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  1. The latest official updates can be found here in this forum, and also the beta updates. They don't usually end up in the shops, just the base product.
  2. This problem is well understood, and caused by a traffic file (BGL) that does not contain any flights. Two choices 1) rename " D:\Users\Rick\Documents\Prepar3D v4 Add-ons\TrafficGlobal\scenery\TrafficGlobal_myFlights.bgl " to something other than .bgl. 2) Update your STB, I fixed this in recent updates both for FSX and Prepar3D V4. What version of STB are you currently using? Thanks Simon
  3. flying-w

    Controlling AI

    I presume you mean this: The user guide is your friend here, as it does not work the way you have imagined it to. The topic "Aircraft Configuration Table" talks about this area, and specifically: The columns in the configuration table are: o FS Aircraft uniquely identifies the aircraft as Prepar3D knows it. This value is derived by combining the aircraft name and model values from the aircraft.cfg file. o TB Aircraft defines the value presented on the board when the corresponding FS Aircraft is used for a flight. You can change this value to change the names of aircraft on the board. o Departure Flaps Handle enables you to specify what flaps deployment a departing aircraft should use for taxi-out and takeoff. The range of values varies by aircraft capability. o Cruise Altitude is used for flight plans dynamically created for aircraft that are “moved to the stand” by STB Flight Control, and in response to “Depart Now” commands. o Cruise Speed is used when the user aircraft is listed on the board. And just to elaborate in the context you are talking about: 1) Departure Flaps Handle is for AI aircraft. It is applied during the departure cycle. 2) Cruise altitude is set in the flight plan for those situations where STB needs to create a brand new flight for an AI flight that's been lost or you want to depart now. It's up to the simulator to honour that request. 3) Cruise speed is used to calcuate an approximate schedule for the user aircraft, if you have that listed also. The user aircraft is the one you choose to sit in and fly in the simulator. Everything else is AI.
  4. flying-w

    Just Flight Traffic Global

    Can you explain the steps to create this scenario please? If you don't have an actual user aircraft that could cause us a problem Thanks Simon
  5. flying-w

    Just Flight Traffic Global

    Sorry I overlooked this question first time around. Follow AI does it's best to pursade the simulator to keep the AI aircraft alive, but sometimes it is not successful. What is the distance between your user aircraft and the AI at the time it disappears? If you see the chosen AI to begin with, and the view then changes to some other AI aircraft (such as a Cub) for no good reason, it sounds like the simulator decided to delete your AI. If it is reproducable, set up a "Verbose Trace" as per Appendix C of the user guide, reproduce the problem and send me the trace file. Simon
  6. flying-w

    Ultimate tweak for UTLive help please

    "Traditional" AI solutions such as Traffic Global, MyTraffic, ORBX, AIG etc. all use standard simulator technology for the management of AI aircraft and hence all the information I need is available from the simulator. This means there is no guess work on my part, and I can present the exact data whenever I need it (so you will not see "????" with these packages for example). In my view, these packages are the most compatible with STB. For those sitting outside and "injecting" traffic into the simulator (such as UTLive and others), far less information is available to me. This not only affects presentation of flight listings, but also some of the interactive commands cannot work correctly. My understanding of what works and what does not can be found on the website. We can only present our best estimate of UTLive times (i.e. replace the "????") when an event occurs in the simulator that allows us to connect the time to the current simulator time. For example when we are notified an aircraft is taking off, we can set a departure time. If the events do not occur for some reason, the information cannot be updated.
  7. flying-w

    Just Flight Traffic Global

    What version of STB do you have exactly? The content for Traffic Global evolves as the product itself evolves. In .7 there's around 10 or so new airlines that I need to build content for. Older updates for STB for Prepar3D will have less Traffic Global content than the more recent ones. I'm not seeing any problems here, this is (beta) version 20200: Be aware that different AI vendors are not always consistent with their callsigns, and sometimes don't match the real world or those used by other vendors. I'm not levelling such criticisms at anyone specifically, I've seen it across the board. What it does mean is when content grows as it is doing with Global, I can't always reuse what I already have. Simon
  8. flying-w

    I have a problem with AIFP and STB

    STB does have a limit on the number of flights it can store in the database, simply put there are somethings that still have a 32bit orientation even though the entire app is now compiled to 64bit. I don't think that has a bearing on your current issues. Flights that stay scheduled may have three causes: 1) The simulator tries to create them at the appointed time, but fails to do so because of a configuration problem (e.g. aircraft.cfg) 2) The simulator tries to create them but fails due to airport capacity, e.g. all available parking slots already occupied. 3) STB has worked out the time wrong for some reason. You can dismiss the first one by trying the "arrive now" command, or depart now if there are lots of free parking spaces. If the flight gets created by the simulator, albiet with a different schedule, there are no AI configuratio problems present. The second one, just a case of reducing the sliders or getting an up to date and accurate AFD. The final one can never happen since I am perfect! Well actually I'm very far from being perfect, so the real question here is does the schedule presented in STB match that provided by AIFP?
  9. flying-w

    Flight Selection

    Sorry - there isn't. Simon
  10. flying-w

    wrong AI Plane shown when selecting View AI

    Thanks - that's a good test case. I need to add some code to see what the simulator is really thinking about when your View AI command is sent. That's a job for tonight, I'll send you an update when it's done. It won't fix your problem, but may help understand it better. Simon
  11. flying-w

    I have a problem with AIFP and STB

    Not sure it's AIFP causing that, there's nothing special you need to do concerning that tool. The only comment I'd make is if you are using multi-week schedules and AFAIK know AIFP is the only tool that may support that, get the latest STB for Prepar3D update. The error's coming straight from Windows, STB is only reflecting it to you. I can't imagine why you would be denied read access to Program Files. It won't help you right now, but I plan a "silent mode" for compiling the airport database where content errors are written to file rather than reported in dialogue boxes. Thanks Simon
  12. flying-w


    Looks great, why aren't there enough hours in the day these days?
  13. flying-w

    wrong AI Plane shown when selecting View AI

    It's not my problem to fix, it's in Prepar3D. However I'll take a look at a trace of the problem if you like 1) Create the scenario where View AI fails with as few AI aircraft as possible 2) Enable "Verbose" tracing in STB, see Appendix C of user guide 3) Add the ObjectID column to your arrivals and departures 4) Reproduce the problem, and take a screenshot of STB. Let me know which AI you where trying to look at 5) Exit STB and send me the trace file. Thanks Simon
  14. flying-w


    SimConnect will tell us the ICAO codes for the flight. If we find the ICAO in our airports database we show the full name, and that comes from the simulator AFD file (which we learn when we compile the airports database). Otherwise, we just show the ICAO. BTW, did anything get improved with KaiTak, or is it just a recompile with the P3D SDK? Simon
  15. flying-w

    wrong AI Plane shown when selecting View AI

    Prepar3D and FSX before it can have problems in this area, due to the quality of the API provided and suspected simulator bugs. 1) Do the other view related functions work, such as Tail View, View from Airport etc? You may need to update your STB if you don't have those options, and they work much better as they are using a Prepar3D API designed for the task. 2) Reduce your traffic volumes to just a few AI aircraft, does View AI work correctly then? Simon

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