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  1. Hi, you should read the Appendix 3 of the FSUIPC Advancer User Guide to see what I'm referring to.. there you can find all the details and steps to follow. KR Joe
  2. Hi, honestly I do not know what changed last time I uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers. By the way after several attempts the connection went suddenly fine after re-executing the drivers setup. For sure what you have to check and recheck is the right COM where the VR device results installed (in Device manager - Ports - USB Serial Port entries) and the consequent coupling (I use VSPE software for that) KR Joe
  3. Hi, I solved the issue uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers coming with VRI software. KR Joe
  4. Hi, I have just installed the new P3D 5.2 and I have noticed several and repetitive disconnetcions of my devices managed by FSUIPC 6.12. To have them reconnected I have to pull them out and after pulled in again. I have uninstalled 5.2 and reisntalled P3D 5.1: after that no more disconnections. Are you going to release a specific version of FSUIPC for the new P3D hot fix? Thanks and KR Joe
  5. Hi John, thanks for the prompt reply. Things are now better: generic commnds are norìw back, only some swap on devices (i.e between the 2 quadrants) . What is still missing are the commands related profile. Could you please have a look at the specific profile ini file attached to drive me to the soultion also here. Thanks a lot for your support and patience Joe B738U.ini
  6. Hi, thanks for the prompt reply. Yes I have used the install_FSUIPC, I have copied only macros, luas and profiles. Attached the 2 files.. hope it will be easy to adjust 🙂 KR Joe fsuipc6.ini FSUIPC6.log
  7. Hi, I have installed P3D v5.1 on a new PC nand after I have copied all the content of my FSUIPC folder (macros, lua scripts, profile, etc.). The problem is that all configurations and definitions (axis, buttons, keys, etc) are now completely empty: I think that the issue could be due to that the devices identification in the ini files are no more valid and the related commands are no more associated to them. How can I solve the problem? Thanks and KR Joe
  8. Hi, thanks for the replay. That is valid also fpr P3D? By the way I do not get any result trying to assign a joystick button: it seems that the push on the button is not taken by the tool even if the device appears in the list. I have also problem with the automatic recording below a certain altitude: it does not start. May be I'm doing something wrong? KR Joe
  9. Hi Pete, as usual you were right. I do not know why, but the firewall was active and that was the problem: selecting on the firewall the right ports settings now everything is ok. Thanks a lot and happy Easter Joe
  10. Hi, that's strange I have the firewall disabled ... by the way all the 3 connected PCs are no more able to connect.
  11. HI, after years of runs without any issue, suddendly today I'm no more able tohave WIDEFS connecting to P3D v5. I'm running FSUIPC 6.0.13 and Widefs 7.1.57, attached the logs. Thanks for the support and KR Joe WideClient.log WideServer.log FSUIPC6.log
  12. Hi, running FlightControl Replay 4.5 pn P3d v5 I have problem with keys/device button assignments. If I try to assign a button on the joke, I see the device in the list, but when I push a button to assign it for the recording, nothing happens. If I try the keyboard, I'm able to assign the keys sequence (i.e. S+D), but when I press it the recording does not start The only way to have the recording running is to click with the mouse on the red button of the interface (that I would not have on the screen while flying) What am I doing wrong? How to solve the issue? Thanks and KR Joe
  13. Hi John, an update on the point. I noticed that I did not have installed the last update of PMDG, after the installation of the last version of the plane things seem to be fine now. Thanks again for your support KR Joe
  14. Hi John, thnaks again for your support.. I will look around for a possible solution. KR Joe
  15. Hi, yes.. I have tried also sending the control only on release. No change with the mouse macro end no change assigning keys. I have found only a way to have that: just after to have loaded the plane if I click in the panel on the rotaries with the mouse, after the commands issued trough the device increment of 1 digit Crazy! KR Joe
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