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  1. I'm surprised, I thought their board now connected to the sim get the correct information. If you have to set the time separately to match the simulator, then it's easy for it to become out of step Simon
  2. The airport "English" name comes from the simulator AFD/AFCAD files via MakeRunways and Compile Airport Database. If you have a facilities file in place with the correct name, running both these steps should address the situation. simon
  3. Optimize by volume question

    The problem you are seeing is the simulator tells us is "I am paused" right at the start of talking to STB: 3/9/2018 3:51:45 AM.606: >< SimulatorState.ChangePauseChanged current:1, previous:False In the above trace line "1" is the same as true, which means simulator is paused. We never a receive change state to unpaused. That's not the behaviour I see happening here, where pressing the pause key in the simulator triggers the correct sequence of events to be recorded in STB. Let's study this a little further. With your trace configuration in STB still set to verbose, please connect to the simulator, then pause it and unpause it several times. Please close STB and send the trace file again, and I'll see what events the simulator is sending us. I'm afraid it's not as simple as having the optimize commands ignore the pause state, it's a necessary thing for stability in several areas. Thanks Simon
  4. Optimize by volume question

    I'd kindly request patience. I'm on the other side of the world to you and Flight Simulation is just a part time occupation and yours is not the only problem to deal with. Thanks Simon
  5. Optimize by volume question

    Hi Mark If the STB Simulator Plugin isn't installed into the simulator for some reason, we can't delete AI aircraft properly while the simulator is paused. However you say it's not paused, so we need to find out what's going on. Please set up a trace (Help -> Trace Settings in STB), select "Verbose", reproduce the problem, close STB, then send me the trace file please.
  6. It's usually greyed out when STB is configured to connect to a local simulator rather than a remote one. Do you have a simconnect.cfg in My Documents? That's the trigger. At this point you best course of action may be to start over with the configuration wizard. Even with a SimConnect.cfg in place, there's another part of the config missing also that must be put back into place (Sim Computer Name = null in your screenshot). In STB choose "Reshow Configuration Wizard", restart, and work through the wizard.
  7. First thing to check is your IP addresses and port numbers match up on either end of the WCF connection. If you've never changed the port numbers, it's likely to be a problem with the IP address/P3D computer name registered in the STB client, or a firewall block. 1) Check the STB Data Server section. Here the computer name or IP address of your "Sim Computer" (i.e. your Prepar3D computer) is shown. 2) Check the information matches in your TrafficBoardFrontEnd.exe.config file: <client> <endpoint address="net.tcp://theoden:32123/stbdata/Ut2Service" binding="netTcpBinding" bindingConfiguration="NetTcpBinding_IStbData" contract="IStbUt2Data" name="NetTcpBinding_IStbData" /> <endpoint address="net.tcp://theoden:32123/stbdata/AirportService" binding="netTcpBinding" bindingConfiguration="NetTcpBinding_IStbData" contract="IStbAirportData" name="NetTcpBinding_IStbData" /> </client> The "net.tcp://" section should refer to the IP address or computer name of your Prepar3D computer as per the setting screenshot. Thanks Simon
  8. Important Note: Going forward, I will only be adding new functionality for Prepar3D V4.2 and onwards, as Lockheed Martin fix many import bugs and introduce new features with the point releases. If you have not already upgraded to V4.2, I strongly urge you to consider doing so. For the STB V4 client, you must have the STB V4 client product already installed AND Prepar3D V4.2 or later. The update can be found at: http://bit.ly/2C5LD8U And the STB V4 Data Server for those of you running STB Client and Prepar3D-V4.2 on separate computers is can be found here (both an update for existing installations and a standalone installer): http://bit.ly/2sDTUNw STB Client Summary of Changes: ⦁ NEW: Added support for Enhanced AI views using the P3D Camera system, using the AI Centre as a camera target. This brings back the extended view AI commands lost between V3-V4; ⦁ Removed Enhanced View AI configuration from the settings notebook and wizard experience, no longer requires changes to Prepar3d.cfg following P3D V4.2; ⦁ NEW: Added the "Optimise by schedule" capability; ⦁ Enhanced the "Optimise by location" capability to delete remote parked aircraft due to depart after a certain number of minutes beyond the current simulator time; ⦁ Remember values specified in "Optimisation by Volume" across STB Client sessions; ⦁ Fixed deployment error for ORBX FTX AU AI Logos, which resulted in some missing airline logos; ⦁ Fixed deployment error for STB Common Add-on, which resulted in content errors being reported for "STB Tag"; ⦁ Adoption of Prepar3D V4.2 SimConnect client; STB Data Server Summary of Changes: ⦁ Removed Enhanced View AI configuration from the settings notebook and wizard experience, no longer requires changes to Prepar3d.cfg following P3D V4.2; ⦁ Fix Installer so the exe.config is not overwritten during the update process; ⦁ Detect and report SimConnect version mismatch exception; ⦁ Close form when simulator closes API (Except when a SimConnect version mismatch message must be displayed first); ⦁ Adoption of SimConnect Client V4.2; Simon
  9. Return of Enhanced View AI

    This one turned out to be an easy one, because all I needed to do was restore the Prepar3D V3 code for this function and tidy a few things up. Hence we have availability of the next update in days rather than weeks. It would be well worth thanking Lockheed Martin for being responsive to developers and end users alike. Simon
  10. The next update includes a new optimisation technique to add to all those already there. Here we have "Optimise by schedule", this works through your list of departures (materialised departures, i.e. those with an actual AI aircraft in the simulator not future ones waiting for an arrival to be turned around), and deletes AI until all schedules are separated by at least a minimum number of minutes. This is great if you have a busy airport with real world schedules, which can often mean several aircraft depart at the same time causing taxiway and runway bottlenecks. Here's an example..... 1) We start off with YSSY using ORBX FTX AU AI. As far as I know, this is real world schedule based. Plenty of AI materialised departures leaving at similar or exact times. 2) Now let's tell STB to work through this list and ensure all departures are at least 5 minutes apart: You can change the schedule gap as you see fit. After the command has done it's work, here what's the departures now look like with everyone separated by 5 or more minutes: You can do this as often as you like, for example if arrivals turning around into next leg departures start overwhelming the time slots again. It can also be used with the other optimization techniques, for example deleting all departures due to leave after X minutes from now, and reducing the number of AI in the simulator by X percent. Simon Simon
  11. Over the Horizon

    So what's coming a little further down the line? A couple of things spring to mind that I'd like to do, subject to the usual caveats of time and simulator permitting: 1) Content for Just Flight Traffic Global. I'm already in contact with Just Flight regarding this. 2) Fly-by/Drive-by AI view. "Fly" is while the aircraft is airborne, and "Drive" while on the ground. This can be done via an observer, the trick is the observer has to be moved every so often so the "flyby" is repeated. Should work just like the flyby for the user aircraft. Simon
  12. Return of Enhanced View AI

    It's better than I could ever have hoped for. The above change to the SDK reintroduces the exact capability we lost going from V3 to V4, the ability of the simulator to render external AI models when using the camera system. I am seriously impressed. When I first reported the loss to Lockheed Martin they kindly investigated and concluded it was never quite meant to work the way it did in Prepar3D V3, so they fixed it (and broke it for STB) in V4. I asked, "do you think you might add this back to a future version", and today I have the answer a resounding "YES". Well done Lockheed Martin. And because we are rending the complete external model, all views we became use to in V3 will return, and without any messing around with Prepar3D.cfg I will get this built into an update just as soon as I can, although of course everything described above can only work with Prepar3D V4.2 Simon
  13. Return of Enhanced View AI

    And just as I write this, I see P3D 4.2 is released with the following in the SDK: " Added SimConnect camera type to create external AI cameras " Be interesting to see what that brings!
  14. I'm working on bringing back some of the enhanced views we lost going from Prepare3D V3 to V4. "Unfortunately" Lockheed Martin fixed a bug in this transition which no longer renders the AI external model in the camera available to me. This means I can only provide views looking outwards from the aircraft, those views looking inwards no longer make sense. Here's the options you are likely to see: This will depend on the AI virtual cockpit rendering not having any negative effects, which is new to V4. Simon
  15. STB and UTLive

    You'll see your options are covered in page 25 of the user guide, "Improving the presentation of Ultimate Traffic Live and other externally created flights". UTLive is supported, there are just a restrictions compared with other AI solutions. Simon