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  1. I think I have that in the next update - Thanks
  2. Can you tell me about your configuration please? STB on a different computer to Prepar3D or the same computer? Version of STB installed (see about menu)? This does not sound like a connection problem but rather Windows. Thanks Simon
  3. Strange, that's the config I had. I checked the other boxes to, and finally several missing airlines showed up. Not sure what was going on, but it's as complete now as it will ever be. I'll always rely on the community pointing out errors and omissions particularly in the content, so thanks for keeping me honest with this. Simon
  4. Here's a list of the changes coming in the next STB update, currently undergoing internal testing. Will get it out there as soon as I can. Usual content (logos, airline and aircraft configurations), a new "Universal" option for content particularly useful when using multiple AI packages from different organisations and some user requested enhancements such as zulu time presentations. Watch this space! Summary of Changes in V4.2.2020.01900: • AIG OCI Content updated for all packages available to Flying-W as of 19/1/2020. • TrafficGlobal content updated for v1.1.1.2. • ORBX Australia and New Zealand AI content updated as of 19/1/2020 • Added “Universal” option as an “AI Package” choice. This should be suitable for any package and provide better content support to user with multiple packages. • Simulator related times may now be presented as Zulu Time as well as the local time zone in which the user aircraft is located. • Expanded logo support for airports. If a logo cannot be found for the user chosen airport, STB shows a "country" logo using either the first two characters of the code and failing that the first letter if either are available. • Add the US flag for ICAO codes beginning with "K" • Updated MakeRwys to Added support for altitudes containing floating point values in the runways.xml produced by MakeRwys (which are rounded to the nearest whole number by STB). • Fixed bug in synthetic “Arrived At” remark which resulted in an "at time" later than the current time to be calculated and displayed. • Code repository now GitHub based, source paths updated. Simon
  5. Thanks, and seasons greetings to your good self as well. Do you really mean FSUIPC? That's not a requirement for STB. If you are talking makerwys, new versions will be supported in the next STB update which I'm working on now.
  6. There isn't a content package (logos etc) for FLAI. This isn't necessary, STB understands the difference between the day number scheme between different versions of the simulator. Can you send me a screenshot please showing the problem with the dates to put it into context for me please? Thanks Simon
  7. Binter Canarias is not offered to me through the OCI, no idea why really as I don't limit myself to OCI only packages, and have all the options for forum downloads switched on. As I use automation tools to read the aircraft.cfg and find a corresponding logo for each callsign, if there's no aircraft.cfg covering this guy he will be missing in action. I've added a manual record into my AIG configuration for this. Interestingly that revealed a bug in the automation which was occasionally failing to process the last airline in an aircraft.cfg so some other airlines have now shown up as requiring logos and configuration. New packages coming at some point this week! Thanks Simon
  8. Is this the airline you are referring to? As you can see, they are showing up for me just fine but note the callsign of the airline concerned ("MORABEZA"). I can see callsign "Binter" in wikipedia (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Binter_Canarias), but I don't see it in AIG. Is this an OCI package? Can you tell me which package please, and a screenshot of the flight details screen showing the problem? Thanks.
  9. I had some time, so I've just uploaded logos, airline and aircraft configuration for everything I could download through AIG One Click Installer to 22/12/2019. Instructions as per those provided in the first post above.
  10. Next update of AIG content before the year is out!
  11. Sorry for the delay Cargo flights don't use ICAO/IATA in STB as there isn't a passenger flight number, so it's quite normal to see "missing" entries. The "CARGO" desgination should be enough. If it isn't, please set up a verbose trace as per Appendix C of the user guide, reproduce the problem, send me the trace files and point out an example that's wrong please (screenshots are good) Thanks Simno
  12. What are the callsigns involved please? Can you show me how those look in your airline database? Thanks Simon
  13. This does sound familiar. Which updates have you installed on STB? Thanks Simon
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