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  1. Paul, done... Works perfect now. Many thanks.... Thanks too Paul and Pete. Excellent example of cooperation 🙂 Ruediger
  2. Hi, Paul, hi Pete, many thanks for the affort you spent on that issue. Ruediger
  3. I repeated the tests with 5.153. Same result as before. Perhaps Paul can check his code. Tomorrow I will do the checks as you have proposed, Pete. Many thanks to you guys for jumping into that thread so fast. I appreciate very much. Ruediger
  4. Hi Paul, I got stuck on a problem to read a certain Lvar from GSX. The issue is ony one Lvar, all other GSX Lvar working fine. GSX_NUMPASSENGERS_BOARDING_Total = FSUIPCConnection.ReadLVar("L:FSDT_GSX_NUMPASSENGERS_BOARDING_TOTAL") GSX_NUMPASSENGERS_BOARDING = FSUIPCConnection.ReadLVar("L:FSDT_GSX_NUMPASSENGERS_BOARDING") GSX_NUMPASSENGERS_DEBOARDING_Total = FSUIPCConnection.ReadLVar("L:FSDT_GSX_NUMPASSENGERS_DEBOARDING_TOTAL") GSX_NUMPASSENGERS_DEBOARDING = FSUIPCConnection.ReadLVar("L:FSDT_GSX_NUMPASSENGERS_DEBOARDING") My internal variables a defined as Double. GSX_NUMPASSENGERS_DEBOARDING_Total does not has the correct value. It seems to be a copy of GSX_NUMPASSENGERS_BOARDING. I checked the issue already with virtuali from FSDT. He can not find any problem with GSX_NUMPASSENGERS_DEBOARDING_Total. http://www.fsdreamteam.com/forum/index.php/topic,22950.0.html I use many other GSX Lvars, too. All other are working. Kind regards, Ruediger
  5. Hi Paul, I'm fine as it works. I can run the application on the FS computer. Thanks for your offer to add a new method for reading Lvars over WideFS. Don't inverst time for it. Ruediger
  6. Hi Paul, I have a problem reading Lvars if my application runs on a remote computer. My application uses some of the GSX Lvars. Works fine if the application is running on the FS PC. On the remote PC the reading of all GSX LVars is '0'. I do not user the private offset range 0x66F8-0x66FF. Some help would be very appreciated. Ruediger
  7. Hi Paul, even with an increased timeout I could not get the weather demos running. I did a quick implementation by myself (reading the weather at the aircrafts position), using your weather services. This works fine. Timeout set to 2000ms. I will continue with my implementation and contact you in case I get hit by the problem again. Many thanks for your fast response. Very appreciated! Ruediger
  8. Hi Paul, I have some issues with the weather service examples. None of them works, except simconnect METAR strings which works sporadically. Mostly I get the error message: 'FSUIPC_ERR_TimeOut. Weather station EDDN is currently not available or is invalid'. EDDN is just one excample. It's the same with other weather stations. I use P3D V4.5, .net FSUIPC DLL 3.1.11 Ruediger
  9. Hi Paul, I updated to 3.1.11 (from Still get the exception. Same with other airports. The idea was to load only the data of the origin and destination airport according to the flightplan, not the complete database. However, I'm fine with loading the complete database. Should not make a noticable delay. Ruediger
  10. Hi Paul, I get a exception with the folloeing code: Dim myAirports As HashSet(Of String) = New HashSet(Of String)(New String() {"LOWS", "ESGG"}) FSUIPCConnection.AirportsDatabase.Load(myAirports) The exception is "System.Collections.Generic.KeyNotFoundException" FSUIPCConnection.AirportsDatabase.Load() works without exception and I can play with the data of LOWS, ESGG, and all others. Could you please help. Kind regards, Ruediger
  11. Hi Paul, is there any example available how to use CameraSetRelative6DOF with vb.net? I was not very successful with the definition of the structure for the FSUIPC offset. Many thanks... Ruediger
  12. Solved 🙂 5.141e made it... Thanks for your support! Cheers, Ruediger
  13. Hi Pete, the RudderBlendLowest does not has any effect in my system. In parking postion the steering tiller still deflects the rudder. The rudder pedals do not have any effect on the rudder in parking. I checked the RudderBlendLowest value in the ini file. The value is set to '1' (default). Both rudder and steering tiller are calibrated by the FSUIPC joystick calibration facility. FSUIPC is on version 5.14. P3D V4 and Project Magenta. Ruediger
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