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  1. Not sure I can add anything to "depict GA flights plans", apart from the logo is there something else missing or undesirable? For the logo, no good off the shelf answer so let me turn it around to you: If you feel the generated logos containing the registration are insufficient, how would you like it to work? Simon
  2. flying-w

    AIG flight plans

    For me to even consider doing so, they would need to provide and maintain an API. Given how challenging that was with other vendors, it's hard to see happening here I'm sorry to say.
  3. flying-w

    AIG flight plans

    From the RealTraffic website: "Depending on which simulator you are flying, it then injects this traffic so you can fly with it, or foll". And that's the problem, because the traffic is added externally rather than a traditional scenery file, the simulator only has very limited information available, which is why you see what you see on STB. Please see http://www.supertrafficboard.com/ExternalSchedulingEngineSupport.html Simon
  4. flying-w

    AIG flight plans

    This situation is something new. All the information you see in the screen is provided by the simulator to STB. If STB shows "????", that's the best information the simulator has to give. The real question here is where are those flights coming from, are they really AIG or something else. What you are seeing is typical of externally scheduled AI packages such as UTLive, but I've not come across a BGL based package having this effect before. Please set up a verbose trace as per appendix C of the user guide, reproduce the problem as you see it, close STB, and send me the trace file please. Thanks Simon
  5. flying-w

    AIG flight plans

    Again, that's something else. I can't guess the problem, please provide a screenshot. Simon
  6. flying-w

    AIG flight plans

    STB reads all flight plans known to the simulator when you do "Compile Airport Database". I don't understand what you mean by "no to or from data", that's something else. Screenshot please? Simon
  7. flying-w

    Clip ai radius?

    Hello Mark I'm not aware of any way to do this, reduce the area in which the simulator creates AI. Thanks Simon
  8. flying-w

    STB & Prepar3d 4.4 & UTLIVE

    Good time to visit, who knows what will happen after March but it's not going to be good if carries on like this. The views you refer to are part of what we cann "Enhanced View AI", and this is something that LM implemented very well in SimConnect for Prepar3D. The observer based views (from runway, parking, etc) and very good also, and "flyby" is just outstanding! Simon
  9. flying-w

    Following AI main window - new window

    Not at present. The reason it's the main view is I tended to find opening a second window containing AI aircraft to be too damaging towards FPS. That said I can look into it at some point this year, although there could be some technical problems to managing this. Would you want to have a new window open each time you View AI, so you could end up with many windows, or just one separate "AI window" which changes with each AI View? Simon
  10. I've updated the airlines configuration and logo collection for the recently released Traffic Global Early Access V1.1.0.9 Please see here for everything you need: Simon
  11. flying-w

    STB & Prepar3d 4.4 & UTLIVE

    Yes, working as designed. There's no API in UTLive like there was in UT2, so some information is missing and some things don't work. See here for details: http://www.supertrafficboard.com/ExternalSchedulingEngineSupport.html This is a long standing bug in the simulator, even present in FSX all that time ago. Instead of "View AI", try one of the other views such as one of the following from the context menu: These have a different code path and I've not known them to fail. Simon
  12. Always glad of positive feedback (and negative too I guess!)
  13. Considering the trouble these simulators have managing aircraft on final approach and taxi, one can only imagine the same chaos for boats! Love the video, the only boat to get any respect is the Carrier!
  14. flying-w

    Flight number "0710" repeated

    ok, no problem, if it shows up again please consider the problem determination suggestions from a few days ago.
  15. flying-w

    Flight number "0710" repeated

    How are you determining the "actual flight numbers show up in the sim and parked at the gate"? All I see on your screenshot is real flights.

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