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  1. flying-w

    I got an issue among many :)

    Send me the simconnect.xml from the LM Program Data Folder and I'll have a look Thanks Simon
  2. flying-w

    Is there a way to go back?

    1. Already done, 30 seconds work. Expect it in the next beta!
  3. flying-w

    Is there a way to go back?

    1. It means there are still problems in your Traffic BGLs. However I will consider moving this to the new content error reporting system so you can turn that message off. 2. Add the "Object ID" column to your display. Set up a trace as per Appendix C of the user guide, restart STB, reproduce the problem, send me the trace file and a new screenshot showing one the problem. Make sure the Object ID value is visible for each flight in the screenshot. 3. Can't really imagine what it is without a picture. What version of STB are you currently using? Thanks Simon
  4. flying-w

    Airport names

    Sorry I'm afraid there isn't - the airport names come from the simulator AFD files so you'd need to change it there. Simon
  5. flying-w

    New Router and cannot now connect to Data Server

    I've no idea how Windows goes about figuring out the computer name to IP address to MAC address relationship, but I guess it just took its sweet time on this one. Typilcally there's no meaningful error with this sort of thing, just "connection timed out" which is all Microsoft is prepared to tell us. Simon
  6. flying-w

    Is there a way to go back?

    Cancelled arrivals are typically flights expected to happen on the basis of the traffic BGLs, however for whatever reason the simulator never created them. The number of flights you see at any particular airport is highly dependent on the choice of AI package, quality of schedules therein and the airports involved having sufficient parking for the demands of the traffic BGLs. What you see is not unreasonable, but like I say there's no hard and fast rule. Simon
  7. flying-w

    Compiler crashing with Multi-week plans

    Good to hear, thanks for letting me know. Simon
  8. flying-w

    Compiler crashing with Multi-week plans

    I'd like to think it's all complete in the "Official Update", not had any reports of trouble from anyone while it was in beta. You must be on 4.2.2018.20200 or later for this to work, as it changes the content of the traffic BGLs I read. Simon
  9. flying-w

    Compiler crashing with Multi-week plans

    Please see the following: "Major upgrade of the STB Date-Time architecture to support 64bit values and multiweek schedules. The latter provide schedule repeat periods of TWO, FIVE and EIGHT WEEKS in addition to the default. " FSX never claimed to support multiweek schedules for AI aircraft so we are all fortunate this is working in any shape or form. Simon
  10. Here's the next beta update for STB for Prepar3D V4, with the following changes since the last official update: Summary of Changes in V4.2.2018.26800 · Phase 1 of the STB Content Error Reporting system. Content errors are problems with data content such as errors with logos, airports or traffic schedules. Content Errors can be suppressed or reported in dialogue via Trace Settings in the UI. Phase 1 adds logo related errors to the reporting system. · Fixed bug where calculating departed at times for departure remarks could cause an exception. If insufficient data exists to make the calculation, it no longer happens. · Bug Fix: Predicted and materialized AI flights failed to reconcile and created duplicate flights on the board for schedule repeat periods less than a day and for the 2nd or greater repeat period within a day. · Bug Fix: Added exception handling to the methods that handle callbacks from Simconnect that would otherwise fail silently. Bug Fix: Obtain user SimObjectID from simulator instead of defaulting value. · Bug Fix: Correctly round schedule times to the nearest minute instead of always rounding down. · You can download the STB Client update from here: http://bit.ly/2QVB7p3 And the STB Data Server combined update and installer from here: http://bit.ly/2QZJRdN Simon
  11. flying-w

    Configuration crash

    It means in your scenario the file is required, it was always going to be a long shot.
  12. flying-w

    Configuration crash

    Last two suggestions I'm afraid: 1) Delete trafficboardfrontend.exe.config 2) If that does not help, consider reinstalling Microsoft .net V2 and V3.5 Sorry I can't find a better solution. Simon
  13. flying-w


    OK, It's one of your "Piedmont" flights. Most are fine, but one is crashing. I'll have to add more debug to determine what the problem is, because it looks fine from the trace. Simon
  14. flying-w

    Is there a way to go back?

    There's a mismatch in your airport database files, so something went amiss somewhere when you were uninstalling. Go to your STB Application Folder, then the Database folder, then delete files ending in ".bin". C:\Users\simon\AppData\Roaming\FlyingWSimulation\SuperTrafficBoard V4 Client\Prepar3D V4\Database
  15. flying-w


    Bob, Not sure what you are doing here. None of the trace files demonstrate the problem you are experiencing. What you need to do is..... 1) Set the trace level to verbose 2) Reproduce your problem 3) Close STB 4) Send me the trace file, and reset the trace level to something less than verbose. Thanks Simon

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