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  1. flying-w

    Issue with auto airport

    Auto select and the list of airports in the pull down only work for airports that have a certain amount of AI traffic present. This is to avoid the list being overwhelmed by airports with just a small number of flights. You can change the threshold in the Settings Notebook, Board Control tab, and "Airport Movement Display Threshold". The default value is 8, which means the airport must have 8 or more flights present to show up in the list (or be eligible for Auto Select). Simon
  2. flying-w

    Sound in AI views

    If the Camera is pointing at the User Aircraft, there is no way to stop it. The simulator does not necessarily wait for me to set the user aircraft location every frame, so sometime it drifts on a per frame basis. The way to solve this is to use one of the enhanced cameras or observers, which all point at the AI instead. In other words, anything other than the "View AI" command. Simon
  3. flying-w

    hope you can help with this

    Can you tell me a bit more about what you were doing with STB and Prepar3D at the time of the crash please? All that's happening is STB is being disconnected, either at your request or because the simulator is closing down. If the latter, I probably should not be sending any further SimConnect requests. If the simulator crashes, that'a an LM problem. Simon
  4. flying-w

    Sound in AI views

    Sounds like a Prepar3D issue rather than STB, we don't have any control over sound. Can you reproduce the problem using the default traffic supplied with Prepar3D? That's the only way to get LM to investigate. Simon
  5. flying-w

    Exception error

    Thanks - I'm trying to reproduce the problem but no luck so far. Which airport was your user aircraft at, and which AI traffic package do you use? Simon
  6. While the new Just Flight Traffic Global is going through "Early Access", it's likely the content will change much faster than I can make and publish official installer based updates for STB. With that in mind and the need to cover legacy versions of STB also, here's a guide for how to configure your STB for Traffic Global to get the latest in logos, airline data and aircraft data. As changes occur (e.g. new logos etc.) I'll make announcements here and at Just Flight. How to configure STB for Just Flight Traffic Global.pdf (Note: The latest STB V4.2.2018.13500 for Prepar3D-V4.2 product update has content for Traffic Global, but it is not up to date with the latest developments in Traffic Global. Therefore I still recommend you use the procedure described here When Traffic Global exits Early Access, I'll look at providing an official STB product update).
  7. Thanks - some clarification will be required here. I'll work with SimMarket to resolve it.
  8. As discussed elsewhere, this isn't in the update. It's a significant piece of work and based on the info available at the time I wanted to wait and see if this becomes a permanent feature of AIGs work.
  9. flying-w

    Exception error

    Hi Steve Thanks for the report - we need to get a better understanding of how the situation occurred. It's a tough one if it takes 60 minutes to show up, but we'll need a trace set up as per appendix C of the user guide. The trace file may be very big given the time, but they usually zip down very well. So just set the trace up, wait for the error to show up again then send me the trace file. Thanks Simon
  10. flying-w

    New style multi week flightplans from AIG

    Thanks - it's on the list of things to do for a future updates.
  11. At the present time I don't have any updates to STB for FSX planned. If it's the Traffic Global content you are interested in, I'll publish a procedure on how to do it for FSX over the weekend. Simon
  12. flying-w

    Issue with last update and Traffic Global

    Thanks for letting me know, we've all been in the dumb mistakes section with one thing or another :-) Simon
  13. Not sure I understand it either, I've no visibility of what files any of the shops send out. I'll have to ask them, what are the names of the other two files they sent you? What I can say for sure is 1) "STB_4.0.2017.21200_Prepar3d_v4.Setup.exe" is the correct base installer for "STB V4 for Prepar3D V4.2" 2) Yes, the latest update for "STB V4 for Prepar3D V4.2" is V4.2.2018.13500, accessible from http://bit.ly/2IHyrtD 3) You can't install the update (2018.13500) unless you already have the base (2017.21200 or later) installed. Simon
  14. flying-w

    Hot Keys in STB Client

    One of the main focuses of update 4.2.2018.13500 was to roll out a more comprehensive support for hotkeys. During development of the flyby observer, I liked the ability to zoom the observer in and out and switch the side of the AI aircraft the observer is looking at using hotkeys rather than having to dig into the right click context menu. There will always be a role for the context menu, but the comprehensive coverage it provides can make it a little harder to do common things quickly. The hot key facility means you can map your function keys (F1 through F12) to common STB commands. The configuration is done through the commands tab of the Settings Notebook: Hopefully the names of the commands are self explanatory. Simply press one of the keys and STB will perform the appropriate command. Of course you still need to select a flight by clicking before pressing the HotKey so STB knows which flight you are interested in. In the Arrivals/Departures split screen, you can select two flights at the same time, so a hotkey is always applied to whichever flight you selected last. Remember to ensure STB has windows focus when pressing the hotkey, it's easy to have Prepar3D as the active window instead! Here's the complete list of commands available now: I may add a few more if there's a demand for it. Simon

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