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  1. I'd like more details please. Tell me exactly what happens from when you start STB to when you see this error message. It beings to sound like your Prepar3D is not installed correctly or there is a problem with the registry keys. Simon
  2. If you search this forum for the error, "System.Configuration.ConfigurationErrorsException", you will find the answer! Please delete the file mentioned in the message and all will be well again.
  3. Yep, Thanks to something strange happening in .net outside of my control, we get this problem from time to time. Just delete the file mentioned in the message, and all will be well again. Simon
  4. Many thanks, I'll add the functionality into P3DV5 now so both are back up to date with each other.
  5. Callsign is the correct definition, becuase that's what it is. If you look purely at the P3D aircraft.cfg, atc_airline is by convention the callsign used by the default ATC. P3D does not really understand real world airline names (for example BA being equivalent to callsign Speedbird) in a consistent way that's also accessible to me via SimConnect, so I worked around that by including a facility to translate the callsign to the airline name through a user configurable table. Over the years, I've kept that up to date for as many of the AI packages as possible, but Traffic Global and AIG seem to be the only ones active now. That said, at an STB level you can put what you want for the user aicraft callsign. I can't change what the Simulator is using from my side of the world, but I can use your choice as the lookup key for the airline table and presentation of logos. So if you prefer, you can specify "British Airways" as the call sign and it will look for a logo called British Airways.png Simon
  6. My glass is definitely half full, well more than half full when it comes to MSFS in general. It's no good for airliner flying but that I have P3D and my beloved QW757 for example, but for GA experiences and VFR it's a big step up for me. I've deleted anything VFR related from P3D now, said goodbye to a fair bit of pure photoscenery like the old Horizon UK VFR and recovered a fair bit of disk space. We'll see how the SimConnect story plays out from here. Rome wasn't built in a day, much to look forward to.
  7. sorry, the logo must correspond to the callsign, otherwise a fundamental re-resdesign of STB would be required.
  8. So just a point of clarity first of all, you mention both STB and STB-DS in your previous post, but we are really only talking STB-DS here? The configuration wizard creates the add-on.xml, so after install you need to run STB-DS once to go through that. As far as I recall it runs anyway following the installation so you can do just that. Do you get that far? To disable, just move the addon.xml file from the STB-DS folder in MyDocuments somewhere else, or rename it. Simon
  9. Sorry I don't know what the problem is here, no other reports of this. Neither STB nor STB-DS interact with the prepar3d.cfg. Have you compared the content of the cfg for differences? The only thing I can think of is it's something to do with the process P3D uses to launch add-ons, such as STB-DS itself or the simulator plugin. If you decide to install again and see the same problem, it might be worth disabling them in the STB-DS addon.xml found in My Documents. Assuming the simulator comes up at that point, start STB-DS manually. Simon
  10. Sorry to say after looking through it SimConnect is not terribly viable where STB is concerned. I'm sure that will improve, but there's little that can be done right now.
  11. The quick way is either as you already say into one of the AI add-on folders or you can create your own folder for airline logos and register that folder with STB from where they are used automatically. I'd say that's sufficient right now.
  12. Just wanted to throw out some thoughts about the possibilities of bringing STB to MSFS 2020 and some of the things that may change along the way. Only just caught sight of the SDK, not seen until I received my release copy so not had a chance to consider the content. Lots of bad reports about SimConnect already, so it may not be in a fit state for apps like STB for some time. It will need to do more than FSX/P3D, particularly in providing information about airport facilities. The commercial arrangements for this simulator are different to what has gone before. I will not be able to included airline logos for example, because unlike Microsoft I do not have the means to reach out to every airline. However I will leave the infrastructure in place, so if you happen to have logos from somewhere else (don't overthink this!) you'll be OK. There will be no STB Data Server, so STB will only run on the same computer as the simulator. STB DS is the number one support issue and the effort to provide this is beyond what it returns. That's all I have for now, it will be a long journey. Feel free to comment. Thanks Simon
  13. Here we go...... Build 230: https://bit.ly/31aOEjm
  14. I'll look to see if something can be done with callsign to save you having to edit the file, is that going to be everything you need here?
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