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  1. cellular55

    No arrival for user aircraft

    Hi, I did the test: with that aircraft the flight number is OK, so it seems that the issue is related to PMDG. KR Joe
  2. cellular55

    No arrival for user aircraft

    Hi, thanks again for the prompt support. Attached the trace.. flight number is still 0 despite it is set in the aircraft.cfg. KR Joe STBClient.Trace.txt
  3. cellular55

    No arrival for user aircraft

    Hi, sorry for the delay.. attached the aicraft.cfg related the aircraft I use. KR Joe aircraft.cfg
  4. cellular55

    No arrival for user aircraft

    Hi, happy to inform that after the beta installation the issue has been solved!!! Now I see the flight at departure and arrival airports! Thanks a lot for the great support. By the way the minor issue related the flight number (displayed as LH0) is still present: is there a way to solve it?... by the way not so important. KR Joe
  5. cellular55

    No arrival for user aircraft

    Hi, thanks a lot... I will do in the week-end and let you know the results. KR Joe
  6. cellular55

    No arrival for user aircraft

    Hi, attached the flightplan KR Joe LICR Reggio Calabria - LIRZ Perugia.pln
  7. cellular55

    No arrival for user aircraft

    Hi, thanks for the prompt reply. To answer your questions: 1. STB 4.2.2018.20200 on P3D 4.4 (but was the same also with P3D 4.3). 2. All airports seem to be affected ( I cannot send a screen capture before the end of the week.. but I see my user flight at the departure airport with the right destination and parking gate info, but nothing (no row) at the arrival airport). Another minor issue (but may be significant?) is that at departure the only missing info is the flight number (displayed as 'LH0') even if I have set it in the aircraft.cfg (as 'LH955'). 3. Below an example of a flight plan I loaded: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="Windows-1252"?><SimBase.Document Type="AceXML" version="1,0"> <Descr>AceXML Document</Descr> <FlightPlan.FlightPlan> <Title>LICR Reggio Calabria - LIRZ Perugia</Title> <FPType>IFR</FPType> <RouteType>HighAlt</RouteType> <CruisingAlt>32000</CruisingAlt> <DepartureID>LICR</DepartureID> <DepartureLLA>N38° 4' 31.00", E15° 39' 21.00", +000095.50</DepartureLLA> <DestinationID>LIRZ</DestinationID> <DestinationLLA>N43° 5' 84.00", E12° 30' 60.00", +000692.50</DestinationLLA> <Descr>LICR, LIRZ</Descr> <DeparturePosition></DeparturePosition> <DepartureName>Reggio Calabria</DepartureName> <DestinationName>San Egidio</DestinationName> <AppVersion> <AppVersionMajor>10</AppVersionMajor> <AppVersionBuild>61472</AppVersionBuild> </AppVersion> <ATCWaypoint id="LICR"> <ATCWaypointType>Airport</ATCWaypointType> <WorldPosition>N38° 4' 31.00", E15° 39' 21.00", +000095.50</WorldPosition> <ICAO> <ICAOIdent>LICR</ICAOIdent> </ICAO> </ATCWaypoint> <ATCWaypoint id="PIGER"> <ATCWaypointType>Intersection</ATCWaypointType> <WorldPosition>N38° 32' 80.00",E15° 24' 40.00",+010500.00</WorldPosition> <Descr>PIGER</Descr> <ICAO> <ICAOIdent>PIGER</ICAOIdent> </ICAO> </ATCWaypoint> <ATCWaypoint id="AGNIS"> <ATCWaypointType>Intersection</ATCWaypointType> <WorldPosition>N39° 48' 40.00",E14° 45' 00.00",+034000.00</WorldPosition> <Descr>AGNIS</Descr> <ICAO> <ICAOIdent>AGNIS</ICAOIdent> </ICAO> </ATCWaypoint> <ATCWaypoint id="SOR"> <ATCWaypointType>Intersection</ATCWaypointType> <WorldPosition>N40° 34' 95.00",E14° 20' 10.00",+034000.00</WorldPosition> <Descr>SOR</Descr> <ICAO> <ICAOIdent>SOR</ICAOIdent> </ICAO> </ATCWaypoint> <ATCWaypoint id="TEA"> <ATCWaypointType>Intersection</ATCWaypointType> <WorldPosition>N41° 17' 80.00",E13° 58' 23.00",+034000.00</WorldPosition> <Descr>TEA</Descr> <ICAO> <ICAOIdent>TEA</ICAOIdent> </ICAO> </ATCWaypoint> <ATCWaypoint id="VELIM"> <ATCWaypointType>Intersection</ATCWaypointType> <WorldPosition>N42° 8' 53.00",E13° 15' 91.00",+021000.00</WorldPosition> <Descr>VELIM</Descr> <ICAO> <ICAOIdent>VELIM</ICAOIdent> </ICAO> </ATCWaypoint> <ATCWaypoint id="PRU"> <ATCWaypointType>Intersection</ATCWaypointType> <WorldPosition>N43° 6' 10.00",E12° 30' 71.00",+001000.00</WorldPosition> <Descr>PRU</Descr> <ICAO> <ICAOIdent>PRU</ICAOIdent> </ICAO> </ATCWaypoint> <ATCWaypoint id="LIRZ"> <ATCWaypointType>Airport</ATCWaypointType> <WorldPosition>N43° 5' 84.00",E12° 30' 60.00",+000692.50</WorldPosition> <Descr>LIRZ</Descr> <ICAO> <ICAOIdent>LIRZ</ICAOIdent> </ICAO> </ATCWaypoint> </FlightPlan.FlightPlan> </SimBase.Document> Thanks again and KR Joe
  8. Hi, loading a flight plan I am able to see my user flight in the board for the departure, but not at arrival airport. Is there a way to solve the issue? Thanks and KR Joe
  9. Hi Pete, yes.. all the HUBs are powered. I think taht is a problem of some connector entries: more or less the devices going disconnected are the same. Unplagging and repulugging they get back the connection. and yes .. you are right: I do not know how Windows manages that, but I have noticed that If I add a new device (even if not related to P3D) and I change the HUB connector entry of one P3D device the GUIDs change (I did that adding those lights). KR Joe
  10. Hi Pete, I will try to explain a little more and in detail. The devices are identical in the sense that the issue occurrs always on the devices on the USB HUBs. No problem with the joke, rudder pedals and the two serial devices (MCP and CDU). Issue1: Device disconnected If I launch P3D no checking before if all the devices installed on different USB HUBs are connected and one of them is disconnected (may be the connectors on hubs are not so good) I do not have only the command disappearing on the disconnected devices, but its commands move on another device connected on another Hub substituting the original assignment. In this case I have found that is enough to close P3D and relaunch it being sure that all the connections are ok (I have written a tool to check that) and everything is back to nornal. Issue 2: Adding new connection on HUB This is an issue stranger and harder as the only solution I have found until now is to manually reassign the commands on the impacted devices as they were before. This occurred for example when I added, through one existing HUB, some LED lights to illuminate the cockpit devices: after that, commands on two devices (one on the same HUB where I installed the light and another on a differen HUB) were swapped. Hope this helps to clarify. KR Joe P.S. Yes.. I disconnected the Cessna wheel and did not update the conf file
  11. Hi Pete, attached my FSUIPC.INI file. I have also attached th INI related the PMDG profile that I normally use as aircraft. KR Joe fsuipc5.ini PMDG.ini
  12. Hi Pete, sorry I misunderstood you: I was meaning that are identical in term of type of devices, but of course in the ini file they have different GUI and Name. The problem occurs when one of them lose the connection from the hub or/and in case I add other devices. I would that in case of disconnection the assigned commands are not moved on other device, but only appearing as not available and that when I add a new device the already existing devices do not have the name/assignments changed with others. KR Joe
  13. Hi, yes .. the effected devices are identical (VRInsight Toggle and Tact Switch Panel). KR Joe
  14. Hi Pete, I have some troubles with my multiple USB devices. When some of them loose the connection from the PC or if I add a new device, my FSUIPC.INI becomes a mess in the sense that several commands move from a device to another (i.e. commands assigned to device F move to E and viceversa). It seems that fo some reason the letters assigned and stored in FSUIPC.INI go messed. In these cases I have everytime to manually change the assigned commands to reset them to the orign assignement I gave them on the proper device and switch. I do not understand what I do or I have done wrong in my settings to have this result. Is there a way, eventually adding some parameters to FSUIPC.INI, to avoid that? Thanks and Kind Regards Joe
  15. cellular55

    Issue with auto airport

    Hi, I have selected the auto airport option to have the board related the airport where I'm located. Since today that is not properly running. moreover if I manually select the airport (writing the related ICAO) the data appears only for few seconds and the drop down list of airports is empty. Is there a possoble reason for that and a solution Thanks and best regards Joe

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