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  1. To John and Pete - thank you so much for your reply and offers of help. However, last night at the end of my fourth day of getting my system close to 100%, I decided to load up P3D once more and re-configure my FSUIPC using the "previous" ini file. The results are great all is back and operating as far as I can tell so far very well. Regards, Dane
  2. All had been working perfectly for many months until the last Windows Update crippled my PC and I had no choice but to do a complete factory reset and three days later I have installed 100% of all files and programs. P3D v4.4 is working well as is all other addons except for FSUIPC-5. After installing I copied over my previously backed up FSUIPC-5 folder which has all my LUA, settings, as well as other special setups. Well FSUIPC does not recognize my joystick, rudder, or x-box controllers. The settings show up in the dialogue menus but do not operate. Is there an easy fix to this or do I have to start all over again (I don't remember some of my special setups from previously)? Attached are - Screenshot of Previous Folder, as well as Previous "ini" and "log" files. - all of these worked perfectly before, and I thought that all I had to do was paste it all into my new folder. Regards, Dane FSUIPC5.ini FSUIPC5.log
  3. Pete - you are absolutely brilliant - Mouse Macros was the way to get around the problem with controlling the two mixture levers with joystick buttons in this PBY Catalina aircraft by Aerosoft. It took me three goes at it to fully understand. My first two attempts I was not getting both mixture levers recorded in the macro for simultaneous increase and as well decrease. I ended up with a bunch MCRO files that were not correct - so I deleted them all and started over for the third time and it all came together. THANK YOU, Dane. Ps - this is what I ended up with in both the INI (including a Profile Specific spec for this PBY aircraft) and the MCRO files [Profile.PBY] 1=PBY-6A_Civil_Calypso [MacroFiles] 1=PBY [Buttons.PBY] 0=PJ,8,CM1:1,0 -{Macro PBY: MXTR DECREASE: MXTR DECREASE}- 1=PJ,6,CM1:3,0 -{Macro PBY: MXTR INCREASE: MXTR INCREASE}- [Macros] 1= MXTR DECREASE 1.1=RX1002e,1 1.2=RX1002f,1 3= MXTR INCREASE 3.1=RX1002e,3 3.2=RX1002f,3
  4. No Pete, I do know how to assign button events to an axis. I have many assigned. It is just this particular aircraft, the PBY, that is not allowing the assignment in the normal manner. So I do believe from what I have read that Mouse Macros hopefully will work Will find out... Thanks again...
  5. Looking forward to testing this out. Did a lot of studying last evening to try to understand. My only thought right now is - because I am trying to control a mixture lever which moves forward and backward will the macro capture that entire movement? I presently use one joystick button for mixture rich increments and another for mixture decrease increments. Looking forward this evening to checking this out. Thank you.
  6. Thanks Pete I will check out all that you have mentioned. Sorry I should have noted my sim in my post - P3D v4.3
  7. This is really a curiosity question but it is one that I sure would like to get further feedback on. All of my aircraft controls are setup to work through FSUIPC either with joystick, buttons, or keys and everything works perfectly except for one particular aircraft that I just installed from Aerosoft - PBY Catalina. A great 1940's historic bird. The only problem I am having is that the mixture control levers have to be operated with the mouse buttons or wheel. I have tried without success different settings through FSUIPC. I asked the question with Aerosoft and was told by Mathijs Kok - "... the mixture is not like in other aircraft so we could not use the default commands". Now I know that Mathijs is extremely competent and one of the top engineers at Aerosoft so I certainly accept his answer. My question is - If I can move the levers with mouse control is there no way to set that up through FSUIPC using either buttons or keys?
  8. Yes Dave you are correct. Disabled Controllers, re-calibrated in P3D, then reassigned and re-calibrated in FSUIPC and all is good.
  9. Thanks again Thomas found it and all is now good.
  10. Thanks. Will check it out this evening.
  11. No, I actually did not see where to disable (obviously I missed it). I did do that in FSX, so it makes sense I should do it in P3D. I will check that out, thank you. Will report back.
  12. Yesterday installed P3D v4.1 - install and initial running was perfect - only used the default setup including the built in assignments for joystick, rudder and x-box controller (used for Chase Plane). Then it was time to install my first addon (and most important) - FSUIPC-5 with a successful registration. I then deleted all control assignments in P3D (a blank slate). Then copied over from my FSX-SE my FSUIPC-4 and all my LUA files. Renamed FSUIPC-4 to FSUIPC-5. Then tried to ensure all controls were assigned and calibrated. All works well except my joystick ailerons and elevators - they are jumping all over the place (jittering). I recalibarted my controls in P3D and then recalibrated in FSUIPC - the jittering subsided a wee bit but the aircraft is very eratic in flight as an example if I push forward just a touch on my joystick for down elevator the aircraft reacts with a very abrupt aileron bank. It's not my joystick, because when I shut down P3D and start up FSX evrything is perfect and it was also perfect with the P3D built in control assignments before I installed FSUIPC I have tried everything I know - can you help with this. I am attaching three files - ini, csv, log FSUIPC5.ini FSUIPC5.JoyScan.csv FSUIPC5.log
  13. danewatson

    JoyNames Problem

    Thanks Pete, I did fix that. Deleted all the Helicopter related aircraft and profile and started over from within FSX & FSUIPC. All is now good, now UseProfiles=Yes in the INI file.
  14. danewatson

    JoyNames Problem

    Thanks again Pete. Re. The Helicopter Profiles, the only one re-installed is 1=WILCO-FSTR, the other two are not yet installed. I will review. Dane
  15. danewatson

    JoyNames Problem

    Pete - what can I say but simply THANK YOU YET AGAIN. I now completely understand the problem - due to my new Windows install and because I thought I was doing the right thing by pasting in my previous FSUIPC4.ini file, the settings did not jive. I made the changes and all is excellent. Thank you. PS - I have purchased your FSUIPC5 as I am going to be purchasing P3D v4 next week. Can I copy in my FSUIPC4.ini file and simply change the name to FSUIPC5.ini? Is there anything other file(s) that can or should be copied over?

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