needs ServerName or IP address! 1993 Failed to connect: waiting to try again 3044 Attempting to connect now 35942 Trying to locate server: IP protocol needs ServerName or IP address! 309675 Server = DESKTOP-FS1 309685 Trying UDP/IP host "DESKTOP-FS1" port 8002 ... 309685Okay, IP Address = 309685 UDP connectionless mode set up okay! 309996 Connection made: receiving okay! 362471 New Client Application: "ASv6" (Id=4080) You can obviously see where the two connected. Any ideas. I really don't want to have to run either PC without the Firewall running. Thanks for you help, John
  24. Excellent. So an addtional WideFS client won't be a problem if I want to try FSGoogleEarth. Do you even have a guess as to why Windows Firewall was blocking the WideFS client even thought I had the correct UDP port open? Thanks again for your help, John
  25. Well, I found my problem. After static IP'ing the house and installing the new fsuipc.dll and wideclient it was still doing the same thing. I tried it with the Windows Firewall UDP Port 8002 exception and without. I did the next best thing. I disabled the Windows Firewall, and guess what, it worked like a charm. So to make a long story short, I disabled the Windows Firewall on both PC's and downloaded Zone Alarm. I'm having no problems now. How many WideFS clients can I have connected to my FS9 installation? I was browsing online tonight and ran across the FSGoogleEarth application. I would like to run the program, but don't want to bog down my FS9 PC and the PC that I am using for ActiveSky and FSBuild isn't the fastest PC in the world. I was thinking about setting up another PC for the Google Earth program. Thanks for you help, John
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