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  1. Yes that's correct, and something I've seen before:  Whenever I do, I try to improve the messages that STB puts out to explain the situation.  In your case, it said:

    "FLW.STB.Utilities.StbDisconnectException: Invalid XML detected for airport SWTQ(Termas Pousada Do Rio Quente).  Please check the runways.xml file found in the Prepar3D V4 installation folder at line 1718799 position 12, and the AFD/AFCAD file that implements the airport."

    Hopefully that helped you understand the problem.


  2. 208366914_Prepar3DV4Tiny.png.27379ef2120de003792023284898f34b.png

    Here is the latest official update for STB V3 for Prepar3D V4 (and STB Data Server)

    You can download the STB Client Update (V4.2.2020.04000) update from here: http://bit.ly/2OFELnb

    For the STB Data Server (only required on the Prepar3D computer when running STB Client on a separate computer), the latest available version is also V4.2.2020.04000 and is fully compatible with the above STB Client. 

    You can download the STB Data Server combined installer and updater from here: http://bit.ly/37hdn5z


    Summary of Additional Changes since last official update (V4.2.2020.01900)

    • AIG OCI Content updated for all packages available to Flying-W as of 9/2/2020.
    • Distances calculated between AI Aircraft and Airports (and the user aircraft and airports) are now rounded up or down to the nearest decimal point value required. Previously they were always rounded down.
    • Fix airport compilation error relating to decimal based airport attitude rounding and conversion experienced by a small number of users (makerwys support as introduced in update V4.2.2020.01900).

    As always, many thanks for your support and if you do happen to install it let me know how you get along with it.


  3. Not something I've a lot of control over I'm sorry to say.  The only situation I am aware of that may cause this to happen is having the STB Observer feature enabled, which it is by default.  For a reason I cannot understand, LM gives us the ability to create observers but not delete them through SimConnect, and nor do they appear to give us any control over whether that appears in the view cycle or not.

    STB uses an observer for a number of AI views, those where the camera is at a fixed point (i.e. the "from runway, from parking, from airport centre" views) and also the AI Flyby.  If you don't use those, you can disable the observer:

    Configuration -> Settings -> AI Views tab, uncheck the "Enable AI Observer" control.

    Save your STB settings, and restart P3D

    That should remove it from the view cycle in P3D (because it is not created in the first place), but only after you restart P3D.



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  4. I've been working 16 hours today, and then decided I'll sleep when I'm dead.

    Looking at the code, I effectively do a "round (airport arrival distance, 0)" in the case you mention.  This goes to a the default rounding method of "nearest even number" which I don't think is what we want.  The alternative is nearest number away from zero, which rounds up for numbers greater than .5 and down for numbers less than .5

    Here's the good stuff.



    I'll need to change my code for the next update.


  5. 58 minutes ago, Aussie1234 said:

    Just wanted to report this 202001900 update works well, for me, in the Server / Client mode on separate machines.

    A small thing I noticed is that, on my Client, set for showing Arrivals, the setting precision to '0' instead of the default '3' does not round down the miles from the airport.

    Otherwise, packages installed seamlessly on Server and Client. Running the new 'MakeRunways' and Database worked as it should.

    (I have yet to try making icons to replace the default 'X' icon at the many Aussie 'Yxxx' airports that I do not have airport images for. This is an excellent feature.) 



    Interesting observations and thanks for the good results.  I don't think I've tried precision 0.  Did it used to work differently than now?  I may just truncate rather than round, I'd have to look at the logic.

    There are too many airlines and airports in the world right now, managing the logo library is a never ending task!


  6. 8 hours ago, noll17 said:

    Hello Simon,

    sorry I had set the trace settings to information.

    I have now set it to verbose.

    I have now used the two files from the last post, FSObjects.V4.2.2020.03300.

    I ran Make Runways and Compile Airports, there were no problems or errors, Perfect.

    I hope the file is now correct.





    STBClient.Trace.rar 1.7 MB · 0 downloads

    Hello Uwe,

    I checked your trace and it looks like the airport altitudes are working correctly now.  STB is rounding down to the nearest whole number in each case, so altitude 100.99 becomes altitude 100.  However STB does not require super accurate altitudes, as the only place I recall it being used are in the observer based views and a one foot error makes no noticable difference there.  So I'd say the fix is good, and I'll commit it to the next update which should come soon now.

    Many thanks for checking this out for me

    If anyone else wants to try, please do and let me know the outcome!


  7. OK, while I don't have the problem here, I've written a new way of rounding numbers to a whole number.  I don't know why the inbuilt .net routies are not working, but this one does it slightly faster anyway.

    Please try out this version of FSObjects and report back, the instructions are the same as before.  Note the version number of the updated FSObjects, V4.2.2020.03300.

    1) In your STB Install folder, make backup copies of FSObjects.dll and FSObjects.pdb

    2) Download the zip, and unpack into your STB Install folder.  This should replace both FSObjects files above with the debug versions (4.2.2020.03300)

    3) Switch on verbose tracing as per Appendix C of the STB user guide.

    4) Recreate the problem.  When it occurs, close down STB

    5) Send me the trace file, and switch off the trace.


  8. 10 hours ago, Airbumps said:

    1. Is there a way that I can set a departure time for my user aircraft? I see options for STB to calculate it (10 minutes from now) or for me to set a fixed time but that fixed time doesn't count down so will always be 45 minutes from now or 30 minutes from now. Can I stipulate a local time somehow? Perhaps a feature for a future version

    Yes, that would be for a future version.


    10 hours ago, Airbumps said:

    2. I really like the AI feature that allows me to "kill" AI that is not departing or arriving at a particular airport. In places like London where there are four major airports and all I'm interested in is traffic at LHR because thats where I'm landing or departing, having AI spawn at Gatwick and Stansted takes processing power and provides me no visual effect (whilst also limiting the number of AI I might have at LHR). Is there a way to permanently (for this flight or otherwise) kill off AI at particular airports?

    FSX and Prepar3D have some logic built in to handle this.  I think if an AI is deleted on the ground (by STB or anyone), it won't come back unless you reset your flight. However those whom are airbourne according to the schedule usually do come back.  Nothing I can do about that I'm afraid, it would require changes to the underlying traffic schedule (BGL etc).



  9. Here's a list of the changes coming in the next STB update, currently undergoing internal testing.  Will get it out there as soon as I can.  Usual content (logos, airline and aircraft configurations), a new "Universal" option for content particularly useful when using multiple AI packages from different organisations and some user requested enhancements such as zulu time presentations.

    Watch this space!

    Summary of Changes in V4.2.2020.01900:

    •    AIG OCI Content updated for all packages available to Flying-W as of 19/1/2020.
    •    TrafficGlobal content updated for v1.1.1.2.
    •    ORBX Australia and New Zealand AI content updated as of 19/1/2020
    •    Added “Universal” option as an “AI Package” choice. This should be suitable for any package and provide better content support to user with multiple packages.
    •    Simulator related times may now be presented as Zulu Time as well as the local time zone in which the user aircraft is located.
    •    Expanded logo support for airports.  If a logo cannot be found for the user chosen airport, STB shows a "country" logo using either the first two characters of the code and failing that the first letter if either are available.
    •    Add the US flag for ICAO codes beginning with "K"
    •    Updated MakeRwys to Added support for altitudes containing floating point values in the runways.xml produced by MakeRwys (which are rounded to the nearest whole number by STB).
    •    Fixed bug in synthetic “Arrived At” remark which resulted in an "at time" later than the current time to be calculated and displayed. 
    •    Code repository now GitHub based, source paths updated.


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  10. On 1/2/2020 at 1:16 PM, BrianT said:

    HI Simon,

    Happy new year to you,


    Is this still the case that we need to hold off for now on updating FSUIPC?

    Thanks, and seasons greetings to your good self as well.

    Do you really mean FSUIPC?  That's not a requirement for STB.  If you are talking makerwys, new versions will be supported in the next STB update which I'm working on now.

  11. On 1/7/2020 at 11:51 PM, draci said:

    Perhaps STB is missing the information about the FLAI AI Package which I use. Is there a config and logos set for FLAI available for use in STB similar to that  which is availbale for AIG?

    There isn't a content package (logos etc) for FLAI.

    On 1/8/2020 at 12:10 AM, draci said:

    Ok, I found the problem. For a strange reason STB shows all flights which are scheduled one day earlier. I guess this problems stems from the fact that FSX and later sims use another day encoding than FS2004 for which most of the original traffic tools were written. Is there a way to fool STB to display the flights a day later (of course without changing the sim date which I need to keep not to confuse other add-ons)?

    Kind regards


    This isn't necessary, STB understands the difference between the day number scheme between different versions of the simulator.  Can you send me a screenshot please showing the problem with the dates to put it into context for me please?


  12. Binter Canarias is not offered to me through the OCI, no idea why really as I don't limit myself to OCI only packages, and have all the options for forum downloads switched on.  As I use automation tools to read the aircraft.cfg and find a corresponding logo for each callsign, if there's no aircraft.cfg covering this guy he will be missing in action.  

    I've added a manual record into my AIG configuration for this.  Interestingly that revealed a bug in the automation which was occasionally failing to process the last airline in an aircraft.cfg so some other airlines have now shown up as requiring logos and configuration.  New packages coming at some point this week!


  13. Is this the airline you are referring to?  As you can see, they are showing up for me just fine but note the callsign of the airline concerned ("MORABEZA").  I can see callsign "Binter" in wikipedia (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Binter_Canarias), but I don't see it in AIG.  Is this an OCI package?  Can you tell me which package please, and a screenshot of the flight details screen showing the problem?





  14. On 9/17/2019 at 3:37 PM, flying-w said:

    I've updated STB with the latest content for AIG, specificaly the "One Click Installer (OCI) method" however it should be relevant no matter how you use your AIG Traffic.  This is up to date for all airlines up to Monday night, 16th September 2019.  As AIG continues to add new airlines, I'll follow with STB.  This will eventually make it's way into a regular STB product update, but I imagine the next one of those is some way off.

    How to configure STB with Additional AIG Content


    I had some time, so I've just uploaded logos, airline and aircraft configuration for everything I could download through AIG One Click Installer to 22/12/2019.  Instructions as per those provided in the first post above.

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