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  1. I think I found a solution for the exe.xml problem. There are to cases that work If FSUIPC7.exe is set to start as administrator, you must start MSFS with admin rights. If FSUIPC7.exe is NOT set to start as administrator, do must start MSFS WITHOUT admin rights. Every other combination does not work.
  2. Hi John, he did edit the batch and uses the "old method" that works for him. We have both the same Version of MSFS (MS Store) BTW it was the Aerosoft installer of the honeycomb AFC-Bridge that setup a incorrect exe.xml We will give it a try to first install FSUIPC7 and after that the AFC-Bridge. Thanks so far.
  3. Hi, same Problem here on a friends system. There are two programs that should launch. 1 AFC_Bridge for Honeycomb B-Throttle light 2. FSUIPC 1. does launch but 2. does not, on his system. On my system there is no problem with the exe.xml (attached here) FSUIPC 7.005 on both systems: Difference. his MSFS is not installed on Default Path C:.... My MSFS is in the default location. 2. Difference, Install path of FSUIPC his path is D:\FSTools\FSUIPC7 on his system. exe.xml
  4. LittleNavMap works well with the closed Beta of MSFS using Simconnect, maybe you could use the same dll?
  5. With LINDA you can assign all 35 Buttons without any virtual Button. Andrew from LINDA answered to me:
  6. I like to give you and all developers a big "thank you" for giving this new baby such a good start. This is an incredible good job, you've done for us.
  7. Hi Pete, First of all a big thank you for investigating so much in FSUIPC5. I found a problem with FSUIPC5.101e making a new entry for the CHPro pedals every time I start P3dv4. After 3 times I have 3 entrys for the CHPro Pedals. Regards Roland FSUIPC5.ini FSUIPC5.JoyScan.csv FSUIPC5.log
  8. Yes, but don't forget to enter Key Release in "... when button released) Parameter 17
  9. I think I have to ask the programmer of Migration tool. It's the Migration tool who reorders the entries in that way. I can only say, one file works, the other not, that's all. And its not me who moved any entry anywhere. That's all complicated stuff, I would be happy if we had a new online client other then FSCopilot, so that there is no need for any migration tool. So for me its OK to copy back my backupfile.
  10. Very sorry to do so, but we have to use FSCopilot on our clubserver and without patching it wont work. What the installer does, even when there is no need to update, cause the last version is already installed, is to reorder the entries in dll.xml. Several add ons do not like that, I suppose. Regards Roland dll.xml dll Original.xml
  11. Hi Pete, Im using P3Dv3 with migrationtool every time a new version is installed by the installer some of the other addons modules don't work. (GSX and FSCopilot). I always copy back the backup of dll.xml to get them work again. Is it possible that the Installer does not alter the existing dll.xml if FSUIPC is already listed in the dll.xml?
  12. yes 4.495a works in P3DV3 and several names of controls are missing. But, if you just copy your FSUIPC4.ini from P3DV2.5 to modules in PrDV3 all your assignments will work. You'll have to do some editing regarding pathnames in the ini (I.E I had to rename S:\P3D into S:\P3DV3) Just use the "find and restore" function of notepad editor.
  13. Hi Pete, good Job, 4.939n solved the problem with VRInsight MCP1 (in my case)
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