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  1. Hi John, I installed the new dll that you referenced and it did the job - seems that whatever you did has fixed this lua issue. Dane
  2. Greetings John, First let me say that I am now running with FSUIPC6 with no jitters. I also put back in the lua command in my Gear Toggle button and to my surprise everything is working very well with no issues at all. Here is a link to a simFlight Network Forum talking about the lua script - it is dated back in 2018 - I am also attaching the zip file for ApproachCallOut EDIT: The lua file only works in FSUIPC5. In FSUIPC6 it causes a conflict so cannot be used in FSUIPC6 Regards, Dane. approachcalloutFiles.zip
  3. , e.g: 152781 [Buttons] 47=R2,3,C65615,0 152781 Repeating flag set: bRef=0, Joy=2, Btn=3 (RepeatDelayCtr=1) 152781 FS Control Sent: Ctrl=65615, Param=0 ELEV_TRIM_UP 152781 *** EVENT: Cntrl= 65615 (0x0001004f), Param= 0 (0x00000000) ELEV_TRIM_UP No, this is not possible. I am sure many people use FSUIPC gear toggle over the years (including me!) and this would surly have been reported before if it was an issue. Your problem lies elsewhere. I also confused by this, as you previously said 'nothing works', whereas this implies things were working until you applied the gear toggle. Which is it? There is no difference between FSUIPC5 and FSUIPC6 in this area.Check that you have controllers disabled (in both sims). I also see that you are auto-starting a lua file relating to your gears: 141672 LUA.0: beginning "C:\Program Files\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\Modules\Get_Gear_Height.lua" Try removing this for the time being.. So, I suggest you try the following: - remove the auto-start of the lua - remove all FSUIPC logging except 'Events (non-axis controls)' and 'buttons and switches' - check various button assignments using a default aircraft - let me know of any issues and re-post your .log and .ini John P.S. If your issue is related to the auto-started lua, it could be related to the problem reported in this thread. You could download and try the dll posted there - forget this for now. The fix there is for lua key events, not buttons. John - my apologies for what was obviously the wrong words used (nothing works). What I meant to say was everything I tried gave me the same negative results. Yes I did try it first but I had the issue with the ailerons and elevator jittering in FSUIPC6 and was not able to fix that (but I will get back to that issue next). John - now the great news is - I checked to make sure all the axis', buttons and switches were Ok (I had to re-enter about three). I then removed the lua from the Gear Toggle action - and the problem went away. The strange thing is that I have been using that lua action for about six months and it was OK. All of my issues started when I tried to create a Hot Key for a FlyBy action. Anyway all is good now. I want to thank you so very much for your patience and help. I am attaching the two files you wanted me to attach. Regards and keep safe, Dane FSUIPC5.ini FSUIPC5.log
  4. Well John - this has been a terribly frustrating four days with this issue. I took what you sent me and added/edited the various buttons that needed to be in - the results were the same. I then tried many other things - nothing works. I even removed all the button entries and started from the beginning - nothing works. So I put the Gear Toggle back into the default P3D Controls - it works fine. There must be something in FSUIPC that when the Gear Toggle is called, the gear works but then that triggers other items not to work. Not sure what to do as I really do not want to use the default P3D Controls - if you have any other thoughts I would appreciate hearing back from you. Also one other thing, this week I purchased the FSUIPC6 (as you already know) but I cannot use it as my elevator and aileron controls won't stop dancing - they have unbelievable shaking, so I removed FSUIPC6 and went back to FSUIPC5. Is there a fix for this shaking? Regards, Dane
  5. Thank you John for your very quick response. I will check everything out later today and let you know. Regards, Dane
  6. I have been having a strange problem that I have now given up on after two days of various trials, un-installations, re-installations, repairs to files. It all started two days ago when I was attempting to create a HotKey for a FlyBy view - well that just did not work and I was left with an issue. The Gear Toggle button on my Logitech 3D-Pro is now causing a strange issue - after takeoff and I press the button, the gear comes up but then some of my other button settings do not work. After extensive investigation I am convinced that there is a problem with the joystick button/FSUIPC. I thought maybe I should re-install my FSUIPC5 but then I saw there was a new update for FSUIPC6, so I purchased that and installed it. The result was the same. I just now changed the to a different button on my joystick for the Gear Toggle and I do not have the issue that I have with the previous button. I am attaching three files as I am not sure what you may need to look at. I have noticed that the ini files for JoyNames for both FSUIPC5 and FSUIPC6 have a << Missing Joystick >> notation. Regards, Dane FSUIPC6.ini FSUIPC6.JoyScan.csv FSUIPC6.log
  7. Thank you Reinhard for your efforts and suggestions/comments - much appreciated Regards, Dane
  8. Greetings Roman, I did exactly what you laid out - but for me it does not work. When I press the assigned key all that happens is the card turns to 66 degrees and that's it. You are not able to enter in a three digit number for where you want the card to be. Regards. Dane
  9. Thanks Reinhard, Attached is the NpCsetOBS.lua original script. I tried to create a script called NpCsetADF_Card.lua (also attached) but I have never done a script before and did not know what I was doing so it does not work. Regards. Dane NpCsetOBS.lua NpCsetADF_Card.lua
  10. THANK YOU - Thomas, Reinhard and Pete I see what you are all saying and I believe I understand. What I have done is what Reinhard suggested and I assigned a Key Press for: 65882 ADF_CARD_DEC and 65881 ADF_CARD_INC and it works very well. My wish was that there was a Lua NpCsetADF_Card setting that you could press the key and input the heading you want the card set to - but that's OK - all is good.
  11. First thank you so much for your prompt reply. Sorry - I should have indicated the sim - P3Dv4.5 I did not have the Parameter number set but I have now changed my settings for my ADF_CARD_SET as 66039. I am attaching two print screens one for ADF and the other for OBS, I am also attaching for your review my .ini file and my .log file. This is very strange as it still does not work. But what I do see happening is that when I press my control key to set my OBS heading and then when I press my control key for my ADF_Card_Set - the ADF does not move BUT the OBS does - this is very weird to me. Hope you can help. FSUIPC5.ini FSUIPC5.log
  12. Just curious if there is a key command that would allow me to enter a 3-digit number to set an ADF Compass Card. At the moment you can obviously turn the knob manually, but I would like to be able to adjust the compass card by a keyboard shortcut like you can with OBS, etc. I did setup a key in FSUIPC Key Presses for Adf Card Set but obviously I am missing something because it does not work. Regards, Dane Watson
  13. Pete - I now know the reason for this problem. I will post the answer from Keven Menard, developer of ChasePlane, so that others with this issue will be aware of the cause. "ChasePlane constantly sends camera position data to the simulator’s main view. This overrides any other command being sent to the sim by other modules/app. Operating the camera outside of ChasePlane will create conflicts like this. Due to the way the camera system is designed in FSX, we are bound to this limitation."
  14. Thank you Pete, I will follow up with ChasePlane
  15. Hi Pete, thanks for your prompt reply. I agree that it is an FS Control which gets sent to P3D - I did not think there would have been an issue. I do have P3D assignments all disabled and I even shut down ChasePlane. What I meant by "pushed down on the hat" is that after opening Axis Assignment I then clicked on Clear and then Rescan - then I simply angled the Hat button back towards me so that FSUIPC5 would recognize the Joy# and Axis#. Yes, if I rotate the Hat button through all the positions the positions show up in the little window in Axis Assignment. See my attached printscreen. Regards, Dane. EDIT: I just tried something else. I "enabled" the P3D Controller and setup PanView to the HatSwitch in P3D - BUT, it also did not work?!?! This is very strange. It for sure works in ChasePlane but not through FSUIPC5 or P3D - so I have deducted that it can't be my joystick - but I am stumped as to what it could be. Your thoughts would be appreciated, Dane
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