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  1. The way you describe the Ai deletion, that sounds like the simulator is deleting it for reasons unknown (there is no information about why the simulator would choose to do so) If the aircraft is in "mid-air", I've never been able to relate such an event to lack of suitable parking, runways, etc but usually some other add-on or a simulator reality bubble concern. You've disabled the part of STB that does approach separation anyway, so STB won't be delete in the scenario you describe. It will be of little help but I've not changed any of the code in this area for years now, so it's hard to see how the latest update could contribute to the situation. That said, what was your previous version before the update? Otherwise I'm not aware of incompatibility with AIS. Thanks Simon
  2. Siorry to say I can't do anything to help without the message. No idea what could be wrong but this situation is typically PC configuration.
  3. Many thanks for the kind remarks. Indeed the old lady turns 13 this year so I hope will continue to be well behaved despite entering the "terrible teens" phase. I lived through that period with my "real world" kids now in their twenties, and I'd be very happy not to experience the teens ever again! Simon
  4. Sounds like a simulator problem. If they are not showing up as predicted flights on STB either, something must have happened to whatever the traffic schedule BGL implementing the flights you are expecting to see. STB uses the same info as the simulator (scenery library and BGL files) to list flights before they occur. Simon
  5. Set up a verbose trace as per appendix C of the user guide, recreate the problem, and email me the trace please. You''ll find my email address on supertrafficboard.com Thanks Simon
  6. We don't know either. Perhaps you'd like to give us a bit more information: Name of company? Callsign? When did it last work and what has changed since then?
  7. The user guide can tell you this! "Introducing the User Aircraft on the Board" on page 55 "FAQ" on page 58, specifically point 3: "How do I make sense of the User Aircraft State?" "Using the User Flight State Dialog" on page 63
  8. Some of the more advanced user aircraft add-ons don't use native SDK facilities to implement their systems. In such cases, STB cannot track them because we have no way of knowing what the state of the aircraft is. We'd need every such add-on to provide their own API for this purpose, which I don't expect to happen. That's why we implemented the manual way of setting the state of the user aircraft so you can still see it on STB. Simon
  9. Yes that's correct, and something I've seen before: Whenever I do, I try to improve the messages that STB puts out to explain the situation. In your case, it said: "FLW.STB.Utilities.StbDisconnectException: Invalid XML detected for airport SWTQ(Termas Pousada Do Rio Quente). Please check the runways.xml file found in the Prepar3D V4 installation folder at line 1718799 position 12, and the AFD/AFCAD file that implements the airport." Hopefully that helped you understand the problem. Thanks Simon"
  10. Yes, that's certainly possible. What I should be doing is using the Windows "Send to Compressed Folder" option as that creates a universal zip. I like 7z but that's just a personal preference, so I'll switch back to regular zips now. Thanks for pointing this out Simon
  11. In general LM did a great job with observers, there's just a little icing they missed off of the cake as you describe.
  12. Here is the latest official update for STB V3 for Prepar3D V4 (and STB Data Server) You can download the STB Client Update (V4.2.2020.04000) update from here: http://bit.ly/2OFELnb For the STB Data Server (only required on the Prepar3D computer when running STB Client on a separate computer), the latest available version is also V4.2.2020.04000 and is fully compatible with the above STB Client. You can download the STB Data Server combined installer and updater from here: http://bit.ly/37hdn5z Summary of Additional Changes since last official update (V4.2.2020.01900) AIG OCI Content updated for all packages available to Flying-W as of 9/2/2020. Distances calculated between AI Aircraft and Airports (and the user aircraft and airports) are now rounded up or down to the nearest decimal point value required. Previously they were always rounded down. Fix airport compilation error relating to decimal based airport attitude rounding and conversion experienced by a small number of users (makerwys support as introduced in update V4.2.2020.01900). As always, many thanks for your support and if you do happen to install it let me know how you get along with it. Simon
  13. Not something I've a lot of control over I'm sorry to say. The only situation I am aware of that may cause this to happen is having the STB Observer feature enabled, which it is by default. For a reason I cannot understand, LM gives us the ability to create observers but not delete them through SimConnect, and nor do they appear to give us any control over whether that appears in the view cycle or not. STB uses an observer for a number of AI views, those where the camera is at a fixed point (i.e. the "from runway, from parking, from airport centre" views) and also the AI Flyby. If you don't use those, you can disable the observer: Configuration -> Settings -> AI Views tab, uncheck the "Enable AI Observer" control. Save your STB settings, and restart P3D That should remove it from the view cycle in P3D (because it is not created in the first place), but only after you restart P3D. Thanks Simon
  14. I've been working 16 hours today, and then decided I'll sleep when I'm dead. Looking at the code, I effectively do a "round (airport arrival distance, 0)" in the case you mention. This goes to a the default rounding method of "nearest even number" which I don't think is what we want. The alternative is nearest number away from zero, which rounds up for numbers greater than .5 and down for numbers less than .5 Here's the good stuff. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dotnet/api/system.math.round?view=netframework-4.8#midpoint-values-and-rounding-conventions I'll need to change my code for the next update.
  15. Interesting observations and thanks for the good results. I don't think I've tried precision 0. Did it used to work differently than now? I may just truncate rather than round, I'd have to look at the logic. There are too many airlines and airports in the world right now, managing the logo library is a never ending task! Simon
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