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  1. If that's how the AI is behaving, I guess all STB is doing is to faithfully report that fact. The earliest AI arrivals do seem to have problems sometimes, for example suicidal decent rates to make the runway then they are going to fast to land. Simon
  2. Thanks! In the coming days (or perhaps weeks) there will be another update. Probably no changes to the code, but just to keep up with the avalanche of content from AIG just lately. Simon
  3. flying-w

    Not sure its a problem with P3dv4.5

    Strange one Bob! When the box is yellow, it means we've not received the "simulation started" so we think P3D is in a menu or dialogue or is paused rather than flying. How do you rate P3D V4.5? Simon
  4. Sorry to say from my side I've no idea what's changed in the scenery library. The simulator has some idea things have changed of course, but it's not externalised to third parties. Simon
  5. Sorry to say the link does not provide a picture. Please update. Thanks Simon
  6. Thanks for the feedback, no matter how much you exercise it, the news is always welcome. Simon
  7. Already done and released as a beta update, see the latest on this very forum! OK granted more airlines have come since then, but I won't be doing daily updates 🙂 Sorry to say I'm not in either. Never used either I'm afraid, just don't have the time for that. On the rare occasions I needed something custom, I used the TrafficDatabaseBuilder.exe in the SDK The AI implementation is all about compromise to make it work the best, since it's had little real attention since FS2002/4. There's a real opportunity here, its one thing P3D currently does better than XPlane (IMHO, and there's a great deal to like about both by the way). Just not enough bit's in the BGL to store time in the flight plan, so accuracy goes particularly with the longer repeat periods. Simon
  8. About STB Betas: Betas offer “leading edge” changes and are the fastest way to get new functions and bug fixes. Compared to “official updates” they may have received slightly less testing with an ongoing effort to bring testing up to "Official Update" standards. The risks are small but should be understood, and I'm here to help with any beta issues. It’s highly valuabled to us when people try betas, and report their experiences as they wish. Here's the next beta update for STB for Prepar3D V4, the first of 2019 with the following changes since the last official update: Summary of Changes in V4.2.2019.08800 Added name and location of the simulator Traffic BGL file supplying each flight to the flight details dialogue. Added content support for Alpha India Group (AIG) “One Click Installer”, covering all airlines suitable for the OCI up to March 2019. Update Make Runways utilities to V4.8.7.1. Fixed bug which ignored flight plans described in a schedule BGL file where the file extension (BGL) is in upper case. Fixed bug that caused mismatches between materialized flights and predicted flights where the aircraft title > 32 characters. We now support titles up to 64 characters. Fixed various problems with reporting blank, null or whitespace-based paths occurring in simulator configuration files, to the content error reporting system. Fixed exception generated when a keyword=value pair occurring in a simulator configuration file contains a value which itself contains one or more equals signs. Fix problem where STB operated aircraft would not go through departure workflow. Fix incorrectly calculated next departure flight schedule time in flight details dialogue. Deprecation of the majority of legacy UT2 code. You can download the STB Client update from here: http://bit.ly/2WqI7fe And the STB Data Server combined update and installer from here (only required on the Prepar3D computer when running STB Client on a separate computer: http://bit.ly/2HLpdfT Simon
  9. AIG is stellar, I'm glad I took the trouble to download the OCI and it's all so effortless (time consuming yes, but it was like that with WOAI to) and there's just nothing hard about it. The content is coming along. I've about 30 airlines left requiring IATA codes (down from around 200 at the start), plus a bunch more logos. This may come in two waves, as some logos we can make do with for the time being until they all get upgraded. PS. A lot better now - thanks for asking. Personally the last 4 months have been a difficult journey, as where the last 4 years before that (professionally speaking). Simon
  10. Just checked, I think the latest version is there: What are you seeing? When I first uploaded this, I noted some latency before the files showed up on the public side of the web page, and I also had to clean my browser cache. Thanks Simon
  11. No problem, glad we fixed it. Thanks Simon
  12. Hello Uwe In my development system, the user aircraft time was calculated correctly. I've added some additional debug information in case you still have problems, and I will produce a new beta just as soon as I can. At the present time, that's some days away due to other changes, but I'll get done as quickly as I can. Once it's available, I'd like you to install it. If the problem is still there, I'll need a verbose trace to examine it. Thanks Simon
  13. Thank you - that actually makes a lot of sense as we made many changes to STB's understanding of dates and times to support multi-week scehdules in AI flight plans from AIG. It's likely there's a problem with that implementation for user aircraft. Like I say, I'll investigate. Simon
  14. OK, so I think you are saying: "The user aircraft departure date/time is incorrect when I try to set it a certain number of minutes from "now" in the simulator. If that's the case, I'll look into it. Thanks Simon

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