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  1. I use TouchOSC for a similar project. B737 MIP and AP is already implemented half way. Interface between TouchOSC is a .net application with Paul's DLL. TouchOSC provides many different controls for the UI. Running on both IOS and Adroid. The required app for the tablet costs less than 5,- EUR. Ruediger
  2. Thanks Paul... Your advise made it working 🙂 Ruediger
  3. Hi Paul, one of my friends wants to use one of my programs with the MSFS. I compiled it with 3.1.20. Unfortunately it seems not to work regarding communication to FSUIPC7. It seems that already the connection process fails. I can not offer any debugging information because I do not have access to that installation and I personally do not have a MSFS installation. My question is, do you have already a positive feedback from other users that it basically works? Kind regards, Ruediger
  4. Why you don't conact Cockpitsonic? As I know they developed together with a other company EHID. They might have answers regarding current or future MSFS compatibiliy.
  5. Hi John, could you please provide a link to the latest offset status. Could only find a link to V01.ods Thanks! Ruediger
  6. Hi Paul, first of all many thanks for the that new function. Very usefull. I adapted my complete GSX handler to that new function. One think I found that some messages are catched as 'textmenu' with the length of '0'. textMenu.IsMenu is TRUE textMenu.MenuItemCount is '0' textMenu.MenuTitleText contains the message Some examples from GSX are: "You need to set Parking Brakes to request ground services" "You need to stop the engines to request ground services" "Please set parking brakes" Other messages like "Fuel Truck is on its way"
  7. Hi Paul, very usefull :-). No need anymore for me to track previous values. Will make some of my programs shorter and better readable in future. Ruediger
  8. Hi Paul, do you know whether this is required for FSUIPC6 too? I asks, because I could not find this entry in FSUIPC6. Kind regards, Ruediger
  9. Well, technically it works but it slows down the communication. Best way still is to let the application running on the FS computer if it is required to read Lvars. Ruediger
  10. Hi Paul, I will try the workaround, too. Running my GSX application on the remote computer would make the handling more comfortable. I will let you know the results. Ruediger
  11. IvAp does not support 8.33KHz spacing via offsets neither fsx supports. Best would be to migrate from fsx to P3D V5 and the IvAp successor Altitude 🙂 Ruediger
  12. Updated from FSUIPC5 to FSUIPC6. The FSUIPC document folder contains only a subfolder with some LUA examples. Nothing else. Where can I find the V6 documentation? Kind regards, Ruediger
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