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  1. Hi John, an update on the point. I noticed that I did not have installed the last update of PMDG, after the installation of the last version of the plane things seem to be fine now. Thanks again for your support KR Joe
  2. Hi John, thnaks again for your support.. I will look around for a possible solution. KR Joe
  3. Hi, yes.. I have tried also sending the control only on release. No change with the mouse macro end no change assigning keys. I have found only a way to have that: just after to have loaded the plane if I click in the panel on the rotaries with the mouse, after the commands issued trough the device increment of 1 digit Crazy! KR Joe
  4. Hi, I have noticed an interesting point: the LED display on the device shows the right digit increment (1 by 1), so it seems that is effectively an issue related on how the input in the simulator is managed.
  5. Hi John, thanks for the support and suggestions. Attached the file containing the console entries when clicking the mouse, and another log. I send to controls 2 times (one on press, one on release) because is the only way to have the value set when acting on the rotary: if I send to contol only 1 time (e.g. for press), I have to act on the rotary two times to have the value on the MCP changing and by the way the incerment is anyway 5 digits. Yes... the device is the VRInsight MCP Combo Clicking only once I have in the log these rows added: 1412125 Button changed:
  6. Hi, attached a new log file and the file related the PMDG SDK (I think that is the header file you mention). I do not understand which can be the log entries when I use the mouse. About controllers the assignment are empty. Could you please address about how to sue the DontLLogThese entriy in the ini file and in which section that should be placed? Another point: effectively using a default aircraft tghe ROTOR BRAKE entries are not in the log Thanks and KR Joe FSUIPC6.log PMDG_NG3_SDK.h
  7. Hi John, the control is 70022. About the ROTOR BRAKE I have seen that and it's really strange because, as you can also see in the INI file, I do not use at all that control: I use only controls that are listed in the PMDG 737NGXU SDK document and the FSUIPC offsets. So I do not understand why that's is happenning. Attached the file related the NGXU profile KR Joe B738U.ini
  8. Hi, thanks for reply. Attached the files. As usual trying to modify theMCP HDG value, 5 digit chnage with the VRInsight rotary and 1 digits using the mouse KR Joe FSUIPC6.log fsuipc6.ini
  9. Hi, I have a strange issue managing the MCP values (CRS,Heading, Speed, Altitude, VS) in the PMDG 737 NGXU with FSUIPC 6.0.11 and VRInsight MCP. Using the SDK controls to set the values, instead to have an increment/decrease of 1 digit I get an increment/decrease of 5 (e.g if I want to set the heading from 101 to 102 I get instead 106 and with a second input 111 and so on). The strange thing is that this happens only using with FSUIPC the control (from PMDG SDK) and the correspondent value for mouse right or left clicking , if I click on the rotary of the MCP panel with the mo
  10. Hi John, thanks a lot for the prompt feedback KR Joe
  11. Hi, could you please remind me which is the hotkey to open the FSUIPC 7 screen when inside MSFS? I cannot find anymore the post or the documentation where the key sequence is mentioned. Thanks and KR Joe
  12. Hi, after to have inserted in the ini file the option regarding VRI (sorry I was forgetting the suggestion), the issue seems to be solved. I have closed several times FSUIPC, while still in MSFS, and every time I was able to relaunch it without problems. The strange thing is that I can ensure you that, when the issue was occurring, FSUIPC did not appear anywhere in the task manager. By the way where I can find the auto close option? Thanks for support (as always great) and KR Joe
  13. Hi, issue occurred again. Closed FSUIPC (also clicking on Exit in the icon in the system tray) and MSFS 2020. Reloading MSFS 2020 and try to run again FSUIPC, I get the message that FSUIPC is already running. Only way to solve is to restart the PC as FSUIPC does not appear anywhere also in the Task Manager (running or in background processes). Attached the log KR Joe FSUIPC7.log
  14. HI, only few 🙂 Saitek Joke pro, 2 Saitek Throttle Quadrants, VRInsight MCP Pro, 3 VRInsight TT Panels, WRInsight MS Panel, Saitek Multiswitch, Saitek Rudder pedals, VRInsight CDU I Joe
  15. More or less same here. I have noticed that sometimes, trying to configure the axis, the asis rescan does not respond and also after to have configured them, often the aircraft is not responding to the axis movements.
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