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  1. Which line in the XML is line 850301? Thanks Simon
  2. Hi Please check the XML file as suggested in the error messsage, it sounds like there may be a problem with one particular airport (LFLL) in that file. If you can't work out the problem from that, please post it here. Thanks Simon
  3. Hi Tom, STB for Prepar3D V4 is a separate product to STB for Prepar3D V5, however the latter is free for customers of the former. Please visit your place of purchase and you should find a suitable download of the full product for V5. Simon
  4. Hello Tom, Have you downloaded and installed the STB client from whereever you happened to purchase STB? That is where TrafficBoardFrontEnd.exe comes from. By the way, if you are running both P3D and STB on the same computer, you don't need STB Data Server. Thanks Simon
  5. Very sorry, for some reason the forum forgot to notify me about your problem. Can you send me the following files please? It's almost always a configuration or firewall issue. 1) STB Client a) TrafficBoardFrontEnd.exe.config, which is in your install folder. b) SimConnect.cfg from My Documents 2) Simulator Computer 1) SimConnect.xml from your Prepar3D Application Data folder 2) STBServer.exe.config, from your STB Server install folder. Thanks Simon
  6. Hi Luciano Yes, FlightSimStore seemed to go out of business. EMail me a copy of your order and I'll organise a download. Thanks Simon
  7. Hi Luciano If you mean the STB Client V5 base product, that will be downloaded from wherever you purchased from. Otherwise if you mean the update, the details of that are on the website: http://www.supertrafficboard.com/Downloads.html Simon
  8. I'll be glad to help. Which link is causing the problem? When I click on both in Firefox it works fine, but if I click in Chrome it does nothing. What browser are you using? Simon
  9. I'm not sure why that is, I can attatch up to 4.88MB here. In any case, please email it: simon@supertrafficboard.com
  10. Hello. Thank you for your question. Could you provide another screenshot please? The one above is too small to see on my computer. Thanks Simon
  11. You can follow the ongoing discussion here: https://www.alpha-india.net/forums/index.php?topic=35254.0 It is very early days right now, I can't say how much effort it might take or whether it will happen at all and how that might be packaged. What I'll say for sure is it cannot take the amount of time that UT2 support took way back when. Simon
  12. Yes, just tested it. Works exactly like UT2 and UTLive in the sense of injecting traffic. Unfortuately there is no information available to me about planes sat at the gate. When do they depart, where do they go? Not even P3D can tell me that until AIG loads a flight plan when the departure time (known only to AIG) occurs. STB will work to a large extent, but won't show everything as it can for pure BGL traffic. Simon
  13. The real issue sounds like they are injecting traffic into the simulator based on BGLs, which is similar to the approach taken by UT2 and UTLive. When traffic is created in this way, too little information is known in SimConnect for guys like STB to know what's happening, so I'm afraid we won't be able to support that. Simon
  14. Hi Chris Very nice to hear from you, is it 2021 already there? The crash is a wonderful windows feature, just happens from time to time. Delete the following file and all will be good again: C:\Users\Chris\AppData\Local\FlyingWSimulation\TrafficboardFrontEnd.exe_Url_jxcwut2aq0yp0gqq4sgchszbftxiug3p\\user.config Thanks Simon
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