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  1. First I did several tests without changing the configuration (FSUIPC 6.0.10 P3D V5 HF1 was installed). The problem did not occur. My .net application did catch all menus. Second I installed FSUIPC 6.0.13a) and enabled the debug mode. Again some tests. All fine. Finally I put in 'TimeToDelayTexts' and tested with different delays. All fine. Always plenty of time between the messages and the menus. No overwriting. Ruediger
  2. I did many test on a other P3D V5 installation yesterday. Unfortunately I could not catch the message overwriting. There are always plenty of time between the messages in question. The test execution was the same as last week, where the error occurred constantly. However, something must have been different. I do not know. Ruediger
  3. All my tests have been performed on the same PC as P3D V5 runs. No WideFS involved. Also the tests tomorrow will be without WideFS. Ruediger
  4. Tomorrow I will have the opportunity to perform the tests on a other P3D V5 installation. I will let you now the results. Ruediger
  5. Hi Pete, I did many tests. Started with 100ms, down to 20ms in 10ms steps. Finally with 0ms. Restarted P3D for each test. The problem did not occur again. Then installed an older FSUIPC version (6.0.10), just to make sure that it is independend of the FSUIPC version. The problem did not occur anymore. I do not know the reason, it's a kind of magic because last week I had the problem almost with each run of a test. I am rather at a loss, because no change to the system have been made since last week. Stable configuration, no GSX update, tests performed always at the same airport and gate.
  6. Hi Pete, I did many tests over the weekend. I can not reproduce the error anymore. I did not do any modifications on my system. Same configuration as with the failed tests 3 days before. I can not explain that. No overwrite of messages vissible anymore. No [MessageFilters] used. Plain FSUIPC.ini + the debug features. [GSX] Departure clearance requested 1317421 ***DISP*** Text/menu type 1 broadcast 1317421 LUA.1: text and menu function type 1 messages 1 1317828 ### TEXT: 512 (Menu) From SimC, Duration 10.00, Flags 00000000, Len=183 1317828 Select operator at Gate 345
  7. Hi Pete, many thanks for your investigations. Yes, please send me the test version. Ruediger
  8. Hi Pete, as requested: >>>>FSUIPC6.log [GSX] A simulator update has been applied, please run GSX Level 2 Control Panel, and click the Disable Default Jetways button. 323687 ***DISP*** Text/menu type 1 broadcast 329500 ### TEXT_DESTROY: 258 (Static) Result: 65540, Flags 00000000 329500 ***DISP*** Text/menu type 1 clear broadcast 331625 ### TEXT: 512 (Menu) From SimC, Duration 30.00, Flags 00000000, Len=254 331625 GSX - Activate ground services 331625 Activate ground services 331625 Request deboarding 331625 Requ
  9. Hi Pete, I did some tests with a LUA script and event.textmenu. My LUA test scenario writes all appearing menus and messages in a text file, so I can easily review them. The result is the same as with the fsuipcclient.dll. All menus are captured except the one mentioned in my previous post. ********* LUA: "CatchGSXMenu2" Log [from FSUIPC version 6.0.11] ********* 7672046 LUA: text and menu function type 2 messages 11 >>>> GSX Ground Service menue 7676687 LUA: text and menu function type 1 messages 1 >> Depature Cearing Request (green banner) 7677109 LUA: te
  10. Ok, I understand. Then the problem is one step before: 3460875 READ0[33552] B000, 2048 bytes: 6C B2 37 00 00 02 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 l.7............. 3460875 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 ................ 3460875 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 ................ Then the previous should contain the menu. But the structure is empty. The sequnce is: 3459421 READ0[33552] B000, 2048 bytes: 51 9F 37 00 00 02 00 00 00 00 20 41 00 00 00 00 Q.7....... A.... 3459421
  11. Hi Paul, I have an issue with catching one specific GSX menue item. Basically my GSX remote control works very reliable and I can catch all menue items and messages. Only with one single message I have an issue, which seems to be a timing problem or overlap with an other GSX message. MenuTitleText: GSX - Pushback Service MenuPromptText: Do you want to request Pushback? (Appears if pushback direction is set to 'None' for a specific position) The message is mixed with some other menue data. Start at 0xB03D, End 0xB051 [GSX] Handling by LOSCH Airport Service appears at th
  12. I use TouchOSC for a similar project. B737 MIP and AP is already implemented half way. Interface between TouchOSC is a .net application with Paul's DLL. TouchOSC provides many different controls for the UI. Running on both IOS and Adroid. The required app for the tablet costs less than 5,- EUR. Ruediger
  13. Thanks Paul... Your advise made it working 🙂 Ruediger
  14. Hi Paul, one of my friends wants to use one of my programs with the MSFS. I compiled it with 3.1.20. Unfortunately it seems not to work regarding communication to FSUIPC7. It seems that already the connection process fails. I can not offer any debugging information because I do not have access to that installation and I personally do not have a MSFS installation. My question is, do you have already a positive feedback from other users that it basically works? Kind regards, Ruediger
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