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  1. I wouldn't throw in the towel on DTG & SE just yet. Granted the terrain.dll issue seems to be isolated and germane to the Long Haul crowd. The FSX franchise as it relates to this niche customer is hanging in the balance. I'm certainly pulling for them. I am standing by for P3D 2.5 as it will likely take over as my primary flight sim platform with the release of PMDG licensed products.
  2. I ran FSX-SE with the newest module and was able to generate a terrain.dll crash about 4 hours into the flight. The Log file is still not populating with data relevant to the event though. Log.ini ********* FSUIPC4, Version 4.938g by Pete Dowson ********* Reading options from "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\FSX\Modules\FSUIPC4.ini" Running inside FSX Steam Edition on Windows 7 Module base=55390000 User Name="XXXX" User Addr="XXXXX" FSUIPC4 Key is provided WIDEFS7 not user registered, or expired 32 System time = 27/01/2015 11:01:25 32 FLT path = "C:\Users\Ryan\Documents\Flight Simulator X Files\" 63 Trying to connect to SimConnect Steam ... 94 FS path = "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\FSX\" 328 LogOptions=00000000 00000001 328 SIM1 Frictions access gained 328 Wind smoothing fix is fully installed 328 TERRAIN.DLL fix attempt installed ok 328 SimConnect_Open succeeded: waiting to check version okay 328 Trying to use SimConnect Steam 2762 Running in "Microsoft Flight Simulator X", Version: 10.0.62608.0 (SimConnect: 10.0.62608.0) 2762 Initialising SimConnect data requests now 2762 FSUIPC Menu entry added 2793 C:\Users\Ryan\Documents\Flight Simulator X Files\GLS Default.FLT 2793 simobjects\airplanes\beech_baron_58\Beech_Baron_58.AIR 9204 Weather Mode now = Global 14805 ASE with WX requester detected 32105 simobjects\airplanes\PMDG 777-200LR\B777-200LR.AIR 85052 System time = 27/01/2015 11:02:51, Simulator time = 09:01:28 (17:01Z) 85068 Aircraft="PMDG 777-223LR American Airlines (Fictional)" 98312 Weather Mode now = Theme 98484 Weather Mode now = Global 101011 Starting everything now ... 101370 Advanced Weather Interface Enabled 142897 Weather Mode now = Theme 143381 Weather Mode now = Global 10360495 Sim stopped: average frame rate for last 10264 secs = 29.4 fps reliability file: Description Faulting Application Path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\FSX\fsx.exe Problem signature Problem Event Name: APPCRASH Application Name: fsx.exe Application Version: 10.0.62608.0 Application Timestamp: 54abe5b4 Fault Module Name: terrain.dll Fault Module Version: 10.0.62608.0 Fault Module Timestamp: 54abe5e1 Exception Code: c0000005 Exception Offset: 00059be8 OS Version: 6.1.7601. Locale ID: 1033 Additional Information 1: 9e27 Additional Information 2: 9e2778096e7e1e2a2e0302fe58f3eea8 Additional Information 3: 9e27 Additional Information 4: 9e2778096e7e1e2a2e0302fe58f3eea8 Extra information about the problem Bucket ID: 783840669
  3. I've just uploaded FSUIPC 4.218, available via the FSX Downloads announcement. I think I've made improvements to the smoothing, but I have no idea if they'll fix the problems you all see. Could you try it and let me know, please? Regards Pete I dont want to jinx it, but with the PMDG744X the results are OPS CHECK GOOD. No problems to report in my 30min flight up to FL250. AFCS checks good as well. Nice work. Ryan
  4. That is really annoying, because it was occurring originally with the default aircraft, and I spent many hours over it and thought I'd managed to get rid of it completely. If I haven't actually succeeded in making it smooth, though I thought I had, it is looking like I may have to withdraw the whole thing and await FSXI. :-( Oh I see what you are trying to say. I will have a look and edit this post accordingly. Also, see if suppressing turbulence and gusts helps at all. Regards Pete Please refer to the my edit above. However frustrating it is, the truth of the matter is that your the closest anyone has gotten to solving this. Pete, I sure am glad that we have you around & wanted to thank you again for all the work. Ryan
  5. So far as I can tell, all three aircraft have this 1 second fluctuations. A better word might be pulsating. Oh I see what you are trying to say. I will have a look and edit this post accordingly. EDIT: FSUIPC Options--allow change to FS Wx, smooth wind near aircraft 1 kts or 1deg/sec, smooth when airborne, suppress turbulence/gusts, suppress cloud turb The aircraft still displayed above noted characteristics notably during the climb. At my intermediate level off point I noticed the MFD wind vector "snapped" from a light NE wind to the prevailing FSX wind which was westerly at near 100Kts. This occurred at FL250. Also I noted the Auto throttle engine acceleration / decelerations to be much slower...and twitching at 1 second intervals when airborne. On the TO roll it was very slow in spooling up to Thrust Lim...& did not show signs of 1 sec pulsating. Ryan
  6. Did you check the actual instated weather, via WeatherSet2 for example, to see if this was due to simulated turbulence, variability or gusting? I really need information on any such reports because it might just be doing what it thinks it ought to given the input values. If you don't want to look at these things, could you please save a flight at that time and ZIP the FLT+FSSAVE+WX files for me (to petedowson@btconnect.com -- but don't move this thread to there! ;-) ) so I can look at the weather which was set myself. Maybe my simulation needs a little adjustment, but I cannot tell from these reports as there's no information about what should be going on. It would be nice also to know what other wind and cloud options you have set in FSUIPC (so maybe also include your FSUIPC4.INI file please). Regards Pete Good morning Pete, OK, Ive emailed the requested files. Flying the LDS 767 Ive noticed a discrepancy between the SHIFT+Z Fsx winds and the wind vector line on the Multi Fuction Display (this is true for the PMDG744X & Maddog2006 as well). At the point at which I saved the sim, the FSX winds were westerly at near 100Kts yet the MFD showed twitching Northeasterly winds at roughly 20 Kts. Further, the aircraft was accellerated to 250 Kts at FL200 and would overspeed at 1 second intervals before returning to commanded SPD. My ASX and FSUIPC settings do not call for random turbulence. Ryan
  7. I'm waiting for a reply from PMDG first. I'd like to know what is going on. Are you sure it isn't related to my simulated turbulence or variance or gusts? Can you use WeatherSet2 or similar to view the weather settings when you get this -- see if turbulence, variance or gusts are set for the level you are at? You could try suppressing them in any case, as a test. Maybe my simulation isn't good? In the wind smoothing on FS9 I just smoothed it outright, but this has the unwanted side effect or removing turbulence et cetera, so i thought I was being clever adding it back in using my own algorithms, but maybe they are not so good? [LATER] Oh, check for turbulence in any cloud layer said to be close to the aircraft altitude too. I try to simulate that as well! Regards Pete Kyle is correct in that the HDG control issue seems to be specific to PMDGs 744. I just flew the Maddog2006 & its AFCS is unaffected from the manner in which 4.127 controls the local winds aloft. However, I have some unwelcomed news to report along my DFW - MSP flight. At altitude with ASX (wind smoothing unchecked from within the settings page) and 4.127 wind smooting enabled I experienced nose swings in excess of 30 degrees & airspeed fluctuations +/- 50 kts at FL330. Oddly this occured some 1hr into the flight & did not subside until I disabled winds aloft from within ASX. Ryan
  8. Please test with the wind smoothing turned off then, and let me know. The variables being controlled in FSUIPC4 for wind smoothing are similar to those in FSUIPC3, where PMDG aircraft worked fine, so I can only assume they've changed their methods significantly if what your saying is down to this. If this is what is happening it looks like PMDG users will have to do without wind smoothing, but I would really surprise me, so please also test with your joystick/yoke disabled. And did you miss all the increments between 4.200 and 4.217? There's been a large number of changes! Pete Sorry Pete, I missed out on the various versions between 4.200 & 4.217. Lateral guidance works fine with wind smooting unchecked. Disabling the controller has little if any effect. Our 5 day old likes flightsim almost as much as daddy....it seems to keep him soothed and somewhat docile, so it looks like i will have some time to help out with testing. Just let me know. Ryan
  9. Perhaps the PMDG 744 has difficultly interpreting the wind data in the fashion that it is being manipulated by 4.217? This issue only occurs with the latest beta build and not with 4.20. The AFCS HDG commands become wild and unpredictable, with bank angles exceeding 45 degrees to boot. Ryan
  10. Hi Pete. Thanks for the latest beta & you've done a masterful job with the wind smoothing in this build. I really appreaciate your efforts. A point of interest...the PMDG 744 AFCS no longer commands proper lateral guidance to selected HDG. Could this be related to 4.127? Thanks again, Ryan
  11. greetings, I have 4.20 installed with wind smoothing enabled within FSX SP2 and get a combination of wind smoothing and wind shifts. However the smothing occurs AFTER the shift in wind. Example: Winds shift from west to east rapidly, then it appears that wind smoothing attempts to correct back toward the west at 2 degrees per second. I guess we are getting real close to nipping this in the bud (fingers crossed). If we could just get smoothing to anticipate and capture the shift. I also report negative stuttering. Ryan
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