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  1. Changed it and saved it but in the Communicator it still doesn't show the correct path. It's the same old one. In fact when I look at what I saved it has returned to the old cfg. Bob G.
  2. Where can I find the scenery cfg. file for FSX SE? I want to edit the line where MTX is located but can't do using the Communicator. Bob G.
  3. Not sure if this helps you or not Burkhard. It shows the new runway 10 and 28. http://www.airnav.com/airport/KATL
  4. Using 5.4c should the runways for KATL be updated to include the changes to include runway 10 and 28?
  5. Only one flight so far. Been using the 2012 schedule to do my VA flights so I don't have a crash doing a flight and lose that time. I will do some testing today. Bob G.
  6. I removed MTX5.4c because of the ntdll.dll crashes. I will try it again but delete the file you suggest. Bob G.
  7. I guess this was never resolved. I can configure MTX to not show default FSX AI traffic, but it stil will show up the next time I load FSX. Bob G.
  8. I felt it only fitting to thank Burkhard and his team for all this application is. As a beta tester, he is great to when you have questions or problems with the beta you are testing. I see people that have the freeware edition of WOAI and I am amazed how MTX enhances my flight sim experience. When I watch the flight attendant pull up the stairs on another aircraft and close the door, it's just plain neat. When I am wait for clearance to take off and another aircraft is landing while I await clearance, it is so real to hear that aircraft noise as it passes me. Thanks to Burkhard and his team. MTX is the best. Bob G.
  9. I open ai sound levels and set it at 70%. It never changes from 50%. Does this feature work? Bob G.
  10. Andy. During Beta testing I found the gear problem to be annoying. I changed my cfg file to your settings, and as far as I can tell, it works fine. Bob G.
  11. Isn't it because the landing gear on the smaller aircraft is such a small idenity, that they would be the last to "show" up until you get close? Bob G.
  12. Why did you switch from UTX to MTX? Did you read any of the posts on the link I entered? Your laptop is not a gaming computer!! Bob G.
  13. So you have a laptop with a built in GPU. I just don't think that can handle FSX without having most of your sliders set to minimum settings. It just can't generate enough graphics fast enough to run very well. Do a Google search using "Mobile Intel 4 series express chipset. You will find many post regarding it. FSX needs a much faster CPU and a GPU with at least 1GB memory to run at a pace that would be enjoyable. Bob G.
  14. What are your system specs? Under [GRAPHICS] I see you have a TEXURE_MAX_LOAD=512. That seems to be very low. I have 4096, or even 1024 would work. What GPU are you using? Bob G.
  15. To bad he used MTX 5.2. Bob G.
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