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  1. Thanks Pete.. yes I have sent a mail to VRInsight, but I have red around the network that usually they do not answer.. let see.. Joe
  2. Hi Pete, yes.. I have also tried SerialFP2 with the same result.. the 2 devices are not found. I do not know what I could still try now... I have also tried to uninstall the devices and reinstalling them and the drivers with no results. KR Joe
  3. Hi, since today when I run the server I get it crashing with the attached message/log. How could I solve it? Thanks and KR Joe crash.txt
  4. Hi Pete, I think taht is a trouble related WIN10. I have moved the MCP Combo on PC still having WIN7 (where I have also WideFS) and the device is found there. Is not possible to configure and use it through WideFs and LUA scripts right? Thanks and KR Joe
  5. Hi, VRSIM is the VRInsight tool that discovers the devices (like as the initial tool SerialFP2) I have updated WIN10, but this almost one month ago and until few days ago I did not have any trouble. The strange is that some few times the devices are seen, but most of the times no. In the log I have attached it seems that the COM ports are opened but there are some strange messages about the disconnection/the lost of VRSim.exe The two devices are on COM5 and COM6 (and that is visible also in the WIN CP) In FSUIPC I have: [VRInsight] 1=COM6, COM3 2=COM5, COM7 and in VSPE the pairs: COM2 <=> COM3 COM4 <=> COM7 Thanks Joe
  6. Hi, since some days I'm facing issues connecting 2 VRI devices (MCP and CDU I) using VRSIM and VSPE Those were running correctly until some weeks ago, now even if connected and having changed nothing in the config, the devices are most of the times not found and not properly running (other few times they connect and run normally). It seems a sort of random issue. Do you have any idea about what could be the trouble. Attached the FSUIPC extended log. I'm using P3D 4.5 Hot Fix 3 and FSUIPC 6.0.8. Thanks and Kind Regards Joe FSUIPC6.log
  7. Hi, thanks a lot for the advise. I will wait for the fix. KR Joe
  8. HI, I'm trying to use the offset in one app I'm building to manage the PMDG 747 v3. It seems that the offsets listed in the documentation to manage Landing Lights (6506) and Taxi Lights (6510) are not set as expected. Also using the FSUIP logging when I turn on or off the lights the value for these offsets is always 0. Most of other offsets seems to be fine. Suggestion about how is possible to solve this issue? Thanks and KR Joe
  9. Hi, thanks a lot for the info! KR Joe
  10. Hi, thinking to buy this bird, I would ask if SDK or offsets (to use with FSUIPC) are present. Thanks and KR Joe
  11. Hi Peter, I had finally time to test and I can confirm that doing what you suggested allows to solve the issue and have all program running without any problem. Thanks and KR Joe
  12. Hi, is there a way to execute the programs listed in the 'Programs' section as Administrator? Since when I have installed Win10 no one of them runs correctly as it's required to have them launched as admin. Thanks and KR Joe
  13. Hi, thanks a lot for the reply. Thanks to that i have solved the issue and adjusted the assignments... I have to check the rudder: I should not have throttle control there To delete the trim have I to remove these lines? L=Pro Flight Cessna Trim Wheel L.GUID={4F45C0A0-7B6A-11E6-8001-444553540000} K=<< MISSING JOTSTICK >> Thanks and KR Joe
  14. Sorry I forgot a file.. attached here FSUIPC5.JoyScan.csv
  15. Hi John, thanks for the prompt reply. Attached the file, in the mean time I will llok at the manual. KR Joe FSUIPC5_log.txt fsuipc5.ini
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