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  1. Hi, after to have inserted in the ini file the option regarding VRI (sorry I was forgetting the suggestion), the issue seems to be solved. I have closed several times FSUIPC, while still in MSFS, and every time I was able to relaunch it without problems. The strange thing is that I can ensure you that, when the issue was occurring, FSUIPC did not appear anywhere in the task manager. By the way where I can find the auto close option? Thanks for support (as always great) and KR Joe
  2. Hi, issue occurred again. Closed FSUIPC (also clicking on Exit in the icon in the system tray) and MSFS 2020. Reloading MSFS 2020 and try to run again FSUIPC, I get the message that FSUIPC is already running. Only way to solve is to restart the PC as FSUIPC does not appear anywhere also in the Task Manager (running or in background processes). Attached the log KR Joe FSUIPC7.log
  3. HI, only few 🙂 Saitek Joke pro, 2 Saitek Throttle Quadrants, VRInsight MCP Pro, 3 VRInsight TT Panels, WRInsight MS Panel, Saitek Multiswitch, Saitek Rudder pedals, VRInsight CDU I Joe
  4. More or less same here. I have noticed that sometimes, trying to configure the axis, the asis rescan does not respond and also after to have configured them, often the aircraft is not responding to the axis movements.
  5. Hi, I have an I7-6700K on a Z170X-Gaming 3 and Nvidia 2700 Super 8Gb. The problem is that FSUIPC does not appear in the Task manager (I have also problem with P3D that is not properly closing, but in that case I'm able to end it through the Task Manager). KR Joe
  6. Hi, I have just installed the last patch of MSFS and effectively the FPS drop seems now solved, but I'm facing another strange issue. I run MSFS and then I activate FSUIPC to do some first tests. After I exited from MSFS and also from FSUIPC7 (exit option in the menu of the icon). Relaunching after MSFS a second time I tried to activate again FSUPC7, but I get the message that FSUIPC is already running. The problem is that if I go in the task manager FSUIPC is not listed in the active programs and does not appears anywhere. Is there a problem when exiting? How is it possible to avoid the issue? Thanks and kind regards Joe
  7. Hi, in several tools I have written for the simulator (FSX and P3D) I use a lot of 'free' offsets (i.e. 66C0 through 66FF and offsets for Project Magenta). Will be those still available? Thanks and KR Joe
  8. Hi, is there an offset allowing to check how much GPU memory is used in P3D5 without the need to check it through the SHITF-Z key? Thanks and KR Joe
  9. Hi Pete, thanks for the prompt feedback... that is really great!!!!! My cockpit and programs I wrote should be than adjustable ad reusable on MSFS 2020. KR Joe
  10. Hi, for what you know offsets will be available and usable? Thanks and KR Joe
  11. Hi, reviewing the simconnect.xml file and copyng the P3D4 STB configuration problem was solved Thanks and KR Joe
  12. Hi, having the same trouble mentioned by Holy (client for P3D4 running, client for P3D5 giving that message that P3D is not ready). Could you please address about what I should check on my simconnect.xml on the server machine? Thanks and KR Joe
  13. +1 FSUIPC compatibility is fundamental to decide if to get it or not KR Joe
  14. Hi, thanks for the reply.. I have solve the issue manually copying the installed STB client frrom the PC where I have WIN10 to the one with WIN7. KR Joe
  15. HI, that occurs immediately after to have launched the setup. By the way on another computer I do not have trouble installing it... could be Windows 7? On the PC without issue i Have Win 10. KR Joe
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