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  1. Hi Paul, even with an increased timeout I could not get the weather demos running. I did a quick implementation by myself (reading the weather at the aircrafts position), using your weather services. This works fine. Timeout set to 2000ms. I will continue with my implementation and contact you in case I get hit by the problem again. Many thanks for your fast response. Very appreciated! Ruediger
  2. Hi Paul, I have some issues with the weather service examples. None of them works, except simconnect METAR strings which works sporadically. Mostly I get the error message: 'FSUIPC_ERR_TimeOut. Weather station EDDN is currently not available or is invalid'. EDDN is just one excample. It's the same with other weather stations. I use P3D V4.5, .net FSUIPC DLL 3.1.11 Ruediger
  3. Delphi


    Hi Paul, I updated to 3.1.11 (from Still get the exception. Same with other airports. The idea was to load only the data of the origin and destination airport according to the flightplan, not the complete database. However, I'm fine with loading the complete database. Should not make a noticable delay. Ruediger
  4. Hi Paul, I get a exception with the folloeing code: Dim myAirports As HashSet(Of String) = New HashSet(Of String)(New String() {"LOWS", "ESGG"}) FSUIPCConnection.AirportsDatabase.Load(myAirports) The exception is "System.Collections.Generic.KeyNotFoundException" FSUIPCConnection.AirportsDatabase.Load() works without exception and I can play with the data of LOWS, ESGG, and all others. Could you please help. Kind regards, Ruediger
  5. Hi Paul, is there any example available how to use CameraSetRelative6DOF with vb.net? I was not very successful with the definition of the structure for the FSUIPC offset. Many thanks... Ruediger
  6. Solved đŸ™‚ 5.141e made it... Thanks for your support! Cheers, Ruediger
  7. Hi Pete, the RudderBlendLowest does not has any effect in my system. In parking postion the steering tiller still deflects the rudder. The rudder pedals do not have any effect on the rudder in parking. I checked the RudderBlendLowest value in the ini file. The value is set to '1' (default). Both rudder and steering tiller are calibrated by the FSUIPC joystick calibration facility. FSUIPC is on version 5.14. P3D V4 and Project Magenta. Ruediger
  8. Hi Pete, I'm using P3DV4 / WIN10 / IvAp2. IvAp gives me a error message the the connection to FSUIPC does not work. IvAp is installed on the same computer as P3DV4 and runs external. The connection to SimConnect is ok. The IvAp logs shows the problem as follow: [2017-07-09 18:37:40] IvAp v2.0.2.2773 / Windows v6.2.9200 [2017-07-09 18:37:40] SimConnect: Linked to Acceleration Pack/SP2 version [2017-07-09 18:37:40] SimConnect: connected to Lockheed Martin® Prepar3D® v4 v4.0 with SimConnect v4.0 [2017-07-09 18:37:40] Status: Successfully connected to the Flight Simulator [2017-07-09 18:37:41] Teamspeak: trying to load sdk from D:\Program Files (x86)\IVAO\IvAp v2\TSRemote.dll [2017-07-09 18:37:41] Teamspeak: sdk found and linked [2017-07-09 18:37:41] Options: Weather is active [2017-07-09 18:37:41] Weather: locking to departure / destination active [2017-07-09 18:37:41] Weather: clear [2017-07-09 18:37:41] Weather: unlocked from [2017-07-09 18:37:41] Options: SDK active [2017-07-09 18:37:41] FSUIPC: Connect #0 has failed [2017-07-09 18:37:42] ServerPing: EU3 has a ping of 125 and a load of 0.251000 [2017-07-09 18:37:42] ServerPing: EU2 has a ping of 172 and a load of 0.238000 [2017-07-09 18:37:42] ServerPing: EU6 has a ping of 250 and a load of 0.244000 [2017-07-09 18:37:42] ServerPing: EU4 has a ping of 250 and a load of 0.253000 [2017-07-09 18:37:42] ServerPing: best server is EU2 [2017-07-09 18:37:42] FSUIPC: Connect #1 has failed [2017-07-09 18:37:43] FSUIPC: Connect #2 has failed [2017-07-09 18:37:44] FSUIPC: Connect #3 has failed [2017-07-09 18:37:45] FSUIPC: connection failed, giving up I could not fine any information about the connectivity problem at the FSUIPC log. Any idea what the problem could be? I know it's an IvAp problem, but you might have the insides what the problem coud be :-) Kind regards, Ruediger
  9. Pete, we need you.... Ruediger
  10. Hi Paul, currently I'm working on a RAAS system. The FSUIPC DLL Longitude/Latitude Helper Classes is a big help in the realization of the project. I wonder if it is possible to calculate the distance from a aircraft position and track to a runway FsLatLonQuadrilateral, based on Longitude/Latitude Helper Classes functions. Thanks for your help! RĂ¼diger
  11. Delphi

    Offset Disconnect

    Thanks... Ruediger
  12. Delphi

    Offset Disconnect

    Hi Paul, thanks... Could I please get it for the 4.0 framework. Ruediger
  13. Hi Paul, during the initialization my program reads the FS installation path. Dim FSInstallationPath As Offset(Of String) = New Offset(Of String)(&H3E00, 256) After reading the path once I want to disconnect that offset: FSInstallationPath.Disconnect() The issue is that it seems that the offset does not get disconnected. The FSUIPC logfiles shows that it is continually reading the offset with each FSUIPCConnection.Process(). I do not do any reconnect in the whole application. I use the FSUIPC DLL 3.0.5937.1 Kind regards, Ruediger
  14. For a automated gate kiosk system I need the information on which gate the aircraft is located. In a frist step it would be sufficient to have the information regarding the selected gate of the WORLD / GoTo Airport/... dialog. I'm looking for proposal how I could retrieve this information. Ruediger

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