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  1. Hi Pete, Thanks a lot!!!!! Always a great support. Joe
  2. Hi Pete, thanks for the usual fast replay! I have already filled also the Project Magenta offsets and I'm already using multiple values for several used offsets. Main new purpose for the request is that i would try to experiment and use D70 offset (I would build automated cockpit for aircrafts not using offsets/controls, but local variables) and I see that for that i need space for at least one Double/Float offset. To have an additional space of 64 bytes could be perfect. Thanks again Joe
  3. Hi, for some apps I have written I'm using for my purposes all the available free offsets between 66C0 - 66FF adressess. Are there some other possible offset addresses that can be used for general purposes? Thanks and KR Joe
  4. Hi, Thanks a lot for the support and help!!!!! KR Joe
  5. Hi, I have just realized that I'm no more able to have on the P3D screen the values of the offsets I have selected in the logging screen of FSUIPC. As usual I have flegged the FS Window check bos , but the values are not showed. Any possible reason for that? I use P3D 4.51 and FSUIPC 5.152. Thanks and Kind Regards Joe
  6. Hi Pete, sorry to have bothered you for a stupid my mistake: I was forgetting that I had already programmed those buttons in the FSUIPC profile for my PMDG737. It is evident that the profile was utilised and the new general asignment was not considered. Sorry again and kind regards Joe
  7. Hi, attached another log where appears more clear that the button is intercepted but is still executing the original PMDG control for the L1 button of the CDU instead the change of the ofset that I have forced in FSUIPC. FSUIPC5.log
  8. Hi Pete, Correct. What I have done: I have created on VSPE the pair COM2 - COM3 After the launch of P3D I have launched the VRSIM (and also tried launching the old SerialPF2). The CDU device appears on COM6. i activate the VRInsight driver (With the VRInsight profile keymap of the loaded aircraft) In FSUIPC i click the button I want to be assigned to set the offset 66EA to 1 and define the assignment like I do normally buttons on other devices. I do not know if this is important, but the joystick name and number button are shown in FSUIPC only when I activate the function FMC/CDU on the VRInsight device (clicking on the EXEC button of the device) After that when I click the button the screen of the VRINsight device changes but the offset is still at 0. As asked attached the log Thanks for the support Joe FSUIPC.log
  9. Hi, I'm trying to use the VRInsight CDU Device with FSUIPC to set values of some offsets (i.e 66EA set to 1). For that I have followed the instructions in the advanced manual using VSPE. Even if seems that everything is OK and I see the joystick buttons enumerated in the FSUIPC interface, the value of the offset is not changing. Below the log entries that I think could be useful : VRI port 1 "COM6" opened (this is the port appearing in the VR software: VRI or SerialPF2) 1435 VRI driver port 1 "COM3" also opened (this is the port part of the pair in VSPE: COM2, COM3) ..... ...... 171195 VRI COM6 <--- CMDRST [to Device] 171398 VRI COM6 <--- CMDCON [to Device] 171429 VRI COM3 <--- CMDCON [to VRI Driver] 171585 VRI COM6 <--- CMDFUN [to Device] 171601 VRI CDU ("CDU") detected on port COM6 171601 VRI COM3 <--- CMDCDU [to VRI Driver] 171803 VRI COM6 <--- CMDVER [to Device] 171850 VRI COM3 <--- CMD2.520 [to VRI Driver] 189432 WRITE0[4616] 330A, 2 bytes: D2 07 .. 192942 Deactivated for PID=2072, "explorer.exe" 197668 ### Mode is NORMAL ... .... 206202 VRI command CDUR4C0 trapped as Joy 266 Btn 3 Toggle ( device button clicked to try to set to 1 the offset 66EA) 229571 VRI command CDUR4C0 trapped as Joy 266 Btn 3 Toggle 230148 VRI command CDUR4C0 trapped as Joy 266 Btn 3 Toggle 230694 VRI command CDUR4C0 trapped as Joy 266 Btn 3 Toggle 231131 VRI command CDUR4C0 trapped as Joy 266 Btn 3 Toggle 231567 VRI command CDUR4C0 trapped as Joy 266 Btn 3 Toggle What am I missing or eventually is not possible to address offsets valus in this way? Thanks and Kind Regards Joe
  10. Hi, I did the test: with that aircraft the flight number is OK, so it seems that the issue is related to PMDG. KR Joe
  11. Hi, thanks again for the prompt support. Attached the trace.. flight number is still 0 despite it is set in the aircraft.cfg. KR Joe STBClient.Trace.txt
  12. Hi, sorry for the delay.. attached the aicraft.cfg related the aircraft I use. KR Joe aircraft.cfg
  13. Hi, happy to inform that after the beta installation the issue has been solved!!! Now I see the flight at departure and arrival airports! Thanks a lot for the great support. By the way the minor issue related the flight number (displayed as LH0) is still present: is there a way to solve it?... by the way not so important. KR Joe
  14. Hi, thanks a lot... I will do in the week-end and let you know the results. KR Joe
  15. Hi, attached the flightplan KR Joe LICR Reggio Calabria - LIRZ Perugia.pln
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